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Back To California
September 27 , 2006

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Quick Update: Our film, The Book Of Being, was accepted as a semi-finalist for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival! We had to cut the film down even more to get it under 55 minutes (thought the credits didn't count), but they accepted us. I head to San Antonio on the 15th of October. You can see the list of semi-finalists by clicking here. I feel like our film has been severely butchered, but hey, we made it, and the full-length original will always be on DVD.
Another Quick Update: You may be asking, "Jordan went to Nathan's again, right? Does that mean they made another spoof show of some kind?" Well, yes, unfortunately, we did. :-) To watch the madness, simply CLICK HERE. And for bloopers,CLICK HERE.

Wow. I'm home! I broke my "away from home" record set last year of 23 days with my latest 30 day extravaganza, and boy what an extravaganza it was! Lots of fun and meaningful times. Apologies for those who have emailed me and I haven't gotten back to yet. I arrived home to find the inability of my computer to send emails. After trying EVERYTHING, my good technical friend, Phillip Deatherage, told me about a secure authentification box I needed to update. Anyway, BORING!

"Quit jabbing, Jordan," you're saying, "Let's get to the pictures." Ok, ok. But first, thank you ALL for your prayers for my surgery. Believe it or not, at the last second the doctor suggested I get an injection instead of the actual surgery. The injection thickened my vocal cord, and now my voice is MUCH better, though not perfect. It supposedly lasts 6-9 months, and with some people, he says, it forever fixes their voice. So, please pray my voice will stay the way it is. Again, it's not perfect, but it lasts so much longer, and is significantly stronger to where I can yell to someone 50-100 yards away. Oh man, and my voice is higher! To get an idea, listen to my old JN Lives on the site. I sound a lot like that now. It's so weird! Like going back in time. In any case, my voice will supposedly continue to lower over the months, but God willing it will remain somewhat like it is now. Always the pessimist, I don't doubt it will return to its former state after the 6-9 month period. If it does return to its former state, then we'll likely go ahead with the surgery as before.

Anyway, here we go, starting with California, and our visit to Universal Studios. Of course, being into film for the last year or so (and always intrigued with film my whole life), it was quite an awesome experience.

Nathan on the bus tour, with the destruction of "War of the Worlds" behind him.

Me with the geek smile, with the car of "Back to the Future" behind me.

For those who have seen the movie, this is Biff's car.

Can anyone guess? Yes, the infamous "Jaws" part of the bus tour.

Seen Jurassic Park 2? This is one of the 'Ingen' vehicles used in the film.

Inside Universal's fake city. They can change it in a single day to look like any city from virtually any time period. About a few blocks in size. Next pic gives you the idea.

And here it is, with Hollywood in the background. Too many films to mention have been shot here.

Nathan and I posing with a shark. That's a big shark. Yes, it was real. Real plaster and paint.

Let's play 'Where's Jordan?'

The most insane escalator I've ever seen.

On 'Jurassic Park: The Ride' .

The entrance, with the cool JP overhang.

Looks pretty real, but that's just a sign behind Nathan, his sister and myself.

The Daher's dog, Scratch, enjoyed being my bed buddy ... at least, for the moments that we let him.

Went out to the Rainforest Cafe my first night with Nathan. Gotta love their fish tanks.

Some pics from Jer's camera. Eating here with the Dahers at The Cheesecake Factory.

*sniff*. Our old home in California. It's been renovated quite a bit, but still holds some resemblance.

*sniff*. My old room. Looks nothing like it was before, but it still has that magic.

This is a great sentimental picture Jeremy took of his wife and daughter walking down Paseo Del Campo, the street where he went from boy to man ... and now, husband and father.

Jeremy and my sister Brynn. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her this time around.

My grandmother and Kalea.

On to Six Flags Magic Mountain. "Goliath" was an insane ride (at least for me). Big drops.

On Goliath.

Ok, so like, all the rides basically have no lines. We see "Riddler's Revenge," which is a decent ride, and we're like, "Let's go on that real quick." So we get there, and they have one train working, and the line is somewhat sizeable. Took an hour and a half to get on, and it was so hot. Plus, they were playing the worst kind of music you can imagine. I don't want to experience that ever again.

This pic says it all.

If you ever go to Magic Mountain, you gotta try one of their latest rides, "Tatsu." Those seats there look normal, but they raise you to where you're looking straight towards the ground and hanging. It's as close to the feeling of flying as you'll ever get.

Enjoying the neighbor's pool ... and also the site for some filming that you'll see later. *cough*

At a Padres/Rockies game. This stuff's guaranteed to give you three zits or more in twenty-four hours or your money back!

I had forgotten that Russell Branyan plays for San Diego. He knows my dad pretty well and really likes Brain Typing.

Then it was off to Sea World. Here we're at the dolphin petting area.

Petting the bat rays. You know what I just realized? I'm wearing a blue shirt in every single picture so far. It's not the same shirt, I promise you! I have three blue shirts that I like ... one collared short sleeve, another regular short sleeve, and another regular long sleeve. Here I'm wearing the long sleeve. Why am I even explaining this? As if I need to justify myself. You're so mean.

Before getting on the ride, "Atlantis."

On "Atlantis." I learned that perils only comes when we're not one mind and soul with the ocean.

The Shamu show. The theme was to "believe," but they never answered exactly what to believe.

Welp, that's it for California. Twas a truly wonderful time. Now let us journey on to Kauai.

Voyage To The Garden Island