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Welcome to my blog, updated whenever something of interest happens in my life (for the most part). Complete with pictures and video, you're sure to have a great time (although I can't promise you that). Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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Terre Haute Travels
April 21, 2007

Ok we're off to Indiana for our incredibly exciting trip. I'll take pictures, but I can't promise you they'll be any good. So, to make up for the mundane, I'll probably just take a lot of self-shots. That'll bring you all back. Why are you looking at me like that ...

On a more serious note, appreciate your prayers that things would go well. Pre-existing communication problems with a parent can sometimes escalate in work situations. I don't want that to happen so far as it depends on me, and my purpose is to be a peacemaker. Thanks.

I leave you with a behind-the-scenes video from a different angle of me, as Austin Crowe, plunging into the frigid waters of Massachusetts. Mind you, it had snowed just a few days before. The only water I've been in that was colder was in New Zealand when I dove into the purest spring in the world (it's officially known as that). I believe it was 48 degrees. Anyway, my high-pitched squeal at the end says it all. :-)

Not much to comment on for this entry, so I'll just put last entry's comment form below in case you have something to say (like how much you enjoyed seeing me flirt with hypothermia).

Should be back Thursday or Friday. Have a good week.


Another April Week
April 15, 2007

Another week goes by. How was yours? Mine was somewhat eventful, but nothing really out of the ordinary happened. That can be a good thing sometimes.

Update on my voice: So far, so good. That is, it's fairly strong right now, though as I've written before, I must needs wait till at least June for the nerve to fuse. Kinda strange, cause the other doctor I spoke with in Springfield said it can take from 6 months to a year. I suppose it just depends on the person. We all heal at different rates, I guess. But anyway, it's been a blessing to have a voice back again for at least a little while. I enjoy calling out the score in basketball, having longer conversations on the telephone, yelling at my dog to stop bothering me, etc. ;-) All the little things in life that we sometimes take for granted.

Did you suspect that some bloopers might be coming? I actually didn't plan on putting any together, cause I didn't think I had enough to work with ... but alas, I did have enough. It's not just straight bloopers. There are just some behind the scenes stuff too. Hope you find them amusing. :-)

Ok, well, I think that's it for now. Just learned a few days ago that we'll be driving up to Terre Haute, Indiana, in little over a week. Gonna be doing some interviews at Indiana State University, and dad needs me to film. The whole family will be going including Jer and Danni and the pink and yellow thing (that's what I sometimes call Kalea). I don't know how fun it'll be ... probably pretty boring, but life isn't all fun and games, right? Maybe I can find a nice college INFP kid to interview ... see if he's weird ... I mean, see if he's super cool like me.

Ok, a few pictures.

You have to admit, that's a stunning picture. :-) It was evening and a storm had just passed and the clouds were incredible. I love the more distant clouds just above the tree line. Like a glimpse into heaven.

Johanna holding the pink and yellow thing.

This is Ricardo. We found Ricardo in our house, and kindly asked him to leave. He refused (just stared at us). So, we gently escorted Ricardo outside. A few hours later I found him on our walkway basking in the sun with his arms neatly tucked underneath him. Isn't that cute? Oh c'mon, that's cute.

Dad's been looking for a vehicle for months now to replace our beat up 89' Ford Bronco. While down in Theodosia where he was signing something to sell our really, really old fishing boat, he stumbled upon this used Ford Explorer. Our friend works at the place, and apparently the lady who owns it lost her husband just a few months ago and was eager to get rid of it. The price was very low, and we ended up getting it. I was totally shocked. My dad honestly doesn't make decisions that quickly over what vegetables he wants for breakfast.

I take it for a test drive. Don't you love my "camera in the dashboard corner" shots? Anyway, I'm really hoping I inherit this puppy someday. :-) It feels like you're in one of those Jurassic Park rovers, and the rain only added to the cinematic aura. BTW, I know what you're thinking, Nathan. I don't care if it's not a Toyota. Stop looking at me like that. You too, Mr. Daher. Get off my blog.

In memoriam, when I got our Bronco stuck in a creek a week before filming The Book of Being last year. Goodbye, faithful Bronco. You were good to us.

I can't believe it. Just when I thought my birthday was over ... another gift from Mrs. Daher! Thank you SO much! What is it, you ask? It's nothing less than a genuine Book of Being picture album. I love it!

A look inside. Just too cool. Figures you'd turn it to that page. Oh shut your mouth.

But wait, there's more! The official Book of Being picture ... wall ... thing. Lovely wooden frame, crisp, clear photos, and a wonderful verse centered in the middle. Again, thank you so much! (and thanks Nathan for helping her.)

I guess Jane was surfing the Net a few days ago when she stumbled upon my blog (I had purposely never given her the address). She was completely irate to see a picture of Duchess on the last entry and none of her. Obviously, she can't read, so I calmly tried to explain that I called Duchess "brainless" below her picture and that it was nothing to be jealous over, but she refused to believe me. So, here's a picture of you, Jane. It makes you look fat ... but that's because you are fat. (Jordan, I can't believe you just spent all this time on a completely unfunny paragraph.)

Jeremy was on my blog the other day and saw the photo of his birthday present. He emailed me the actual PSD of the montage to put up. There ya go. Now you can see me clearly with all the other renowned INFPs of the world.

A few of you know this ... but I've had an English penpal for, wow, about 10 years now. He lives in New Castle On Tyne, which is northeast England. His name is David Johnston, and he's about 75 now, and he's a dear Christian brother. You simply would not believe his letters. On average they're at least 10 pages, and his writing is exquisite. He's a history buff, and sadly, due to arthritis, is in constant pain, and his penmanship has suffered as a result. This is just the first two pages of his most recent letter I received this past week. On the bottom right is the envelope it came in. Every single letter is like this without fail. Often he sends me old Roman coins or ancient oil lamps dating from before Christ. I have quite a collection now. He's just an incredibly kind, thoughtful man.

That's all for now. Oh, Nathan and I gave a phone interview to StudioUpStairs last week about our film. I don't know much about them, but they have some kind of pod cast show that goes out to people. When the interview is posted I'll put a link to it. It'll be funny hearing ourselves talking over the phone like we're big shots on some nationwide radio program. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait. :-)

Thanks for stopping by.


Spring In The Ozarks
April 9, 2007

4/10 - Well, I finished the trailer much sooner than I thought I would! Hope you all enjoy it. You can imagine just how much fun we had filming some of these scenes. :-) Bye for now!

I arrived home from Massachusetts last week to find the Ozarks springing with life. This is unquestionably the earliest spring we've ever had, and from what I've heard, the earliest spring for many parts of the country. Unfortunately, the last couple days have been really cold (40s! Ahh!), but it was so enjoyable while it lasted. Spent almost everyday outside after getting home, and I have the red sunburn patches on my shoulders and neck to prove it. It's really neat to see how Jeremy and Danielle are beautifying their property. There are just so many possibilities when you own acreage. They might even put in some kind of coy pond in the near future. I've definitely gleaned some ideas if and when I ever own my own property.

One bit of sad news. Danielle had a miscarriage last week. :-( Please keep her and Jeremy in your prayers. They're doing well, and thankful that it passed somewhat quickly and without too much pain, but they lost a child, and that is a grievous loss. What a tremendous consolation, however, to know that we serve a loving and sovereign Lord who holds the keys of life and death in His hand. He opens and closes each door according to His merciful will, and for reasons unknown to us decided to gently close this one. Lord willing, though, another child will soon be on the way, and we all truly look forward to that.

Ok, I think that's about it. I should have the video we shot at the Thomas' finished in a few days (Friday maybe, though I may post it on Monday). For now, here are a few pictures from the week.

The glory of God's creation enraptured in the bright yellow forsythia of spring.

My view as I was lying on the grass with Duchess (I literally can't go outside without her following me). The red Japanese ornamental maple and white dogwood with the sun shining through the leaves ... just heavenly.

Jeremy and Danielle's concentration camp of a garden. Isn't that insane? There are like 18 beds inside. They could open up a hotel (ok, that was a really bad joke).

Cody and Danielle. ENTJs can sometimes get that really intense look when they're focused. :-)

Johanna, who stayed at Jer and Danni's for the week, helps visibly line up the beds. Ironic how Cody's just standing there in all these pictures.

This picture breaks my heart. Kalea couldn't keep food down for nearly 2 days, and this was one of those days. That look on her face ... she's not even my kid and I could hardly stand it. Thankfully she was feeling much better the next day.

Louis, the Frenchman, is back! I look even more artsy having not shaved for 3 days (Nathan and Jon are thinking, "I can grow that in an hour."). I got a haircut a few days later. Took about an inch off, so Louis will be gone for a little while. Uhuh, that's Cody just standing there again.

lol. Look at that little head popping out of the wheelbarrow. Yes, Kalea was indeed feeling better the next day, enjoying a free ride from aunt Johanna.

Joe Drebezko, our neighbor, helps us move soil and manure with his hefty tractor into each bed. Once the soil was piled onto one side of each bed, Jeremy and I had to shovel and rake it to make it even. Talk about treacherous work. It was like moving cement. Jeremy wasn't too pleased with the quality of the soil, to say the least.

Precious well water! Nothing is better when you're dying of thirst ... except maybe a banana cream pie with whip cream and chocolate crust after a big plate of pasta and a bottle of Martinelli's sparkling apple cider.

That's a big one. Jeremy has this new fascination with worms. He talks about them all the time. I'm beginning to worry. I mean, look how happy he is. That's just not right.

Cody took the handkerchief I use to cover my neck and wrapped it around his head like those really cool biker dudes. I was like, "Oh, that's cool." So I got another one and wrapped it around my head. We then both put on some shades and decided to go for an ATV ride to find new and unexplored territories. Looking like we did, we knew no one would dare mess with us. I mean look at us. We're totally tough.

Threw together various video shots taken during our travels ... to the tunes of Five For FIghting. I think that's about as mean as an INFP can possibly look.

Cody poses with the green fields and farms of the Ozarks stretching behind him.

Couldn't believe just how green it was.

Wow, that's a neat shot. Thanks. I'm not used to you being nice to me.

This is why exploring the Ozarks is fun. We just happen to stumble upon a really small cemetery, and as you can see, with gravestones of people who lived quite awhile ago. I had accidentally stumbled upon this cemetery long ago (Rigg's cemetery), but came from a different way, and had totally forgotten about it. No paved roads to reach it. Indeed a nice place to rest in peace.

Very sad. There's a nearby bridge called "Haskin's Ford," so I'm assuming it's their daughter.

I looked out my window the other day to see this ... the essence of ignorant, brainless dog bliss.

Had to take Jeremy to Theodosia again to fix his car, and snapped this lovely pic. Wow, that's another incredible shot, Jordan. Oh be quiet. Now you're just being stupid.

Took mom on a lunch date on Friday to "The Harlin House." It's basically the only remotely edible restaurant in all of Gainesville. I spare no expense.

Kalea Long Stocking. Food all over her face, green marker streaks across her socks ... I miss childhood.

You are a blade of grass. You sense a large presence coming, but your poor eyesight, lack of hearing, inability to scream, and inability to run inhibit you from doing anything about it. Yes, it's that time of year again. Jordan, the lawnmower man, is back, and he's back with a vengeance.

Jeremy left a $20 on my desk with a little note that said "Thank You" for helping him with his garden. So, I put it back on his desk with a little note that said "You're Welcome." I came in my room a few hours later to find it taped above my entry door. That was a week ago. It's still there. I told him I'm not going to take it. We'll see who wins this battle.

Well, that's it. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're enjoying spring!