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Welcome to my blog, updated whenever something of interest happens in my life (for the most part). Complete with pictures and video, you're sure to have a great time (although I can't promise you that). Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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Goodbye Pepe/White Squirrel/Various Pics
November 30, 2006

I had the entry below ready to be posted, when just yesterday I saw the passing of one of my bearded dragons, Pepe. I have no idea why he died. He was about 6 years old, and I had owned him for about five years. Grief, it's been a hard two months with the death of Pookie and now him (among other things). Just so sudden. I did find a small stain of blood on the heat rock, and all I can surmise is that something internal went wrong. I still have Ellie (about nine years old), but I know she'll be lonely. Anyway, I spent an hour digging him a grave, and laid him to rest yesterday afternoon. :-(

Pepe (bottom) and Ellie. I'll miss you, buddy.


A few weeks ago, my parents spotted something small and white darting through the forest. They never figured out what it was until a few days later when, lo and behold, a brilliant white squirrel was sitting in the yard. A few weeks prior to that we had another squirrel that was partially white frequently visiting our bird feeders. I named it Bob, so when this new guy arrived, we just decided to call it Bob's uncle. Jeremy later named it Pierre, so I guess its full name is Bob's uncle Pierre.

What a beauty. I don't think it's a true albino, since it doesn't have red eyes.

Bob's Uncle Pierre

It's the cutest little thing. Wonder how long it will survive being so bright like that. So far so good, I guess. Long live Bob's uncle Pierre. Anyway, a few recent pictures here.

Justin took this photo when the Voellers were at our house the other week. I love this picture. I've scarcely shot a gun in my entire life, yet I look as if I totally know what I'm doing. Looks like I'm just making a quick passing comment, whereafter I turn and shoot a couple rounds through the bullseye. I'm not gonna tell you where my shots really hit.

Ever since Pookie's death, Jayme has kept me frequent company for some reason. Been really sweet. Here she relaxes on some wrapping paper on my bed.

Every Wednesday we go to Ava to play some pick-up basketball at a highschool gym. Took just a few pictures from the other week. Here Cody shoots over Jeremy (you either have to go "shirts" or "skins", depending on what team you're on).

Who's the man?

Me with Queen Kalea. She actually loves to come watch daddy (and uncle jordie) play basketball. She gets all hyper and yells, "Bass se ball!" I think she just enjoys playing with her toys on the wood floor.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


Happy Thanksgiving
November 24, 2006

Hey everyone. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Jeremy and Danni went to Branson with the Voellers, so we just had a modest celebration with Cody and his dad. We did partake, however, of some killer 4-wheeling, and by clicking the link below you can join us on our adventure. Also included one picture from few weeks back. I guess we'll be celebrating again this Saturday with Jer and Danni when they get back. I think I'll have had my share of turkey after that.

Thanksgiving Thrills

Cody's mom, her friend and her friend's daughter (Cody's girlfriend from Kansas - don't worry, I've talked to him about dating and he'll come around soon enough) stopped by for a really nice visit. I always joke that Cody's family consists of a bunch of giant mutants. His mom is like 5'11, his aunt is like 6'5, and a bunch of his other relatives are 6 feet and over. I guess I'm just jealous. :-)

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Prayer For Hovind/Sarcastic Goodbye/Autumn Golf
November 18, 2006

In case you haven't yet heard, Kent Hovind, founder of Creation Science Evangelism and the man who inspired me years ago to love and study the creation/evolution controversy, was found guilty of tax evasion recently and will be receiving his sentence in January (could be up to 200 years). He presently sits in a jail cell, while his wife is out on release till then. It's just tragic. The issue is so complicated I won't even touch upon it. There are two articles here in case you want to be more informed. However, I'm not sure I trust everything written in them. I personally have never heard Hovind simply argue that his money and possessions "are God's," and therefore shouldn't be taxed. He's always argued from a constitutional standpoint. I'm not saying I agree with Hovind's position, but there's definitely more to his argument then just what's there.

Dr. Dino Guilty On All Counts
Hard To Believe

Please keep him in prayer.

Before Michael Thomas left with his family last month, he engaged the idea that I make a video showing myself in utter joy at their departure. We often joke about how their family runs me ragged, so considering Michael humiliated himself by wearing a "Book of Being" t-shirt at the film festival in San Antonio, I decided to humiliate myself in return. So I filmed it, sent it to them, they got some laughs, and he put it up on YouTube.

Sweet Liberty Freedom

Definitely Oscar material. One of my best performances. My emotion can be felt right through the screen.

Anyway, last week we had some great weather, so played two rounds of golf. These pics are from the second round, where I did terrible (shot a 48 ... day before I shot a 42). It was fun, though, and I always enjoy sporting a Hawaiian shirt when I play. As you can imagine, no one in the Ozarks wears a Hawaiian shirt. Half of them haven't even heard of Hawaii. :-)

Jeremy tees off on the par 3 fourth (golf lingo ... fourth hole).

And standing patiently in the gallery is lovely Kalea Jerielle Niednagel, who wisely brought along her water bottle to keep herself hydrated (actually, that's uncle jordie's bottle, you little thief).

Fall is the worst time to play golf. That is, if you frequently hit it into the woods. With the ground covered with leaves, it's virtually impossible to find your ball. In this pic, dad was the unfortunate one.

You are the ball. Suddenly, a massive figure with massive arms towers over you, a long, metal blade in his hands and a fiery look in his eyes. You try to scream, but you have no mouth. You try to run, but you have no legs. Yes, you are about to be launched by the Hawaiian Stallion. Initiate liftoff.

When it's not my turn to hit I enjoy taking quick naps.

A picturesque look at my golf bag, with my popular monkey head cover. Jeremy used the cover years ago while it in high school, and named it Belah McCobb. Have no idea why.

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Film Trailer/Voeller Visit
November 14, 2006

Quick note: Thank you all for your comments! So glad to hear from people I never would have heard from otherwise, and from those I expected to hear from. :-) I also received a few personal comments, two of which an email wasn't included for me to respond. Josh Lueken and Emily West ... if you'd like a response, please write again with your email addresses included. Thanks!

Lori Voeller celebrated her birthday last week, with the whole family coming down to Jeremy's to celebrate for two days. Had some fun shooting guns, playing basketball in Ava, and of course ping-pong. Took Dave and Mike to Sonic after basketball and got them some strawberry shortcake shakes (only been there once before). They looked really good, but I didn't get one. Just settled for a large Sprite, which is pretty wild for me. Living on the edge.

Got an email from Nathan last week saying that we needed a full trailer for our movie to give to some guy in Georgia who will be showing it along with some others on some local Christian tv station. I sooooo did not want to do it ... like sooooo ... but I worked on it off and on for six days, and here it is.

Book of Being Trailer

Funny how most trailers make their movies look so much more incredible and exciting then they really are. Obviously it's because they take all the best parts of the film and throw them together into a one to two minute clip. Anyway, hope you think it's somewhat cool.

Some pictures for you. And thank you for your continued prayer. Need it tremendously.

David just has that knack for taking good pictures. Such a natural.

The ladies pose for a quaint photograph. Gotta love Kalea's smirk.

David brought along a nifty gun of his for some target practice. Man that thing had kick to it. Also extremely loud. Here he shows Johanna the ropes.

And of course we played some ping-pong. Michael looks pretty intense. (btw, mike, your total comes to $75.95 for this picture and the picture above showing half of you ... mike agreed to pay me to put him on my most popular blog.)

Justin looks pretty graceful.

Jared looks pretty focused. He's getting really good, actually. Fast learner.

Umm ... that's me ... yeah ... that would be me. Not the most flattering picture.

Thanks for stopping by.


Springfield/Theme Song
November 9, 2006

Took mom and Beth Drobezko to Springfield on Monday, and while they had lunch at Ann Schrader's and went to see "One Night With The King," I spent the afternoon with Jon Courville. Had a nice lunch, then went and played some basketball at a local gym in Republic, and then dropped by Bass Pro and played a few really fantastic virtual arcade games.

Waiting patiently for Jon to pick me up at Barnes & Noble. It's freezing ... where are you!?

Eating lunch at El Charro's. Seriously, the menu was insane with options. I spent literally 15 minutes trying to figure out what to order.

Jon showing off his hops. That first shot is really sweet. :-)

Me showing off my lack of hops. That middle one is pretty nice. I'm at least ... a foot off the ground. In any case, forgot to bring shorts. Nothing like getting your best pair of jeans all sweaty.

After some intense b-ball, we went over to Bass Pro where they had this new virtual Nascar racing deal thingamajig. Had actual cars that you get in, and in front of you was a big screen. It cost $15.00 for two people, which in the end was worth it for our first time.

I had the nice red Budweiser car. I came in 2nd place. A computer driver came in 1st.

And then we did some virtual elk hunting. Jon ousted me in this. He wasn't about to let some California scrub like me out-hunt him.

Anyway, that's it for now. I think I got the "comments" option up and running now, so feel free to test it out. You can either drop a personal note or have it posted on the blog.

Oh, Joseph Frank, a nice young man we met while at the festival in San Antonio, did his own keyboard rendition of the theme song from our film, "The Book of Being." You can listen to it by clicking here. Very nice, Joseph! I've recorded music many a time, and I know how difficult it is to make something like this.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anniversary/One Night With The King
November 6, 2006

Was invited by Jeremy and Danielle to join them on their trip to Springfield for their 4th anniversary, and other than running errands, I had a great time. We went and saw "One Night With The King," a film about the story of Esther. I can only speak for myself, but I thought it was magnificent. There were a few small deviations from the story, but they kept the heart of it, and even the clothing was, overall, modest. It was done tastefully and artistically and, with a 20 million dollar budget, professionally. I'd recommend that you see it. Again, I'm not saying it was perfect, but it touched me, and when a movie touches me, I will not shy away from promoting it.

Two pictures here.

Dinner at Jilardi's, arguably the best restaurant in town (Brad Pitt goes there ... he's from Springfield).

Goo goo bear and myself.

Also just appreciate your prayer ... difficult family issues lately. Funny how when you look at someone's blog and see all the fun things they're doing, you sort of just assume everything's going well. In truth, the last 6 months or so have been the most difficult months of my entire life, and I say that without blinking an eye. Thankfully, God is sovereign, and by His grace I'll pull through.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


I Am Zorro
November 5, 2006

I mentioned in my previous entry that I'm Zorro, proven by my river scene in "The Book of Being."

No more deliberation is necessary for my next film. It's decided ... "The Son of Zorro." No budget worries, as I'll be using the same costume and wig, and I've already learned a little bit of Spanish from our previous soap opera episode ... "Diema una toalla, por favor." I just gotta figure out a way to incorporate "Hand me a towel, please" into the script.

I actually do have a Spanish woman in my ancestry about five or six generations back.

Thanks for stopping by.


November 3, 2006

Had a nice party-type-thing at Jeremy's house on Halloween. Course, we don't celebrate Halloween, but we invited some neighbors to come eat hot dogs and hamburgers around a fire and share meaningful stories from their lives. It was fun.

Meant to say ... it was great to see so many familiar faces again in Texas that I hadn't seen for awhile. David Voeller, Nathaniel Sisson, the Bluedorns, some of the Wakefields, some of the Hubers, Josh Erber, etc. Dave, thanks for the great lunch at that Mexican restaurant devoted to Elvis Presley. That was ... an interesting place, but very good food. Your "Elvis Presley Memorial Meal" looked fantastic. Oh, and congratulations to the Hubers on their latest little boy! Last I heard you hadn't named it yet. I'm partial to Jordan. May want to consider that. ;-)

Was able to update the 'my pictures' and 'my movies' sections on the site recently. Hope to get to 'my stories' and 'my life' sometime in the not-too-distant future (yeah, fat chance).

Jamey, our other cat, has slept on my bed a few times since Pookie passed away. I can't remember the last time she had done that. Been a kind comfort.

Also, some have suggested that I add a "comment" option to my blog. I'll see what I can do.

Anyway, just a few pictures for you.

Shelby, Jeremy's cat, enjoying herself on the festive table.

Around the campfire together. Spent most of my time just trying to keep it burning.

Cody and I with our blue eyes and our IFP smiles (he's ISFP, I'm INFP). No, I didn't shave that day. I almost look slightly Spanish when I don't shave. Like check out the river scene in "The Book of Being" when I'm in the water looking around. I laugh everytime I see that cause I look like some spoof character from Zorro or something. I like Zorro. I am Zorro.

Kalea was the only one who dressed up. Cody became way too interested in that toy piano. That's Beth Drebezko and her daughter Molly on the left ... good friends who moved into our area a few years ago.

Thanks for stopping by.


Kalea's Birthday/My Place
November 1, 2006

Kalea celebrated her 2nd birthday last Wednesday (25th). We had a really fun time playing games as a family and dancing with her. She loves to dance, and to any type of music. Jeremy and Danielle have to be careful when switching the radio on cause she'll just start boogying to whatever's playing, whether it be rap, rock, country, jazz, you name it. I'll never forget a few months back when we saw Narnia in a theater and she was pretty sick. Some music started playing in the film, and despite her condition and being partially asleep, she found the energy to raise one of her arms up and down to the music. It was the cutest, most pathetic you've ever seen. :-)

Anyway, as for me, I'm back devoting more time to the business now that our fllm is done. Jeremy and I have begun working on a new DVD that will have at least two male and female examples of every Brain Type. We'll show the examples, and point out things to look for, thereby aiding people to be able to Type people themselves. Granted, not everyone will be able to Type after viewing the DVD, but it will definitely help folks to some degree.

I do really wish I could continue with filming projects, but for now these things seem to be of greater importance. My mind lately has been echoing this song ... just trying to find my place in this world, and to pursue the things God wants me to pursue. Every young man wants meaning in his life, and I feel that I have yet to find it. I don't know why. Am I where God wants me? In and of myself I don't want to be where I am, but I feel it's where He wants me to be. Lord, open my eyes, and grant me contentment.

Some pictures and a video for you. A sincere thank you to those who have sent their condolences about my dear kitty. Each day gets a little, little easier.

What 2-year-old party would be complete without a penny hunt? She had a blast.

And we all sit down in a circle to engage in "Hot Potatoe" and other such festivities.

Those better be clip-ons, little woman.

Kalea's Kickin Birthday Party

I love her cheeks. Blow! Blow!

Thanks for stopping by.