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Welcome to my blog, updated whenever something of interest happens in my life (for the most part). Complete with pictures and video, you're sure to have a great time (although I can't promise you that). Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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Home Safe & Sound
September 26, 2007

Hello friends! We got back safe and sound this evening after a nice flight, a stop at a few health food stores in Springfield, and a delicious dinner over at Jer and Danni's house (with Cody) consisting of turkey sausage / artichoke pizza and some cold ginger brews - yeah, it was as wild as it sounds. Kalea was all hugs and kisses and has already spouted a few phrases I've never heard her ever say before ("Sometimes I do sit ups" ... what!?) Needless to say, our stay with the Thomas family in MA was yet another incredible one. For now, however, I'm off to bed, with the sincere hopes of making my usual Saturday blog deadline ... I'll do my best ...

Until then ...


Tis A Small Entry
September 13, 2007

I watched part of the Republican debate last week on Fox. There were like, what, 10 guys or something. TV debates are a joke. Each guy basically gets a couple questions and is forced to answer them in less than a minute or so. This is one of the main reasons why an Introvert will probably never be in office again (as far as commander and chief). They'd stumble over their words and eventually pass out (at least I would). Anyway, guess who won yet again? Ron Paul. The guy wins EVERY debate (as far as polling), and it's so easy to see why. He talks as if he's talking to you directly, without all the political mantra and rhetoric you get from all the other candidates. It's unfortunate that he doesn't LOOK the part ... that is, look like your stereotypical politician (though of course I wouldn't want him to). No doubt his brains (and character) combined with Mitt Romney's Ken-doll looks would be the winning ticket. Anyway, I have two passionate friends, Jon Drake and Michael Thomas, who are pushing for him without the slightest reservation, and I'm pretty much at that point too. Do I think he'll win? No. If God wants him to, however, he will. In any case, assuming he's on the ballot, he'll be getting my vote.

The other day I came back from a walk to find Jared and Justin playing ping pong at our house (they're staying with Jer & Danni for a couple weeks). Without any thought of repercussion, I blurted out, "I'll give 5 bucks to whoever jumps in the pond." (cause we've had some cold nights and the water temperature has really dropped.) You should have seen Jared's reaction ... he put his paddle down IMMEDIATELY and started walking towards the pond. I had forgotten who I was dealing with. :-) Anyway, I told them to put it off until the next day, so here, below, is a video showing the two money-sucking leeches jumping into our cold pond (though I'm glad to have donated some spending cash for the Creation Museum they'll be visiting with Jer & Danni this week).

What Kids Will Do For A Few Bucks ...

All right, well that's all for now. This entry came a day early because of a recent travel development that will see me heading to Massachusetts again! The Celtics apparently are in need of my dad's assistance for a week or so, and the Thomas family kindly extended an invitation for us to stay in their home once more. I'll be flying out Saturday, while mom and dad will be heading out themselves on Tuesday. I was really pampered last time I was there due to my dehydration fiasco, so in ample preparation, I haven't sipped a drop of water in a week! I can't wait for the 5-star treatment of ear-candling and back rubs and constant attention like last time! Look forward to seeing you guys! ;-)

We'll be flying back the ... 27th I think? Yeah, I'll bring my camera, but you have to remember that I'll be staying in the home of the only blogger I know who takes more pictures than I do (i.e. Michael Thomas). So, I'll probably just hork the ones he takes (with plenty of my own self-shots, of course). :-) Anyway, there's no comment bar below, as I won't be around to keep an eye out for spam and a few certain people I'll leave unnamed who sometimes enjoy leaving marginally psychotic comments (how you doing, Josef?). With that, have a great couple weeks, everybody.


I'm Sorry
September 8, 2007

I'm sorry, but no blog entry for this week. I know that's a first for awhile, but I've just been dealing with some important things and have a lot on my plate right now. The Lord is good. May you all have a blessed week as together we trust Him for everything.


The Winner / Sick / Brad Kullman / Yada Yada
September 1, 2007

Well we apparently have a number of people who are pretty anxious to know the results of the infamous "Jeremy Glass Origin Guessing Contest Thing" (I officially gave it this catchy title). My goodness, I'm just so flattered that so many people are so desirous of my respect. Don't get me wrong ... not surprised, but just flattered. Anyway *cough*, there were many good guesses guessed by many guessers, but ironically, only one person named the correct country of origin. I have some terrible news for you all, however. I have collectively decided (by collectively I mean myself and the staff here at not to declare the winner, nor name the country of origin. I've recently been convicted by what I learned back in Project Self Esteem when I was in public school ... there are no losers. Together, we're all winners, and we all equally deserve a trophy or medal or, in this case of course, my respect. I thought of giving subtle clues or hints or what have you (like the winner might be a certain young man from Massachusetts whose first name begins with 'R' and last name begins with 'E' and rhymes with 'Peckerson'), but that might give things away, making some people feel bad about themselves, and I just don't want to do that. And so, with that, I want to say "Great Job!" to everyone who participated! We're all winners! I love you all so very much! GROUP HUG! (please, my Thinker readers, don't leave yet!)

Been catching any U.S. Open tennis? I've seen a few matches, namely Roddick (ISTP), Federer (ENTP), and a match the other night between James Blake (ENTP) and this one French guy that went 5 sets (I was up till 11:30 ... had to see the finish!). Just so fun to watch. Roddick had three 145mph serves. Nothing short short of insane. All is opponent could do (whose name escapes me ... so many foreigners these days with complicated names) was smile and shrug his shoulders in disbelief. Like lightning.

Well, nothing too exciting happened this week (and you'll see what I mean after watching a certain video). I was sick for a couple days, which wasn't any fun. We were graced with the presence of Brad Kullman for about 4 days (and hence I was kicked out of my room again - great, I just lost my blessing). Brad's helping my dad "jumpstart" BTI in certain ways, so we'll see how things go in the coming months.

I know, I know. Enough of the Drake wedding pictures already! I just love this one of us throwing Jonathan into the sewer. That was a lot of fun (would have been more fun if we had really done it, though).

With that, here are some pictures from the week.

It's refreshing to sometimes break away from the "everything's going great" blog mold to show myself sick, tired and cranky. Let's just say you wouldn't have wanted to cross my path when this picture was taken. I wasn't actually "sick", though, but had an attack of canker sores on my tongue. Try sticking about, oh, 5 needles into your tongue sometime, and then go through your regular day. You'll quickly find that you don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I used to get canker sores all the time when I was little, but now that I'm older they come about once, sometimes twice a year. Just about 6 months ago, however, I found a virtual cure! Apple cider vinegar! Now I can usually stop them dead in their tracks, but if I don't, they typically last for only a day or two, whereas before they lingered for over a week. That's another experiment I want you to try. Pour some apple cider vinegar into a glass, and then stick your tongue in it. Oh my word ... after doing this, I literally could run out onto the highway and stop a runaway Ford Bronco driven by O.J. Simpson. It's like becoming the incredible hulk. Anyway, I think this is a long enough paragraph for one lame picture (so glad you agree).

So I walk into the Brain Type Institute early the other morning to find some numbskull in my cubicle. What!? Have I been replaced as the Institute's chief web/multimedia/phone-answerer-guy/whatever!? Oh wait, no, Brad's back! lol, when this picture was taken, he was mentioning something negative about my blog and how I never put him in a good light. Pulling my camera quickly out of my pocket, I go, "Speaking of my blog" and took the picture. Remember, I'm never unarmed.

On the way to the links, as Brad gives my pops some helpful business tips.

Cool and casual.

I can't remember what had happened or what I thinking when Jeremy took this pic. Judging from my facial expressions, it wasn't something pleasant.

Ok, all the women together now ... "Awww."

Brad looking like he knows how to play (that's why ENTPs are the best actors).

And one last Kalea picture to ensure that I generate more blog hits.

Got me right on the downswing. Thanks Jer.

The Good Life In Gainesville ... (while getting an oil change)
Yes, as I think Nathan will attest to, Gainesville, Missouri, may just in fact be the most boring town on planet earth. Now, with a little musical help from Tony Bennett, I present to you, "The Good Life In Gainesville." (I had nothing else to do while waiting, ok!?)

Here we have Jeremy showing Brad his garden and soon-to-be-completed greenhouse.

The night before Brad's departure, we sit down for an awesome salmon dish with macadamia nuts and sticky rice and salad. Extremely tasty.

This, my friend, is the coming of Fall. No, you can't see anything ... you can feel it. I took this early the other morning when it was about 60 degrees outside. Makes you feel like dancing (I won't reveal whether I did or not).

And lastly, just as I was beginning to think that perhaps I had chosen the wrong razor, I see this commercial during the U.S. Open. Yes, I believe I made the right decision. :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Remember, we're all winners! Group hug!