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SEPTEMBER 9th-18th, 2005

It was really a vacation unlike any I've ever had before, driving with my brother and Danielle and baby Kalea in one car and the Voeller family in another all the way from little Nottinghill, MO, to Cap San Blas, FL, which is about 630 miles as the crow flies (obviously much longer as the car drives). What started off as a somewhat precarious adventure with certain folks battling colds and others getting car sick (one of whom threw-up), slowly molded into a lovely rendezvous that eventually took us to quite a lovely place where we had a most lovely time. The Cochran family also joined us, staying in a separate condo about three miles away.

(photos can be enlarged by clicking them)

One of my famous self-shots, as we stop at a gas station in Alabama.

Slick Dave enjoying some carrots and hummus, a crucial staple of the trip.

Kalea and Mrs. Voeller were real troopers during the long car rides.

Now tell me that isn't cute.

Another self-shot, much like the picture on my drivers liscence.

Now that is a cool semi.

When we finally arrived Saturday night to our cabins, or condos, or whatever you wish to call them, it didn't take us long to notice something ... the mosquitos. In all honesty, I have never in my life seen so many. If we simply wanted to pay a friendly visit from one cabin to the next, we literally had to run for it, and even then one was likely to get a bite or two.

Jeremy makes the crucial mistake of stopping to look down for mosquitos, as Danielle wisely runs for dear life to the next cabin.

David simply tries to sit down for a chat, when suddenly that familiar buzzing sound is heard.

Poor Jared.

Not much else to do but sit around and cruise to tunes.

Dave and I decide to brave the elements and take a walk out to the bay, which we discover to be only about ankle deep almost the whole way. So much for swimming.

Dave has that way of taking artistic, crooked pictures.

Our cabins from the bay.

Horse shoe crab in the water.

Video - "The Crabs" - To watch, click play button.
Can't see it? Try Here

We only stayed at the first place for one night. We knew a week as mosquito fodder just wouldn't cut it, so Jeremy kindly took it upon himself to secure for us a different location ... a location that would itself prove to be awesome.