Flight To Neverland
John Williams

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Of Marriage & Museums
June 6, 2007

I think I'll never, ever drive again. There comes a time when your seat gets too sore, your arms too limp, your eyes too dim, and your brain too fried ... a time when you leave at 8:30 in the morning and arrive at your destination at 9:00 that evening. Maybe for some of you that's a walk in the park. For me, it was a first. Sure, I've ridden for that long, but never have I stayed behind the wheel the whole time for that long. Thankfully, it was broken up by a short stop at Toody's home for a 15 minute visit, followed by a short stop at Whole Foods in St. Louis for some grub, follo40 minutes. Such was our trip home on Monday, which started in Cincinnati, Owed lastly by a flat tire about 2 hours from home that had us waiting on AAA to get it fixed for about hio, and ended up home in good ol' Nottinghill, Missouri. God was good, and what a trip it was.

As always, I'll let the pictures do the talking. First, however, I'd like to wish my good friend Jonathan all the very best in his new life together with his lovely bride, Sara. Jonathan and I go pretty far back. We met each other back in California when I first began home schooling. He was 13 and I was 14, and we quickly became the best of friends. We both were medieval history buffs, and took a particular fascination with Robin Hood and the tales of his merry men. I started an online band of merry men soon after, becoming known personally as Robin, and he being known as Will Stutely (Jon R. was Little John, Jeremy Tiss was Guy of Gisbourne, etc). They were grand days together, and I shall never forget them.

Hanging out in our pool, one of our favorite things to do.

Jon and I shortly before our move to Missouri. As a going-away present he kindly gave me this "Jordan Niednagel Live!" microphone drawing. You can see it more clearly on the JN Live! page above.

Anyway, just wanted to give you an idea of our history together. And now, without further delay, on to the pictures.

Of Marriage & Museums ...

The pink and yellow thing is ready to roll.

Looks like rain.

Yeah, it's rain.

You know, there's only so much singing from the backseat you can hear from a two-year-old before you start losing your sanity. This picture was taken shortly before such sanity was lost.

We arrived safely to Decatur, where I said my goodbyes to my family and headed out with the groomsmen for a night of manly, masculine activities. Here we have Jonathan (left) and Boone Berlin. Isn't that a cool name? The guy's kinda like a detective. When he looks at you, you feel as though he knows something about your past or something that no one else should know.

And here we have Jonathan's brother, Brian, and Jonathan's other friend, Justin. Jonathan and his brother sorta look alike, but the most obvious similarity is on the phone where you can't tell the slightest difference in their voices. Erie.

What activity is there more manly and masculine then bowling? Exactly. Nothing.

The groom is groovin'.

The best man is ... something clever and witty.

The guys were laughing at how lazy and relaxed my bowling stroke looked.

What can I say? It was my night. lol, 5 strikes in a row. I thought I was on my way to beating my old record of 218 set back when we were filming The Book of Being.

Nope, but close. Short by 11 points. I'll take it.

My sleeping quarters back at Jon's apartment. Beats a sharp stick in the eye.

The view from his place. Nothing but cornfields as far as the eye can see.

The next day it was time to try out our tuxedos. Pretty snazzy.

"I think I'll look the most handsome." -- "I disagree. I think I'll look the most handsome."

Trying out my threads. Yeah, I made that stupid face on purpose.

lol, Nathan. Jonathan and I thought this guy looked like you with a wig on. Too funny.

And we all thought this guy looked exactly like me ... or at least I thought he did ... or at least that night I dreamt I looked like that guy (kind of a scary dream, actually).

Having lunch with the bridesmaids and Jon's bride to be, Sara.

The girls left and it was time for a game of ... grrr ... I can't remember the name. You build railroads to connect cities and try to block each other off. Does anyone know the name of it?

Pretty interesting game. I was green, Boone was red, Jon was black, and Justin was blue.

Didn't I tell you he looks like a spy? This photograph is the very essence of Boone Berlin.

Jordan and Justin! These are Jonathan's two younger brothers, and were practically my younger brothers too back in California. Here we're at the rehearsal.

This picture of Jesus on the wall looking down at everyone was just too weird. Accordingly, we had it removed for the ceremony.

Jonathan made this lovely gazebo-type structure to be married under.

Rehearsing at the rehearsal.

"Remember to say, 'I do.' "

At the rehearsal dinner. Kalea had a blast.

Jonathan's dad, Jason, makes an announcement.

Jonathan's grandfather gives a short speech.

Hah! You thought there'd be at least ONE trip where I didn't take a self-shot. You thought wrong!!! We're at Wal-Mart, by the way, picking up some stuff.

The day has arrived! Now tell me this guy doesn't look ready for marriage. Actually, don't tell me that. Just be quiet and keep scrolling.

No time for showers or proper dress ... we were out early to get everything set up for the reception that was to be held nearby this lovely lake.

Chairs. Lots of chairs.

Isn't that awesome? What an incredible structure. It rained for part of the reception, but everyone was kept nice and dry in here.

When space is a precious commodity, the shortest groomsman always gets the short end of the stick. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic.

Jonathan and Justin as we wait for the bride to arrive.

Believe me, it was hard to keep this pose without laughing.

Boone kindly helps me with my corsage. I love saying that word. Corsage. I love writing that word. Corsage corsage corsage ...

This was the best picture I could get through the window as Jonathan, facing towards the front of the church, waits for his bride to approach him, where he gets to see her for the first time. Course, normally the groom doesn't see the bride till the actual ceremony, but they had pictures taken before the wedding instead of after for convenience sake.

Out taking pictures.

'Tis the five of us. The photographer was really amiable and professional.

Jonathan with his three brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. Drake. Holly was my history teacher back in California, and a wonderful one at that.

Out for some humorous groomsmen pictures.

We all walk the lonely road alone ...

... but with the sun at your back, and a bounce in your stride ...

... you, my friend, can accomplish anything.

lol, I couldn't help myself. How often can one sport a tux while walking down miles and miles of empty farm road? You just can't pass something like that up.

Jonathan and I, as the seconds tick away towards the big moment.

The official marriage certificate is signed. Cold feet, as this point, is not an option.

My thanks to Rachel Lonus for tagging this picture taken during the wedding on Facebook.

My two younger brothers and I after the wedding.

Very cute, Justin.