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Welcome to my blog, updated whenever something of interest happens in my life (for the most part). Complete with pictures and video, you're sure to have a great time (although I can't promise you that). Anyway, thanks for visiting!


Texas Trip - Bon Voyage!
October 15, 2005

Whelp, dad and I did end up driving to Dallas, Texas for what was the longest shortest trip of my life ... longest distance in the shortest amount of time. Left Wednesday morning and got back Thursday night (technically Friday morning but who cares). Man, so sick of driving. Dad enjoys working on his laptop while I'm at the wheel, so I said I'd only do it if I could listen to music of my choice. He agreed. :-)

Anyway, just a few pics.

Our rental car, a Chevy Malibu. Beats our dinky Ford Escort.

Dad next to the pump in Oklahoma.

Ahhh, the lovely ... err ... barren countryside of Texas.

You read the sign, "Free Bathrooms 30 Miles." You get there and realize why they're free, and why no one's there. My reaction says it all.

Most of you know that I've had a paralyzed vocal cord for a number of years. Almost every time I tell someone who doesn't know, they'll say, "Really? I had no idea!" That's because my normal talking voice for normal conversations, for the most part, is close to normal, but have you ever heard me talk for longer than 5 minutes straight about something? Nope, cause when I do, my voice starts to wane. Anyway, we went to TX to visit a physician-type guy. He was so nice, and taught us a number of things. Overall, a good trip.

So anyway, I leave this Monday (17th) for California to visit a friend (Nathan - aka Kyle Shields). After that, on the 25th, unless it is postponed, I will be be getting surgery at UCLA. I covet your prayers! The procedure is supposedly very safe and effective, especially for someone my age. They will be cutting the bad cord and reattaching it to another nerve. They'll also move the cord closer to my other one so it doesn't have to reach as far (makes you kinda cringe, huh?). Anyway, there is a chance it could be postponed, but please still remember to pray on that day if at all possible. It could be a big turning point in my life. I'm already an Introvert, so not having a full voice has made me that much more of an Introvert. God willing, however, with a strong voice again I'll become the Extravert hidden deep inside. :-)

After California the family and I (including Jeremy, Danielle and Kalea) will head to Maui for a vacation. I'll take lots of pics. We'll be getting back around the 10th of November, so no updates for awhile. :-(

Thanks for visiting! Lord bless you all.


Hovind - Fall Traditions - Who Controls Who?
October 11, 2005

Any of you familiar with the creationist Dr. Kent Hovind? I was honored to recently discover one of my articles from TrueAuthority.com posted on their website (on the main page even). Be sure to check it out.

What A Wonderful World

Anyway, mom and I walk just about everyday to the mailbox and back (roughly a total of 1.7 miles), but this time of year we walk another half mile up the street to partake of the fruits of a lovely persimmon tree. Have any of you ever had a persimmon? You can buy them at pretty much any grocery store. These are wild, so they're smaller, but they taste just as great. Even Jane and Duchess like them (our dogs). It's become a fun tradition, and they usually last from the end of September into November.

Mom and the dogs on the way to the persimmon tree.

Pwecious Duchess. I found her starving by a river in August and took her in.

Persimmons. These are a little too green. When ripe they're bright orange.

Standing by the persimmon tree.

Cows eventually drove us away, being a threat to their persimmons and all.

Read an interesting article this morning from the Washington Post about how we once thought we could control the weather, but have recently found out the hard way that it still controls us. No matter what man endeavors to control, he will never control God, who holds the earth in His hands and all of its natural forces.

I may leave for Texas tomorrow with my dad. If I do, I'll fill you in as to why we're going. Also, next Monday I leave for California to spend a week with a friend and then from there to Hawaii (Maui) for a family vacation. Definitely will take lots pics.

Stay brave, stay aware, and stay with Fox News. :-)


Funeral - Shark Travel
October 9, 2005

Went to the funeral of our friend Mary Mitchell yesterday in Mansfield. She was 75, and died from heart complications. It was beautiful ... not only the service itself, but the weather and scenic views. The cemetery is the same cemetery Laura Ingles Wilder, author of the Little House books, was buried. For those who aren't familiar, she wrote those books while living in Mansfield, and you can visit her home there. While driving back mom and I were pointing out the beautiful views we saw. Missouri this time of year is so awesome. Jeremy took a few pics and I might be able to post those sometimes later.

Read an interesting article on Great White movement, and apparently they tagged one that traveled all the way from Africa to Australia. They named it Nicole after Australian actress Nicole Kidman (oh please). In any case, this is the first to have been "seen" doing this. Pretty fascinating.


Fish Tank - Facial Hair - BTI Article
October 6, 2005

I finally found the time to clean my 55-gallon fish tank, and for the first time I put in white sand from Florida (bought it at Wal-Mart, but it comes from FL). What a change! It has a saltwater look to it, and I'm very pleased. Yes, I am very satisfied. Yes.

Such beauty is beyond description.

True art. I'm amazed at my creativity with rocks and sticks.

Ok, you're thinking "Please don't tell me I took the time to come here to look at Jordan's fish tank." Trust me, it gets better. You're visit is not in vain. Check out my week's worth of growth. The left photo is me two years ago, and the right is present day. I couldn't get the lighting the same, but there's definitely more thickness in the recent photo, although the connection between the stash and the goat hasn't improved much. This is disappointing, as I've really put a great deal of effort over the years into this. I just gotta keep trying.

Clearly more thickness in the recent photograph.

Ok well, your visit here may have been a complete waste of time after all. I did, however, write out and publish a recent article my dad was in for FBG Magazine. Check it out.

Take it easy.


Pics - Narnia - Recording - Facial Hair
October 4, 2005

Got just some pictures from Marcus of our outing last week on the pontoon and wave runner. Thanks Marky! You the man!

Marcus & Jen on the wave runner.

Me, Andrew and Marcus.

Us three again.

Marcus, Jenna & yours truly.

Jeremy, Marcus and I.

All of us.

In case you didn't know, The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe will be released in theaters this December 9th. From all that I can tell, it looks to be an awesome, accurate movie, and that's surprising considering it's Disney who is producing it. Obviously they did so for lucrative reasons, but I'm thrilled and am really looking forward to it. My only regret is that I'm not the one who directed it, as I've had that idea in the back of my mind for years now. Oh well.

A dear friend of ours passed away two days ago, and her family came to our house to record a song that will be played at her funeral. I played the piano as they sang.

Our makeshift studio. That sleeping bag has a microphone in the middle of it.

I haven't shaved in about 5 days now, and will go till this Friday (have some people coming, and I just can't get myself to look like a scruff in front of ATI folks). I'll take a picture before I shave. I still can't grow it on the sides of my face, nor can I connect my stash with my goat. I suppose it's a little of the Orlando Bloom look, or maybe Wesley from Princess Bride. I've had people (who I didn't even know) tell me I resemble Wesley, but that's absurd. Now Elmer Fudd, that has some truth to it.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)


New Motion Picture - Wave Running
October 1, 2005

Happy October! The weather here in Missouri is just heavenly. Low 70s with cool breezes and the leaves will be changing soon. Hard to decide whether spring or fall is my favorite time of year, but I'll take em both.

In any case, Cody spent the night after the seminar and in the morning we "worked" from 8 o'clock to noon putting together a little movie. His birthday is tomorrow and I'll be showing him the finished film. To be honest, it's embarrassing for me to give you the link, as my performance is rather ... ummm ... strange. I suppose it's good to be humbled.

Tracy Ventura: The Case of the Missing Back Scratcher

On Tuesday the Schraders and our family went out on our pontoon. It was a beautiful day, and we even did some wave running. I brought my camera, but lo and behold, it wasn't too long until I realized that I had forgotten to put in the memory stick. GRRRRR!!!! Marcus Schrader brought a camera though, so hopefully he'll send some pics over to me soon. Hey Marcus, if you're reading this, send them over dawg.


Ken Ham In Springfield
September 25, 2005

Went to hear Ken Ham speak of Answers In Genesis on Saturday night in Springfield. Jeremy and Danielle and a few other Voellers also came along with my parents and my 15-year-old friend Cody Johnson (who lives up the street). Was a great 2-hour presentation given by Ham, even though I already knew everything he touched upon (can't help being a genius). I think it was good for Cody (a freshman) who really hasn't heard any of that stuff before.

I took some pictures for your viewing satisfaction (or disatisfaction).

Cody eating his chicken noodle soup at Panera Bread before the seminar.

It just doesn't hit the spot unless you eat your bread and salad at the same time.

Cody had fun on the playground outside the church. Needless to say, I pretended that I didn't know him.

Mom and Cody.

We sat up on the balcony.

Seminar Video

Good ol' Ken Ham.


Scopes Trial
September 23, 2005

The article I wrote for TrueAuthority.com this month was on the Scopes Trial, something I really had little knowledge about. I've never seen the movie Inherit The Wind, but was told that it made William Jennings Bryan look like an idiot. Well, for the most part, he was when it came to defending the Bible from a scientific (or even logical) perspective. Clarence Darrow humiliated him to put it lightly, and it was well-deserved, as Bryan verbally allowed the possibility for millions of years to have occured in the creation process before everyone in the court.

The Scopes Trial: A Look Back

Ken Ham, President of Answers In Genesis, will be speaking in Springfield tomorrow. I hope to go, and if I do, I'll snap a few pictures.


New TV Spot
September 22, 2005

I guess Locksley Ent. & Red Jack Films recently released a new TV Spot forThe Fellowship. TV spots are shorter than trailers, for those unfamiliar (and quicker to make). Actually, there was some footage that hadn't been used, so I just couldn't let it go to waste.

The Fellowship TV Spot