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As Time Goes On ...
February 21, 2007

Would you agree that life just goes too fast? Yesterday I turned 21, and the day before that I turned 16. Just a week before that I turned 12, and a few weeks before that I turned 4. Life goes so slowly, and yet so incredibly fast, and too often I feel like I'm trying to catch up. When I return from my trip to California, I will be yet another year older ... 25 to be exact. I was in a greeting card store in Gainesville the other day, when I stumbled upon a particular card that had a big "25" on the front. Naturally, I picked it up. On the cover next to the "25" was a police officer with his hands in the air, yelling, "Stop! Hold it right there!" Curious, I opened up the card. "No really, stop," it read. "You only go downhill from here!"

Not funny.

In fact, I almost went up to the sweet old lady at the front desk in a tirade of fit, anger, and rage ... well, no, not really, but I felt like it ... well, actually, I didn't really feel like it, but I wasn't happy ... well that's not true either. I was still happy. Grief, this isn't getting anywhere.

My point is ... well, I don't really have a point, other than that there's a balance I need for myself. I need to appreciate every single day of life God grants me, while also looking expectantly for heaven and eternity. That's hard to do. Seems like we're either focused on one or the other. I'll speak for myself. I'm either focused on one or the other. In any case, the good thing is that I can still pass for a 20-year old. :) People often guess me a few years younger than my age. Used to hate that. Now I'm starting to like it. Seems like INFPs in general have a younger look to them. My mom calls it a "baby face." I don't like that term. I like to call it a "slightly less manly face."

Speaking of INFPs, I love this latest Tiger Woods commercial (YouTube). He really tackles the guy hard.

Never thought we could be so violent, did you? :)

Also finally put up a couple videos on YouTube ... namely, the BST duo. Now faithful fans of Brad & Sean who commonly watch these videos three times a day won't have to wait so long downloading. ;-)

Anyway, just a few pictures here.

I caught a cold this week from either Kalea or one of the Deatherages (Kalea adamantly denies it). Thankfully, it only lasted for a couple days. Had nothing else better to do than to put the camera on my dresser and share my misery with my faithful viewers. Praise the Lord I got this out of the way before my surgery, though, cause they'll completely cancel it if I'm not in 100% health.

Every piano lesson, without fail, Jayme walks over to Melody's (my teacher's) purse and has a hay day with it ... rubbing against it, biting it, etc, as though there were catnip in it or something. My cat's got serious mental problems.

Our local post office. You have to get here by 9:30am at the latest, cause otherwise you'll be standing in line for hours. Ok, actually, that's not true, but you better get here before noon cause the post-master takes a long lunch break ... assuming he decides to come to work that day.

Every 1-2 months I do an extra special good deed of chauffeuring Ann Schrader and my mother around Springfield to various thrift stores. Talk about laying up for myself treasures in heaven! I mean, really, what 24-year old still does ridiculous things like that? "Jordan, you just lost your reward." Stink, you're right.

Ok, Jon Drake, I know you rarely if ever visit my blog, but I got myself measured for my tux and I'll be mailing it soon here. Yep, Jon, otherwise known as Kardia from The Book of Being, is getting married on June 2nd. Kind of sudden, you say? Oh c'mon, he's known his fiance for at least 6 months! (lol, I'm sure glad Jon rarely visits here, cause he'd kill me.) But anyway, I honestly do look forward to wearing a tux. The last time was when I was 10-years old as a ring-bearer for my cousin's wedding. You know, that lady there looking in the window was looking awfully suspicious. Have you ever seen someone acting suspicious, and then in your mind you picture like what you'd do if they tried to rob a store or kidnap someone ... so you sit there imagining this totally cool scene where you tackle the guy and tie him up and save the day? Well, I really had a neat scenario going on in my mind involving that lady there and like her pulling a gun on the cashier and me coming from behind and ... well, I'll stop there. Maybe I'll make a movie about it someday.

And while the ladies take their precious time in the thrift stores I do some deep reading. "Jordan, you're totally posing. Look how you're holding the book." Well duh, pictures don't just take themselves. Why are you being so mean?

Enjoying some lunch at Golden Trough ... I mean Corral. Not my favorite place to dine, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye.

2 months and $420 later, I get my camera back! I can tell you the price, cause I'm not the one who paid for it. My dad dropped it while in Hawaii last September, so he had the privilege of fitting the bill. Anyway, now I'm good to go again! The Book of Being II: The Aphel Strike Back ... coming soon! (right Nate? :)

Over a month later and there's still quite a lot to be cleaned up in the Schraders' yard. They've made A LOT of progress, though. Much of the city is still covered in branches.

Trying on some new threads at Kohls for my trip to Cally. "Oh grief, Jordan, you took pictures of yourself in the dressing room?" You know what, I'm sick of your comments. From now on I'm just ignoring you. True, this may be what I've coined to be known as "Blog-filler," but hey, it's better than nothing ... and I'm not gonna argue with you that nothing would be better. So, anyway, I kinda liked this shirt, but it seemed a little too square or something. Made me look fat.

"We have a strange looking young man in fitting room #23 who appears to be taking photographs of himself. Please contact security." You know, do they have cameras in fitting rooms? I looked around, but I couldn't see any. I'll bet that entire mirror is one big camera. Or that small clothes-hanger right behind me. Anyway, I definitely liked this shirt. Black takes off at least 5-10 pounds, as my mom says ... so I bought it. Actually, my mom bought it. I was like, "No, I"ll buy it." She goes, "Why should you buy it? I'll get it for you." I was like, "Yeah, you're right, mom." Tip: never argue with a woman who's willing to pay for your clothes.

Well, such as it is, we leave for California on Friday, and again, I'll be returning on the 10th. This Saturday I'll be visiting with my cousins on my dad's side. I generally only get to see them once a year, so I'm looking forward to it. Some of you know this, but most of you don't ... my cousin, David Niednagel, works in the film industry as a visual effects artist (click here for a short bio on IMDb). I just recently learned that he's been working 13-hour days, 6 days a week trying to finish Pirates of the Caribbean 3. This is the biggest film he's been involved with thus far (as far as a blockbuster). You can imagine I'll be anxious to ask him a few questions ... particularly what scenes he worked on, so I'll be able to appreciate them more when I eventually see the film. Anyway, kinda cool. :-)

All right, well, it's time to say goodbye. Thank you all again for your prayers, especially on the day of my surgery, the 27th. I'm not a fearful person, though instances of mal-practice in hospitals does enter my mind at times. In fact, during my injection back in August, one of the nurses noticed the IV in my arm and said to another nurse, "That's the wrong IV." They both kind of stood there for a second, and then just calmly took it out and replaced it. It almost looked as if they didn't want to scare me, which I'm sure was the case, and I suppose I appreciate that. I just sometimes wonder what the consequences would have been had they not noticed that. Overdose of anesthesia? Who knows. In the end, what matters is God's ultimate sovereignty, and that He alone is in control.

So, I bid you farewell, my friends. On this road we call life, encumbered by cliffs of worry, rain clouds of doubt, and diverging paths the ways thereof being obscured by the blinding darkness surrounding us, may we continue to rely on Him whose lamp illumines not our journey, nor our next destination, but only our next step ...

... and now we all take another step. Till we meet again.


Of Dogs, Suicide Swimmers, Valentines, Dockers & Gifts
February 14, 2007

This is an exact recreation of what happened last week. I can't tell you how unbelievably terrifying it was for me. It was getting towards evening. Cody and I were slowly driving through Ava, enjoying a stimulating conversation about the American government needing to return to the gold standard, or something along those lines, when all of a sudden this rather large, white dog (ok, it wasn't exactly a bichon frise) goes jogging, not running, but leisurely jogging across the street right in front of our vehicle (ok, the car above is stretching it a little bit. We were in a light-blue Ford Windstar). Cody yells, "Jordan, behold, look unto yonder and see what lies before us!" I then turned to him with a queer gaze. "What could possibly merit such grave alarm?" Then, looking ahead, I saw the dog. Ok, in all seriousness now, I BARELY missed it. I'm talking inches. I swerved to the left and hit the breaks (that part about the above picture is true), coming almost to a complete stop. I took a deep breath, and looked at Cody. "Thank you, Lord," I said, not only for us being ok, but that I didn't hit the dog. It would have ruined my day. No, my week. Possibly my entire year. Hitting a dog or a cat is like hitting a person to me. I'd go to its funeral and give a eulogy and everything.

I know what you're all asking yourselves at this point. Did this particular dog have ties to the notorious Fifi Shnookems? I've been wondering the exact same thing. It clearly seemed bent on one purpose, and that was to be hit by my car ... or rather, to cause me to swerve, thus endangering my life. I can only speculate at this point.

Anyway, are you all aware of this guy who's currently swimming the entire length of the Amazon river? Talk about suicide. It's going to take him 70 days, with the constant threat of crocodiles, sharks, piranha, snakes, cannibal tribes, pirates, and as if those weren't bad enough, the notorious toothpick fish, a creature that I'll refrain from telling you about (such as where it goes and what it does). In any case, soon there will be live video feed where viewers will be able to watch him. (Web Site)

Ok, ok. My magic has been revealed. The second group of cards were completely different. Still kind of a cool trick, though, you have to admit. Right? Oh c'mon.

Happy Valentines Day! Cody and Josef both agreed to be my Valentine this year, and I appreciate that, you guys. Very manly of you.

This isn't a puzzle or another one of my incredible card tricks, but check this out. Start from the top left word "green" and quickly go from word to word saying out loud each one's color. Try to go as fast as you can, and don't memorize the colors before you start. Remember, don't say the word, but the color of the word. Try to have someone with you as you do it, cause it's more fun that way (they get to laugh at you).

What this does is mess with your left and right brain. See, your left brain is guided by each word's meaning, while your right brain is guided by each word's color. It's basically splitting the two. I would suspect that certain Types would be better at this than others ... namely dominate right-brainers, of which the majority of my readers are. Just a theory.

Anyway, a few pictures from the week.

And the winner for the 2007 Cute Contest is ... the puppy ... taking in ... all the votes.
The Deatherages recently had a litter of puppies, and this one was so stinking adorable. Its father is a German shepard and its mother is some kind of mix. Actually, she's that black one I took a picture of back in December.

It slept on my lap for almost an hour ... meaning I had to sit there for almost an hour.

"What do you want, you scary man? What are you doing with that thing?"
This is Ruth Ann, the darling daughter of some friends in our fellowship.

Kalea is seriously growing up like Bindi Irwin (Steve's daughter). She loves pretty much all animals, including our dear Ellie. Listen to me. You can't let little girls grow up to be paranoid prissy brats. Gotta expose them to "icky" things at an early age. God made animals for both men and women to enjoy, amen? Do I hear an amen? Isaac? Jer? Luke? Ryan? Josef? Matthew? Katie? Anybody?

Kalea looks cute. I look kinda stoned.

Nathan, I did another "store photograph" just for you, utilizing the exact same glance to my right (but I forgot the Trump arm-bend). "You're an idiot." Yeah, I know. :) Actually, this looks like something from ...

... "Brad Wears Them. Shouldn't You?" ...

An early (very early) birthday present! Along with the "Definitive" version of "The Passion," Nathan got me this cool headset to use with Skype. For those out of the know, Skype is a program that allows you to chat and do video conferencing for free.

And here I am having a great conversation with Nath ... oh wait, wrong one.

And here I am having a great conversation with Nathan! lol, you know what, don't I look like your typical scum bag disc jockey? Especially having not shaved that day. That's pretty scary. Anyway, we've only chatted once so far, but it seems to work pretty well. About a 2-second delay. Oh, I have to share this ... was video conferencing with Nathan, when I pretended that my mom walked in the room. I go, "Oh thanks, mom, just put it there. No, right over there. Yeah, thanks. No, mom, right there! I SAID RIGHT THERE! NO YOU SHUT UP!!!" lol! I know, it's terrible, but I had him totally falling for it up until I started yelling. I get such joy out of doing that. :-D

I received a few CD requests last week (My Music). Sorry, I just got them out today, so they should be arriving by the end of this week or the beginning of the next.

Well, getting ready to leave for California in little over a week. Should have one more entry posted before I depart. Thank you all, again, for your thoughts and prayers. Life has been really up and down for me in recent days, but God is good. I am extremely grateful for you all taking the time to visit my ridiculous blog in your spare moments, and I mean that. Life's a lot more fun when shared with others, and if I can bring the slightest smile to your face, I am a blessed man. :)

So thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed week.


Punxsutawny Phil / Super Bowl / Card Trick / Pictures
February 7, 2007

It's gonna be an early spring, my friends! Punxsutawny Phil emerged from Gobbler's Knob last Friday and, lo and behold, didn't see his shadow. I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled. I've had enough of winter and am ready for some temps in the 60s and 70s. Isn't it fantastic that we can so accurately predict the seasons by simply consulting a groundhog? (someday I'm going to PA to seen him ... someday.)

Congratulations, Peyton (and Tony)! That was undoubtedly the craziest Super Bowl game I have ever seen. There were like, what, 8 fumbles or something? From the first kickoff it was obvious it was going to be exciting, as the Bears receieved the ball and ran it back for a touchdown. It was funny ... Cody was over and right when the Colts kicked the ball off, I said to him, "Watch, he'll run it back for a touchdown." lol, then it happened, being the first time ever in Super Bowl history.

Ok, my friends, instead of a puzzle for this entry, I have a card trick that will astound, amaze, and beguile you. You must focus, though, cause otherwise the trick just won't work. I need your complete attention. Now, in your head, choose just one of the cards from below. Just one. Choose wisely.

Really think about that card. Mentally focus. Got it? All right, at the end of this blog entry, I, the great Jordini, will amaze you.

Anyway, a few pictures from the week.

The snow has returned! Only got about 2 inches, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye.

That's me ... in the snow ... in the forest. Yes, this is the excitement you've come to expect as a faithful visitor. Notice I'm wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jacket with a Chicago Bulls hat ... in sports we call that cross-dressing.

I took this picture. This is a good picture.

There's something so beautiful about a red cardinal in the white snow. Gives me goose bumps.

I call this one, "Cow On A Hill With A Barn And Electric Pole Behind It."

Kinda cute.

I step through the wardrobe, and enter the land of Narnia.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and literally start laughing out loud because of how crazy my hair looks. Unfortunately, this was a relatively mild morning. I think I'm gonna get it cut pretty soon. Hey, how many people put pictures of themselves right when they wake up on their blogs? I call that self-esteem.

And you thought this blog entry couldn't get any more exciting. Yep, I forked out some dough and did a facelift of my fish tank. Real plants, real rocks, real sand, real wood, and yes, real fish.

Gorgeous, isn't it? . . . What? Why are you looking at me like that?

I finally put up a few studies under "My Studies" at the top. There have been a few changes in my rationale and theology since I did them a few years back, so I went over some verses and rewrote a few paragraphs to make them more ... accurate? "But Jordan," you ask, "how can you make heresy more accurate?" Be quiet.

On Saturday we had our neighbors over (at Jer's house) for Bob's 60th birthday. Happy birthday, Bob! Kalea really put on a show that night, making us all laugh with her silly antics.

Look at those eyes. Jayme, everyday, sits on my bathroom sink like that, staring at me. She wants me to turn on the faucet. But not full blast, mind you. She wants it dripping, preferably 2-3 drops every 5 seconds. How can you say no to a face like that?

Ok, do you remember your card? I, the great Jordini, have removed it from the deck!

But how ... ? Jordan, how did you ... ? You are so amazing!

Yes, tell me something I don't know. But don't worry, I'll teach you all how to do it someday. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

(ok serious, be honest and tell me for how long I had you surprised and wondering.)


Freezing February
February 1, 2007

Man, it's cold outside! I was in Springfield the other day and it must have been near 0 degrees with the wind chill factor (probably 15 without). I think it's even pretty cool in San Diego, isn't it Nate? Briefly saw part of a Torre Pines tournament (Tiger won) and it was like 50 there. I remember not even wanting to go outside when it was 50 back in CA. Grief I was spoiled.

Ok about the puzzle ... I think I need to apologize for my "this one's easier" comment, cause apparently some of you thought it was harder. I pray thee, pardon this grave offense of mine.

Ok, here's the answer in a nutshell. ALL the boxes are mislabeled. Every one of them. To correctly label them, simply take a fruit from the "apples and oranges" box, which, remember now, is mislabeled. Let's say it's an apple. Because you KNOW the box is mislabeled, and that it's not full of apples and oranges, then it would HAVE to be the apples box. Therefore, remembering that each of the boxes is mislabeled, you now know that the box mislabeled "oranges" can't be full of apples, nor can it be full of oranges, because it's mislabeled, so it must be full of apples and oranges. Then, of course, the box labeled "apples" must have oranges in it. Make sense? The key is remembering that each and every box is mislabeled. When you boil it all down, it's simpler than you think. *dodges tomatoes*

Superbowl's this Sunday. Go Colts! ESTP Peyton Manning deserves a championship more than any player out there, IMO, and I hope he gets it. The Bears have a good defense, though, so it could be tough.

Well, that's all for now. A few pictures here from the week. Happy freezing February!

January 26, 2007, 2:23pm. I casually exit the vicinity of Jean's Healthway, enjoying a chocolatey, munchy, and oh-so-creamy Paul Newman's peanut butter cup, when I notice something peculiar out of the corner of my eye. Someone, or some thing, is watching me. I briefly take a glance, and what at first brings a sigh of relief quickly turns to sheer, utter terror. It's a white poodle, but this is no ordinary poodle.

Fifi Shnookems, notorious quadruple-agent, with ties to the CIA, KGB, Scotland Yard, and PetSmart. She doesn't care now that I've noticed her staring. She knows that I know that she knows it's already too late, that she's been following me for too long, and that this time, as never before, she rides the manly metal and muscles that can easily compensate for her short legs, poor eyesight, hearing loss, and overall genetically altered furry, white body. She grins maliciously, and yet to tell you the rest of the story would be to divulge too much information, putting far too many people at risk. All you need know is ... I lived to write about it in my blog.

We belong to a wonderful co-op where we're able to get healthy food for very low cost. Once a month mom and I and Danielle head to Ava to help unload, organize, and distribute everything for the ... I don't know how many families that are also apart of it (quite a few).

The ladies busily label.

So sorry, Denise! Your picture came out pretty blurry, and as you'll see, so did some other photos. Sometimes when the flash option on my camera isn't activated it does that. I'll just have to get another sometime. :-)

Isn't this just a gorgeous picture? Such detail and clarity. Anyway, I'm at this pet store and the guy lets me hold a few of his birds. This one I really liked. "So how much is it?" I ask. "Oh, he's $800," he replies. "No, I'm sorry," I politely clarify, "I don't mean your entire store, just this bird."

Ok, enough of the blurry photos. This painting I call, "Mother & Her Macaw." (I know it's not a macaw but it's catchy so just shut your mouth).

Went to see an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor to get some final thoughts and opinions before my surgery. Had to sit and wait for nearly a half hour. Nothing else better to do than take one of my world-renowned self-shots.

Took this from the 5th floor. Hey Jon Courville, if you happen to read this, do you know what this stadium is being built for? When you get something as big as this being built in Springfield, it has to be for something significant.

So natural, so casual. "What's with your left arm?" I'm not exactly sure. Donald Trump sometimes does that, so I think it's some subliminal sign of power and confidence. So yes, to answer your question, what I lack in personality I make up for in body language.

" - your exclusive source for cute Kalea pictures!"

Thanks for stopping by.