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Welcome to my blog, updated whenever something of interest happens in my life (for the most part). Complete with pictures and video, you're sure to have a great time (although I can't promise you that). Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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Great Week / Another Birthday / Pictures / Farewell
May 26, 2007

What a great week. I was able to spend quality time with some good friends, and I look forward to the next few weeks where I will be spending even more quality time with a few more good friends. As I've mentioned before, I leave for Jonathan Drake's wedding this Thursday to be a groomsman. About a week after I get back, Nathan Daher will be arriving to spend a month here. That's right. A month! Come July, I'll be so sick of Nathan that I'll ... just be so sick of him. lol, slightly kidding. :-) Should be a blast. Nathan will be helping us work on our Type Trainer DVD, which is expected to be released sometime in late summer. So, the month will be filled with work and play ... hours on the computer, along with hours out on the lake riding wave-runners, along with many other invigorating activities.

Anyway, went kayaking on Sunday with Cody and his dad, and then Thursday I spent with Isaac Deatherage golfing and bowling and eating out. A whole day spent with an ISFP, and then a whole day spent with an ENTJ. The best of both opposite Brain Type worlds. :-)

Would like to wish my sister Brynn a very happy birthday! Jeremy and her both share May birthdays. Jeremy turned 31 on the 13th, while Brynn turned 34 on the 21st. Here Brynn is holding her youngest and only daughter, Trinity Noelle. She is also the mother of two boys ... Timothy Nathaniel, and Toby Jordan (yes, named after me). She homeschools all her children, and is doing an incredible job. I love you and miss you, Brynn. Hope to see you soon.

This will be my last entry for a little while (about 11 days). Of course, I'll have pictures from the wedding when I get back. Oh, and also we'll be stopping in Cincinnati on the way back to visit the new 25 million dollar creation museum recently completed by Answers In Genesis! I can't wait to see it. I've been following its construction since day one, and Marcus, who's already been there, told me it's absolutely incredible. I'll take lots of pics.

So with that, I bid you all farewell. Blessings on your week, and thank you for your prayers.

Cody and his pops. Thanks, you guys, for a great time!

My pretty mamma at the bow.

The Crocodile Dundee wannabe (that rhymes). I'm doing my best to look tough. I guess Feelers aren't very gifted at that.

On the river ...

Nothing stops my mom from swimming. She's a true California girl, and spent every week while growing up out in the ocean with her two sisters.

Cody and I were only in the water for a few minutes. FREEZING.

Funny to see these guys basking in the sun the whole trip down. They ranged from the size of a dinner plate to the size of a silver dollar.

Farewell, Cody! The Lord mightily bless your 3 months in Kansas, and be sure to check my blog whenever you're bored! Hopefully that won't be too often.

On Thursday, Isaac Deatherage and I spent a full fun day together. First on the agenda was golf. Isaac had never played before, so I graciously offered him my personal training and expertise out on the driving range, free of charge. Here we can clearly see Isaac's bad attitude despite my patience and kindness.

Honestly, and I'm not blowing hot air ... Isaac picked up the game very quickly. HIs fundamental ENTJ motor-skills really came through for him. Sure, he's got somewhat of a quirky follow through, but I've seen worse. :-)

Whoa, that guy must play on Tour.

After scoring a few bogeys, I was done with golf ... forever.

In Springfield we spent some time at a really nice piano store. Man, I love grand pianos!!! A nice piano compared to an average piano is like playing a completely different instrument. The one Isaac's playing here was actually a standup digital.

Experience the music ... experience the magic ... of Jorblo.

If Yamaha's good enough for Groban, it's good enough for me.

Out on the bowling alley. Yeah, yeah. Look at the big smile. He just threw a strike and is sportin' his strut.

Rabbit ears! I hate rabbit ears! That's when missed pins are left on the edges.

Isaac is victorious (by 22 points).

Jordan is victorious (by 22 points).

Barn-burner! Jordan is victorious by a narrow 2 points.

And for those of you who come to my blog simply to see pictures of Kalea ... there ya go. Yes, dinner at Valentines again. I pretty much take all my friends there, and not one has yet to leave the restaurant disappointed (or at least admit it).

Thanks for stopping by. Till we meet again.


Brain Teaser / Prayer / Co-Op
May 19, 2007

The weather has just been incredible (low 70s). We played golf twice this last week. It's so hard for me to sit inside on beautiful days. I just gotta get out and like ... like climb a tree or like chase a butterfly or like do something that makes me feel alive. Computers are great, but there are times where I just need to get away for awhile. I think that's why I still haven't bought a laptop for vacations and stuff. I'm on the computer so often at home that I just don't need to be on one when I'm away from home too.

Ok, this isn't as complicated as my past brain teasers, but it's been awhile and I thought you'd like to use your brain (since you haven't used it in so long). Tell me what this is saying.

Winner gets ... my respect. (you know you want it)

I'll have one more entry before I head off to Illinois to be a groomsman in Jonathan Drake's wedding. Man, coming so fast! I can't believe my childhood friend is getting married. Life goes by so quickly sometimes.

Please, please, please pray for Anne Schrader. She's the dear lady that I take thrift store shopping along with mom in Springfield every so often. Just last week she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, and it's a very dangerous form of it. She's my mom's best friend, and it's been very hard on her. According to what I've heard, Ann will be visiting various clinics that will be treating her nutritionally and with some amount of chemotherapy. I can't tell you what kind of woman Ann Schrader is. She's one of the happiest, Godliest people I know, and has been an incredible encouragement to even me during my downtimes in recent years. Anyway, please keep her and her family in your prayers.

I have mostly pictures from the co-op this past week. On Wednesday I hurt my back. In the morning I was doing these shoulder shrug exercises, and then later while washing the car I suddenly felt a pain in my lower back and almost fell to the ground. I couldn't walk for an hour, but I iced it and hung from the pull up bar and used our inversion table that flips you up-side-down and by about 5:30 I felt good enough to go play basketball. Couldn't believe it. Anyway, since co-op was the next day, where we go and help unload food and distribute it to families, Cody offered his assistance, and I took it. Thanks, Cody. BTW, he leaves for Kansas in a couple weeks for 3 months to live with his mom. Have a good time! I'll miss you, buddy!

Oh my word ... I just now, like just now, got a call from a guy at the Theodosia Country Club. Someone found my wallet out on the course! I didn't even know I lost it! lol! I am such an idiot. I am such a dunce. I usually am so careful with my wallet. Good gravy. If I could kick myself in the shins and push myself over right now I'd do it. Anyway, praise God. Now on with the pics.

This is Jessie, my big burly 17-year old friend. I go to him for workout tips, and I don't think I've ever asked a question that he couldn't answer ... or at least pretended that he couldn't answer.

Had to wait quite awhile for the produce to arrive, so we engaged in some friendly football. Cody either just caught the ball or he's having a serious hernia.

Nice catch. Jessie can REALLY hurl the ball.

Throwing the football ... (sorry for the spots on the lens), and Kalea falling asleep on the way to golf. You moms and older brothers and sisters are probably used to seeing this, but I couldn't help myself from recording her as she desperately tried her best not to fall asleep. She had me really laughing. :-)

Lunch at Subway. Cody and Jessie both have super light blue eyes. Cody bought a soda called Vault, and we were all getting on him cause it's loaded with caffeine. My mom finally took it away and bought him a Sprite ... kinda like taking rat poison away and giving him ... rat poison.

I've got the best mom in the whole world.

Still waiting for the produce ...

Ok so people are arriving and I'm helping them load their cars in spite of a bad back ... and all the while I'm wondering where in all England Cody is ... and then I finally find him outside playing football with the younger kids. Needless to say I felt like joining in and tackling him then and there.

Take a wild guess who won this match.

Now that's more like it. Clash of the stick figures!

Ah, the beauty of multiple conversations at once. This was the other night when I was video Skyping with Nathan Daher, while regular Skyping with Nathaniel Bluedorn, while IMing with Josef Long. During my conversation with Nathan, he goes, "You know, you take pictures of EVERYTHING." I was about to argue with him when I realized I had already taken a picture of my computer screen. lol! And yes, that is a typical example of how Josef starts a conversation.

Thanks for stopping by.


Mother's Day / Jeremy's 31st Birthday
May 14, 2007

So I guess the new craze is this thing called FaceBook ... which to me seems like just another MySpace type deal. Ever heard of it? About a week ago I got an invitation to become Jeremy Tiss' friend, so I thought why not, and gave my email and name. Since then I've gotten 11 other invitations from other people I know ... one person I haven't spoken to in like 15 years! Anyway, so it seems like everyone I know is on FaceBook. I guess you can just post pictures and articles and everyone you know is notified, etc. Am I getting the gist right?

As you know, I hate to jump to conclusions, but my voice seems to be getting stronger. It could very well be that the nerve is fusing. I can't tell you how overjoyed I am. Praise God. Still, I'm not 100% sure, but as of now it's fairly strong. Even if it doesn't get any stronger, but stays at this point, I'll be thrilled. I've been playing the guitar lately and singing along, and I really don't get tired. Course, my singing stinks, as I've basically taken an 8 year hiatus from it (that's the first time I've ever used that word I think), but with a little time and practice I'm sure I'll be able to tap into my inner Michael Jackson (lol, slightly kidding). Anyway, thank you for your continued prayer. By June or July I think I'll know for sure what the deal is.

Lastly, not sure if any of you saw the debate between Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort vs. the atheists. I have to be honest here ... I wasn't impressed with Kirk and Ray, nor was I particularly impressed with the atheists. Ray started off by saying how a building needs a builder, and a painting a painter, and how we can't see or touch the builder or painter, yet we accept the fact that there must be one based on what they made. I was like, "Oh no, Ray, the atheist is gonna get up and say that you can give him a phone call or whatever, but you can't call God." Sure enough, the guy gets up and says that exact same thing. How did they not see that coming?

Not saying they did terrible, but they ran into some fatal errors in my opinion, such as wrangling over specific details of evolutionary theory instead of dealing with the big picture of God vs. no God and abiogenesis ... the very beginning where everything had to have come from nothing, according to the atheist. Even when they did debate over specifics, it seemed like Kirk and Ray were at a loss for words, as though they hadn't really studied the issues (even the atheists were stumbling over their words!). For instance, Kirk brought up the platypus and how it possesses strange characteristics, and then said, "So what? God made it that way." I was squirming in my chair. The platypus is a great example of a creature possessing multiple characteristics from different animals and yet not being a transitional form (even evolutionists admit this), but Kirk either didn't know that or didn't think to bring it up. I loved his spirit, but you're not gonna convince anyone by talking like that. Anyway, I applaud their efforts. I just wasn't impressed. You may accuse me of being an armchair quarterback, but some of their errors were just too basic. Gotta avoid those.

Ok, that's it. A handful of pictures from the week. Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mothers! (I know there's a few who visit my blog.)

Brad Steele with Shrek, the donkey (yeah, that's his real name). Every time I drive somewhere, I grab an apple to feed him on the way out (the apple is just outside the picture). He's so sweet. You know, whenever I see a donkey, I think of Jesus. I just get this really overwhelming feeling that I'm looking into the same eyes that He once looked into. I know that's kinda weird, but it seriously impacts me.

Brad Steele with Josef, the turtle (yeah, I named him after you, Josef. Striking resemblance). Ummm ... you all would be correct to assume that I stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out, lay down, and took this picture. Only in Missouri, my friends. Back in Cali, Josef and I would be quick road kill. I must have passed at least 30 turtles that day (it rained later, which is why. It has something to do with the barometric pressure).

My Mother's Day gifts ... two DVD dramas of two famous Charles Dickens novels ... "Our Mutual Friend," and "Bleak House." I think my mom will love em'. I know I will. What? Oh sure, as if you've never given a gift that you weren't anxious to see or use too! I'm so sure! You're such a liar!!!!

Jeremy's birthday happens to fall on Mother's Day as well. While in San Diego earlier this year, I noticed a particular blanket the Daher's had of Abram's daughter, Beverly. I couldn't believe how exquisite it was! A really well-made, huge blanket with Beverly's image on it. So, for Jer's birthday, I got him one of Kalea (that image there is what's on the entire blanket). I don't know, maybe you think that's a weird birthday gift. All I know is that it wasn't cheap, and if I had a daughter I'd think it would be pretty cool to get a nice blanket with her image on it. So there.

This is Jer's birthday card and envelope. For my birthday last year he had a bunch of different funny characters on my envelope, so I decided to go with a little Napoleon Dynamite for his (no, I'm not a huge Napoleon fan, but when Jeremy and I are in a foolish mood somtimes ... very rarely of course ... we like to talk like him). Top left shows the front of the envelope, while the top right is the back of it. Most of the birthday cards I get for Jeremy every year have something to do with getting old, and this year was no exception. The bottom left shows the front of the card, while the middle picture shows the inside. Yep, there's the infamous $20 bill! I'm including it as one of my birthday gifts, so he CAN'T give it back. I mean, that would be rude to give back a birthday present, right? Bottom right pic just shows how I wrapped his present. I take great pride in my work.

Kalea had her hair all nice and pretty on Sunday for the festive occasions.

Mom reading my card.

The birthday boy! Still looks pretty good for 31, I must say.

Yeah, these are normal birthday gifts in the Jer and Danni household. Bamboo socks and sprouted granola from Danielle. That's right, bamboo socks. One could not express a deeper love for their spouse then by giving such gifts. The socks actually have bamboo in the soles that keeps, you know, fungus and whatever else from growing. They're also made from 100% organic cotton.

There she is in all her glory. It came out much better than I thought it would (not to mention much bigger, my word).

Opening presents. I love Jeremy and Danielle's reaction ... softly saying, "Oh my word," as they realize what it is. Kalea was quite thrilled too. :-)

It was a week of intense gardening (our garden). I love gardening. It's so therapeutic. You're outside by yourself focusing on such a simple activity, yet you can have deep thoughts and good prayer times. Here I'm laying down a drip system so I won't have to water everything with a hose everyday (like I did last year and nearly committed suicide).

So I lay down and bury about 30 feet of drip hose, when I come to the end and find this. You should have seen my initial reaction. My mouth literally just dropped, and I stared into the distance for like 30 seconds. A drip system with an open end like this makes it completely worthless. But then, like a bolt of lightning, a thought suddenly hit me.

Jordan, you genius! And yes, it did hold the water in ... at least enough to keep enough pressure for the water to still come out of the miniature holes throughout the entire hose. (was this last sentence kind of exhausting to read? lol, I wrote it and just felt tired afterward.)

Grow, my pretties. Grow.

I have a very deep (pun intended), personal relationship with my plants. For a thriving garden, one must cultivate (pun intended) a special bond with their seedlings ... understanding their thoughts and feelings and concerns and aspirations (namely to bear fruit, I guess). I wonder if plants have Brain Types.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful week.


The Makings Of May
May 5, 2007

Mothers have a way of speaking to your heart. This is a little something my mom wrote for me back in January when I was going through some particular struggles. Every once in awhile I'll take it out and read it. Brings a smile to my face, and a sword to my soul. We all as young people commonly desire independence, and that day will come, but we must wait ... wait for God's perfect timing. Not always an easy thing to do. Thank you for your continued prayer.

May's here and the weather is just beautiful. Many rainy, cloudy days, which actually I like as long as it's still somewhat warm. The world is so green, reminding me why it's my favorite color.

I finished the new look for Just cleaner and, I think, more professional looking.

Also, the interview I mentioned a few entries ago involving Nathan and I about The Book of Being was released, and I have it below. It's about 40 minutes long. For some reason I find the whole thing very humorous ... I guess because it has that professional feel to it like we're some big shots, when in reality we're total losers who would be willing to give any interview to anyone in possession of a microphone (ignores Nathan's glare - lol!). Anyway, the interviewer did a great job, and it runs pretty smoothly. The only negative is that I sound kind of muffled, so it's hard to understand me at times. If you think I sound bad, however, just realize that they sounded twice as bad to me over the phone line. I asked Nathan to answer most of the questions first because I could hardly understand the guy, and by listening to Nathan talk I could discern what question was being asked. You'll notice the interviewer give an "Orlando Bloom" comment and I just keep talking like I didn't hear him ... that's because I didn't hear him. :-) I kind of like it, though. I've always wanted to be snobbish and rude, and for the first time I kinda come across that way (yeah, I know some of you disagree about it being the first time).

Some pictures from the week.

The Voellers stayed at Jer and Danni's for a few days, along with Ju Yung (sp?), whom Bradley, also known as Superman, is currently courting (she's from South Korea). It's fascinating to watch them speak Korean to one another.

Every single time I see this picture, without fail, I start laughing. Jeremy had a Passover celebration at his house the other day, and Kalea dressed up as an Egyptian. I guess it's just the grownup concept that tickles my funny bone, and seeing that bright, round face poking out of those white garbs adorning her little body ... and that smile is just too adorable. :-)

Ok so Cody tells me he has two weeks to make a movie poster for art class. I'm thinking up all these ideas ... how we can make it professional and have it printed out from and stuff ... and then 2 days later he goes, "It's due tomorrow." Oh ... ok. So with the help of mom, we basically hand-crafted a spoof movie poster of Tracy Ventura: The Case of the Missing Back Scratcher (click for film), which was one of the first movies we ever did together. It's so embarrassing to watch it now. :-)

The finished product. A little 70s and a tad cheesy, I know, but he got a good grade for it. I can only imagine what the other kids in his class who saw it were thinking. Although, a number of them have seen our films, and Cody tells me I'm pretty famous at Gainesville High, so who knows. :-)

On Friday we went to Springfield to make Cody our next guinea pig. That is, for those of you who aren't familiar, we're taking blood samples from various people of certain Brain Types to be analyzed by geneticists (to find similarities in the DNA within the same Type). Here, at the doctor's office, I offer Cody some heartfelt counseling before going under the needle.

I guess my counseling wasn't enough ... IT HURTS!!!

Jason, an ISTP friend of ours, also showed up to give blood. Look at his intense look. Vintage ISTP.

Jeremy and Danielle had to make some returns at Lowe's (over $500 worth!), so Cody and I did some loitering. "Do you need any help, sirs?" --- "No thank you. We're just having fun riding your lawnmowers."

Orange rocks. I could do some serious mowing with this baby.

"Hey Cody, I'll give you a dollar if you climb to the top of those portable stairs the employees use." Grief, I should have known better.

This is a very cool lamp. This is a Jordan of Locksley lamp. I want this lamp.

Ok, so when did vacuum cleaners all of a sudden take after Nascar!? I'd be embarrassed to be caught in my home using one of these things.

Out to Valentines for dinner, one of our favorite restaurants in Springfield. Here we have the two "J"s ...

... and here we have the two "P"s.

Waiting for Jeremy and Danielle outside of Wal-Mart. Not much else to say about this picture, I guess. We had fun playing hide and seek outside the store where they pile all the bags of soil and stuff.

BTW, Jeff is Alaska, are you still around? Just curious how you're doing.

Lastly, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (from Growing Pains) are going to be debating the existence of God with two atheists on this Wednesday (click for article). It should be fascinating. Keep them in your prayers, and tune in if you can.

Thanks for stopping by. You know, have you ever tried brushing your teeth with your opposite hand? I tried that the other day (using my left). Pretty tedious, yet significantly more efficient and thorough. I was quite amazed how each stroke ...

Have a good week.