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Of Tidbits & Terra Haute
April 27, 2007

Well, I can honestly say that it was an interesting trip. Not as boring as I thought it would be, so that was good, and that means less self-shots of me, which I'm sure relieves you a bit ... or a ton.

We got quite a few interviews. Believe it or not, 80% to 90% of the students were ENTPs. We later found out that those with better attendance for the year didn't have to turn out on the days that we just happened to be there ... which probably cut down the percentage of "Js" we could have interviewed, to be honest. Not that "Ps" aren't good students, but we're just not always as studious as our left-brained brethren. :-)

Also have just a few pictures from a few days before we left. First round of golf for the year! It was a lot of fun, probably because I won by just a single stroke. :-) BTW, the story to the song playing is really neat. One of my favorites of Randy Travis (ENFJ).

Lastly, happy birthday to two of my favorite people ... Josef Long and Michael Thomas! I know I'm late for both of you, but I've been busy, so give me a break. Michael turned 23 while Josef turned 40 ... I mean 28 (same thing).

Anyway, here we go ...

The first round of golf of the year! Here we see Grandma and Ka Ka. Pretty styling golf cart there. I know people who play golf just so they can drive the cart around. Losers.

I've had this golf bag for several years, and for some reason never noticed what it said on the bottom. Not sure what to make of it. I think it's saying that I'm so good, people call it luck, but "luck's got nothing to do with it."

Dad lines up his putt. He missed.

Jeremy lines up his putt. He made.

Thank you, mother, for this aesthetically pleasing photograph of myself walking amidst the evening shadows of red oak trees. This is one of those memory shots that I know I'll look back and ... well ... forgetting my pride here ... cry.

This is the tragic result of a missed birdie putt. Look at that. If I had let it sit there for a few more minutes I just know the wind would have blown it in. Anyway, had that gone in my victory for the day would have been sealed for good (I was up two strokes). Fortunately, I bogeyed the next hole, while Jeremy got a par, which meant I won by a stroke! It's been a long while since I last beat Jeremy. I have to confess that it felt really, really good. :-)

Spring is also "Birds smacking into windows and snapping their necks" season. Fortunately, this beautiful girl (female cardinal) survived her impact with my bedroom window. I held her for awhile and then placed her in a nearby dogwood. Every year I "save" at least 10-20 birds.

While tilling our garden I came upon this unusual worm. Wait, that's not a worm. If you expand the picture you'll see that it's actually a baby snake ... the first one of the season! I believe it was a black snake, which can reach about 7 feet in length as adults.

While leaving for a walk with mother I heard some rustling in the leaves. Lo and behold, the second official snake of the season. It's a garter, and will make a lovely addition to my personal "holding snakes" photo collection. Every year I pictorially document every snake I catch (assuming there's a camera around).

Look at the cute kitty in the cute cardboard box. I think I'll play with the cute kitty in the cute cardboard box.

Stupid flea bag.

And we're off! Pretty impressive that I had the guts to snap a picture of this cool biker dude, huh?

My view for the first half of the trip.

My view for the last half of the trip.

That's it. I'm sick of blogging. I've started my own business and will be devoting my free time to more financially lucrative pursuits (as Brad Steele would say).

Looks like Thing 1 & 2 are a step ahead of me.

We stop by a lovely park for a much needed respite.

Cootie pie! Kalea's not bad either. (I know that's an old joke, just shut your mouth.)

There had to be at least one self-shot.

A lovely spring filled with watercress. You look fat there. I know. I love it.

Speaking of ... oh wait ... anyway, time for interviews! Here's an ENTP Kiwi. That's what you call New Zealanders. They don't mind it at all. Gotta love his shirt.

Another ENTP.

Another ENTP. (do I hear an echo?)

Another ENTP ... oh wait, that guy just looks like one.

Dad, far right, carefully scans the horizon for non-ENTPs.

Tiger Woods Jr. shows off his graceful INFP golf stroke.

This shows you how the system works. Three cameras are placed around the subject, with white stickers placed on the subject's body. All three angles are then calibrated together, where afterwards you are able to basically break-down and analyze every individual movement. Of course, Brain Typing goes far beyond personality and into motor-skills, so certain people of the same Type will have similar, in this case, golf swings.

Jordan vs. The Wall ...

Brad Kullman, former GM of the Cincinnati Reds, came to help us out. He's the nicest guy in the world, and is so enthused about Brain Typing. He's a walking baseball statistic. The guy knows everything there is to know about baseball. Here he's showing off his cool little mouthpiece for his cell phone.

Jeremy and I interviewing a student from India.

I lost my glasses again. I seriously lose 3-5 pairs a year ... no joke. So, while the family shopped at Wal-Mart, I ran over to a nearby Kohls and bought 2 for the price of 1. The next day, lo and behold, I found my lost glasses in the college gym! I was so thrilled. Couldn't believe nobody took them. Brad was then kind enough to point out the obvious."Your glasses were either too cheap or too uncool to steal." I didn't find that funny.

My way cool mom sporting my other new sunglasses.

Grandma and Kalea as we wait for dinner at Fire Mountain.

Ahh! Nothing like an indoor motel pool! Take a deep breath of that fresh chlorine air! Nothing like it!

Must .... escape ... toxic ... fumes ...

Ok, I know this is just a picture of the ground, but there's a story behind it. While swimming in the pool one night, two individuals ... two substantive ... substantial ... rather significant individuals, came and joined mother and I in the pool. They were the loudest, rudest people you can imagine, so afterwards, when I got out and before heading to my hotel room, I took my camera out and tried to take a picture of them through the glass window. Right as I was pressing the button, one of them looked back directly at me, and I quickly spun around and pointed my camera to the ground. I then dashed for the elevator and quickly hit "Door Close." lol! I was so freaked out! I seriously thought one of them would come after me. Of course, I could totally out run them, but if they got me cornered or something I would have been done for. We're talking road kill. We're talking battered pancake mix. We're talking ...

I've said this before, but my grandmother has the most quaint, lovely home on earth. She keeps her yard immaculate.

Toody gives us a tour of her flower garden.

Just so perty.

So bootiful.

And she lives on the prettiest street in America.

Kind Aunt Judy took us, and particularly Kalea, to The Children's Museum in downtown Evansville.

So many things to see. Her constant question was, "What's that?"

This guy freaked me out. You could choose words for him to say and form sentences. At night I just know he comes off from that platform and walks ... or scoots ... around the museum.

Uncle Jordie had some fun too building a 6-foot tower. Jeremy thought I should take it down afterwards. but I refused. Evansville Courier: "Toddler injured by building blocks in museum. Arrest warrant issued for heartless child predator."

A night at one of our favorite restaurants ... The Bonefish Grill.

Dear Toody. Soon to be 94 years of age.

That's a pretty cool look there, Jer.

The smirk Danielle has on her face reminds of that one girl from Narnia ... Susan ... her real name is ... ahh, it's slipping my mind. Wait, Anna Poppawell.

Ok, Nathan, just hear me out for a second. Our waiter reminded us all of you ... not the way he looked, but his mannerisms and the way he talked. My dad noticed it first, and then Jeremy agreed, and then I had to agree after watching him for a little bit. He was a very nice guy. :-)

And on the way home I take one last parting shot of St. Louis. It was, overall, a good trip, and God was good in keeping us safe and allowing us to have an enjoyable time.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope it wasn't too much of a bore.