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Farewell My Friends
August 25, 2006

Well, tomorrow I embark on yet another journey ... very reminiscent of last year's trip. I'll be spending a few weeks in California, and then almost two weeks in Kauai, Hawaii.

My voice surgery is this Tuesday, the 29th, at UCI Medical Center, and I greatly covet your prayers. I am somewhat nervous, yet anticipate it unlike anything I ever have in my entire life. To have a voice that is strong and lasts is something I cannot even begin to comprehend. It's been 7 years, and although my voice isn't terrible as it is, again, it doesn't last. I have not been able in the last many years to say what's really on my mind to the fullest extent. Admittedly, I can see the blessings in learning how to say the most in the least amount of words, but now I am ready for a change. Lord willing, I will again have my voice in short time.

Over the last 7 years I have learned so much through this thorn in the flesh. I've learned humility, listening skills, and how to be thankful for everything about myself that does work properly. We are indeed wonderfully created, and the human body is an astounding work of art. If there was one thing people in the midwest need to learn, it's how to listen. A great number of talkers, but very few listeners. I stand amazed at how long someone will talk about themselves for hours on end without asking you a single question, and when they finally do, they cut you off and start talking again. Because I am not mentioning anyone specifically, I don't consider this gossiping. In any case, if and when I get my voice back, I am dedicating myself to remain a listener.

I get back around the 25th of September.

You know, I'm writing a will out just in case something goes wrong with the surgery. That's a sobering thing to do. Whether I die on Tuesday or 60 years from now, life is short, and eternity is forever. One has to ask themselves, "Am I ready to stand before God?" Honestly, I don't feel that I'm ready. All I can claim is Jesus Christ as my Redeemer, though that of course is a large and substantial claim. Although works don't save me, we are commanded to be full of them, and I just don't have as many as I want to have. When tried by fire, I want to come out with a heap of treasures surrounding me ... works done for the Kingdom and the glory of Christ.

And now I am off. As I begin my journey, I leave you with my back to the camera, or Moria's, rather, with the hope and prayer that we shall, very soon, meet again.


Ultimate Narnia Fan
August 21, 2006

Narnia.com is having an "Ultimate Fan Contest." Basically you can either send in a video or picture telling them about yourself and why you're the ultimate Narnia fan. 7 people are selected by some Disney people, and then viewers get to vote on a winner. The winner gets to go on the set of Prince Caspian for a day. So I figured, what the hey? Click the link below to see what I sent them. Yeah, I look somewhat like a ham, but I wanted to look "with it" and like a fun type of guy. "But Jordan," you're thinking, "you are with it and a fun type of guy." That's very kind of you to say ... or think ... or whatever. Anyway, don't you dare try entering yourself. You'll hurt my chances of winning, and you wouldn't want to do that, right? Right.

Interview For Prince Caspian

I'll write one more blog entry before leaving on Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by.


August 9, 2006

Life is back to somewhat normalcy. Tomorrow we may take the wave runners out for a spin. I'll try to bring the camera, but no promises. I'm listening to "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley right now. I like that song. I don't know why. I don't know why I even mentioned it. I think it's getting late.

Anyway, I decided to change the look of the "Book of Being" website ... wanted to make it simpler and more user friendly. It's still under construction, but half of it is pretty much up.


Took the boat out a couple weeks ago with the fam. Two pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Mother and daughter. Look at that contrast in hair color.

Did I attend UCLA? No. Do I like UCLA? No. I'm just wearing the shirt. Leave me alone.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)


It Is Finished
August 4 , 2006

Nearly a year later ... a year after lying on a couch while sick in Hawaii, a mind racing like Daytona, coming up with a story, a dream, a fantasy ... it is finished ... and here I am, again, with the same sickness (canker sores), and yet it is all behind me now. Whatever the criticism, whatever the praise, whatever great or small things ensue as a result ... at least I can say I tried. I, along with my two good friends, gave it our best effort, and there is truly nothing more we could have given.

On August 1st the film was finally sent, yet amidst great turmoil. With only hours left, we realized the film was some 4 minutes too long (55 minute limit), and so were forced to cut out scenes in order to get it approximately 55:30. I do not know if they will disqualify us because of the extra seconds. If they do, I would consider it a great injustice, especially for a movie containing such thought and depth. Whatever the case, it's in God's hands.

Praise the Lord I am on the mend now. In a few weeks I will leave for California to have my voice surgery performed (August 28th), and I do covet your prayers. It could very well be the biggest physical turning point of my ilfe.

For now, enjoy a minute or so clip from the film. Thanks for stopping by.

Fleeing The Enemy


Still Alive
July 16 , 2006

I'm still alive. I yet still have breath. Day after day ... editing video ... it never ends ... must make the deadline of July 31st. Cannot stop. Must finish. Must not eat, must not drink. Simply edit ... edit ... edit.

In the meantime, a few more pictures from a month ago.

When we weren't filming, we were playing ping pong. Here Jonathan does one of his nasty spinners.

And Nathan performs one of his formidable ... umm ... backhands.

Now tell me I don't look absolutely cool in this picture. I mean look at that. Arms crossed like I'm some kind of like ninja ping pong master.

Growing like a leaf. Isn't that the correct phrase? Sounds right.

Danielle made us some incredible meals. Thanks Danni.

I had the privilege of stringing up Jonathan's boots for every scene he needed them.

On the set ... apparently looking at something. To the right is Nathaniel Bluedorn, who took pretty much all of these pictures (except this one, of course). Thanks Nate.

And thanks Jeremy for all your great camera work and helping out. Jer also found us Liz from England who did the narration for the beginning of the film. Her voice is nothing short of awesome.

And thank you, Hans, Nathaniel's brother, for all your hard work as well.

Thanks for stopping by.


Filming Frenzy
June 18 , 2006

Wow. It's been about 5 days now and I don't know how many hours we've been out filming. Probably around 20 hours total. I'm exhausted. This is ludicrous ... and yet, I know I'll look back with fond memories. Pictures speak louder than words, so here are a few. Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn came for 3 days to help us, and Nathaniel has an awesome camera that takes really professional pictures.

The noble King Kardia.

Kardia engages the Aphel.

Moria takes aim.

Moria readies his arrow.

The determined Asthenes.

From the side.

On the set.

The Aphel ... Greek for "Darkness."

Jeremy as Prince Arnion.

We travel together.

There are a lot more pics, but this will suffice for now. Thanks for stopping by.


One Of Those Days
June 11 , 2006

Have you ever had one of those days while, out looking for locations for your movie, you get your Bronco stuck in creek gravel, only to realize you have no cell phone, it's 90 degrees outside, you're almost 7 miles away from home, and you're thirsty? Let's just say I had one of those days today.

No, this is not Photoshop. I wish it were.

Walking home. Miles and miles of road.

More miles and miles of road.

Still more miles and miles of road.

On The Road Again

Yes, with Jeremy's help, we did get the Bronco out. And yes, I did just happen to have my camera with me when all this happened, so lucky you. Welp, Jonathan arrives tomorrow, and the rest on Tuesday, so have a good couple weeks everyone.

Thanks for stopping by ... I guess.


Movie Madness
June 2 , 2006

Ahhhh!!!! Everyone shows up in little over a week, and I'm combing the hills of Missouri on the 4-wheeler like a madman to find the right locations for scenes and time is running thin!!!

Man, talk about last-minute Larry. Script is finally done, so that's a weight off my shoulders. In any case, here is an exclusive Moria (me) wallpaper only to be found on Niednagel.com. Yep, and you thought visiting here today would just be another total waste of time. I think not.

Get em' while supplies last. Niednagel.com is not responsible for any sudden desire of friends, acquaintances and loved-ones to steal your monitor.

Thanks for stopping by.


Movie Website Updates
May 26 , 2006

Just for those interested, a trailer has been added to our website, as well as a new wallpaper and a couple more screenshots.


Have a good weekend.


More Birthday Pictures
May 21 , 2006

Just a few more pictures from our Branson golfing outing thingy.

This is an awesome downhill Par 3. Unfortunately I landed in those rocks behind the green and had to take a penalty. It's amazing how quickly the beauty of the course fades after something like that happens.

Ahh ... shnoogy woogy has her own golf club too.

You didn't think I'd forget to do one of my famous self-portraits, did you?

The surest sign of a bad shot.

The beauty of golf.

Thanks for stopping by.


Birthday Bash Pictures
May 18 , 2006

Welp, we celebrated Jeremy's 30th birthday in Branson last Saturday, and really had a great time. Saw Ice Age II, ate some incredible food, and went golfing at a really nice course. Anyway, not a ton of pictures, but better than nothing.

Just another picture from when Jon was here ... sporting our facial hair.

Koo Koo Bear and mother.

Pop in the foreground, me crusing in the background.

I think Jer's hit midlife crises with that shirt.

In the condo kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.


Brilliant Politics
May 2 , 2006

Ahh!!! Been busy! Will try to be posting more often, but for now, let this image suffice. It's definitely the best argument I've come across yet justifying illegal immigration.

Thanks for stopping by.


A Full Two Weeks
April 17 , 2006

Jonathan left this morning after what was a full two weeks of ping-pong, filming, Boggle, wave-running, tennis, movie-watching, 4-wheeling and various other activities. Just a few pictures to show, two of which are of him with the shields he made for our film. That is, just the frames, and they'll be spiced up with paint and such. There's also a funny video I took of him "on set."

Jonathan has been told by many that he resembles Jesus with his beard and shoulder-length hair. Doing carpentry work only accentuated that image. :-)

And the finished products ... well, almost. Used weights to bend them.

And of course when company comes we always have a Luau at Jeremy's.

Fun On Set

Noble King Kardia. Took a few shots like this for the website. The background will obviously be changed.

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