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The Return To Rehoboth - updated
September 30, 2007

Ok everyone, ready yourselves for what will be nothing short of a pictoral extravaganza of ridiculous and unreasonable proportions. Please make use of a comfortable chair, stool, couch, or other similar suitable hind-quarter device, pour yourselves a tall glass of whatever liquid of your choosing most conducive for sitting long hours and staring for the same, take your telephones off the hook (that irritating "nuh nuh nuh" sound will eventually stop), use restrooms, grab tissues (for emotional parts, or jokes that are so bad you start crying) ... and now I present to you ... The Return To Rehoboth. (many pictures courtesy of Michael Thomas).

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Friday, September 14th, 2007 ... the day before my arrival. What are the Thomas and Leuken youth doing? Signs. Creating signs. For what? Come and see ... (they say this wasn't staged, but I don't believe them.)

Yes, you know who that is. Why is it so frighteningly accurate? Ok, the hair.

Saturday, September 15th, 2007. The Thomas', Flynns, and Leukens infiltrate Providence airport like a bunch of homeschoolers infiltrating a ... large ... airport.

"Mutha! Why in all England must I wear this silly papa square!? I don't even know the man!"

This is just too much. I owe you guys BIG time.

If this sign makes you cringe, just imagine how I felt.

AHHH!!! This photo was taken some 20-30 seconds AFTER I first saw everyone. My initial reaction was NOT to take a picture, believe me. I saw them, covered my face, and turned around and hid behind that glass enclosure there to my left (brilliant, Jordan ... stand behind something everyone can see through). I was SO shocked, and SO embarrassed. But now, as I look at this picture, I think to myself, "Who should have been feeling more awkward? Me, or that guy other guy there?" I mean, if you're gonna be forced to approach a screaming and seemingly intoxicated crowd carrying signs, they might as well be screaming and acting intoxicated for you, right? In the end, I feel really sorry for that guy. That must have been way beyond awkward

My point of view. It's blurry, indicating that I was moving the camera as I took it ... indicating that my arms were violently shaking from the Thomas' version of "shock and awe."

It's time for huggies!

No picture could better portray exactly how I felt. Look at me. Totally dazed and looking like a 16-year old.

All together afterwards. What hilarious signs. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!

At church the next day with my main man Marscel.

I was so impressed afterwards to walk outside and find ... all the young men, wooden staffs in hand, giving one other physical demonstrations of how to properly defend the word of God.

Pictures ... talking ... it's all the rave.

Time for a lovely Sunday walk through the woods of New England. So beautiful and serene.

Michael risks his life for a clear photograph of yellow fungus. Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing you're thinking right now.

Master Marscel and Maid Melissa ascend the foliage.

Locksley shows off his balancing skills ... or major lack thereof (yes, I once did knock Little John off a fallen log into a creek, but that was some 1,800 years ago).

Such a gorgeous view! The clouds were beautiful, and you could see Providence, Rhode Island from atop this rocky cleft.

Michael looks absolutely fabulous here.

Thing 2 about to give Thing 1 a little nudge.

Why am I the only one who doesn't look like a geek?

Time to paint! The Flynns (and the Leukens for a little while) came on over to help paint the house. It really was a lot of fun chatting and laughing and listening to music the whole day long.

I think I spilled.

What paint day would be complete without some wrestling.

Wait a minute! Someone's smiling! I don't think I've ever seen you without a smile, Mrs. Thomas. I love that about you. :-)

Eww ... what is that on the table? Meat. As we all watched a movie together, Melissa and Melanie made productive use of their time by cutting meat. I told you this family was weird.

I was going to correct Melissa on her slicing technique during the film, but I was always taught to stay on the good side of a woman with a butcher knife.

You'll recall Michael's hair length in previous pictures ... looks like Will Turner.

Mike's getting weed-whacked! Everyone gather 'round!

This was a bad idea.

Nah, he looks great! Even his mommy says so!

It's Tuesday night and my mom and dad are soon to arrive. Melissa really went all out in making a most lovely dinner setting and evening ambience.

Table talk.

Ok, so I'm outside again a few days later diligently chipping the side of the Thomas house, when these two ... female whatevers ... fling open a side window and aim two airsoft pistols in my face. A minute later, they reappear with ... MY CHOCOLATE BAR!!! I had already eaten half, and there were just two small squares left. I laughed out loud knowing they wouldn't eat them.

They ate them. Yes, right then and there ... they each gleefully shoved a square into their chubby little mouths. Life from that point was not worth living.

No, this was not staged ... ok, it was staged.

More entertainment as I chip away. I already said this family's weird, but I'll say it again. This family's weird.

This family's weird.

This family's weird.

Thing 1 & 2 Do Their Thing ...
(lol, I just can't believe how many times they did this)

So why is Michael looking so epic this morning?

And why is Micaiah looking so ... non-epic this morning?

It's off to Plymouth! First stop, the Mayflower. What a beautiful boat, and what history to be learned (or relearned ... it's sad how much I've forgotten since my homeschool days).

Michael makes use of the ship's sleeping quarters.

Yablo graces the ship's sleeping quarters.

Mr. Thomas is a man of maintanance, whether it's maintaining torpedo software or maintaining the Mayflower's hardware.

This lady was a riot. You see, the actors on the boat HAVE TO stay in character, no matter what you say or ask them. They know basically EVERYTHING there is to know about their time and place in history, providing a wealth of knowledge to whomever will listen.

Even the Brain Doctor is impressed.

Five doll hairs to the individual who can guess which one is fake.

Wow. Plymouth rock ... or half of it. Interestingly, it's been dropped twice since the day it was first established to indeed be THE rock. I believe it was first dropped sometime in the 1700s as they were trying to lift it using a pulley system, where after the two pieces were kept in two different places ... and then this half of it it was dropped again in the early 1800s when it was being transported on an ox cart. Yeah, it split again, but I guess instead of sending the two new pieces again to two different places, they decided to basically cement it back together. If you expand it you can clearly see where it split.

Oh what a gorgeous trash can!

Mr. Thomas reads to us of Plymouth rock.

What an amazing sarcophagus. What's inside? The bones of those pilgrims that perished during the first bitter winter.

I get a little mischievous. The wind was blowing, my plate was full of bread crumbs ... it was inevitable.

Welcome, friends, to Plymouth Plantation (I love this picture).

So ... why are you holding your arms out? Grief, I don't know. What would you do in a situation like that? (may none of you know where that's from.)

Two sweetie pies.

Melissa converses with John Billington. She just didn't have the heart to tell him that he would later be hanged for murder (in 1630). We both thought he was a nice guy, though.

Michael converses with ... grrr ... I can't remember who she was the wife of.

And I had a most invigorating conversation with this man. When I told him I was from Missouri, he goes, "Why on earth would you want to live in misery?" I told him that joke was older then his wooden underwear. Ok, honestly though, it was fascinating to talk to these people. Every once in awhile, for about 5-10 seconds, I felt like I was back in time talking with the true founders of Plymouth. It was an unforgettable experience.

Thing 1 and 2 rudely bothering the locals.

I think Marscel and I slept on nearly every bed in the entire Plantation. They were extremely uncomfortable, and that's coming from a guy who prefers sleeping on the floor rather than his own king-size bed.

"Come!" saith Matthew. "Let us pillage of each man's fertile garden, and distribute the produce thereof unto the sheep and goats withal." And thus, with no regret and much merriment, they did.

Read the sign. :-)

Hangin' afterwards wid Thing 2 (Micaiah).

Hangin' afterwards wid Thing 1 (Matthew - also the distinguished president of the Jordan Niednagel Fan Club).