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A Trip To Texas
October 31, 2007

I'm back from the Lonestar State, and what a blessed time it was! Met so many new people and saw so many familiar faces. From Nathaniel Sisson to Jon Kayser to Nathaniel and Helena Bluedorn to Micah and Abby Wakefield (although so unfortunately brief) to Matthew Blick to Cory Taylor to the Boulden's to the Moore's to the Couch's to the Huber's to a host of other people that I just would love to mention but am sick of typing right now. :-) Anyway, did our trailer win? Or did my trailer win? No, neither of them did, but the Lord blessed us in so many ways that it was nearly overwhelming. Our trailers must have played at least 3-5 times every day, where Nathan and I were seriously getting to the point of embarrassement. Not only that, they showed three trailers on opening night, and guess what two of the three were? Amazing. You can see some video of it on the "Trip To Texas" film I put together. Anyway, they nominated four trailers at the end, two of which were ours, so I think it's safe to say we placed a close second. In all honesty, I wasn't super confident that the 'funny' one Nathan and I did was going to win (because of it's lack of an overall message), but I thought "What Are You Aiming For?" had a decent chance, and many expressed to me the same feeling. But alas, it was not to be, yet I am a happy man. Many people were blessed with laughter from the one and deep thought from the other. What more could one ask for? Praise God.

Enough of the chit chat. Below are two trailers. The first is the shorter one that was shown at the festival, while the second is the full length version. These link to YouTube.

What Makes For An Extraordinary Film? (short)

What Makes For An Extraordinary Film? (full)

Lastly, thank you SO much everyone for your courtship well-wishes. It means so much to me, and I know to Melissa as well. Most of all, thank you for your prayers at this time. I am grateful. Blessings to you all.

And now I present to you ... "A Trip To Texas."

A Trip To Texas ...

Got my groovy threads, a bag of tasty grub, and some wonderful reading material. I'm ready to fly.

Farewell, beloved Ozarks.

I just know that guy's a spy. He looks way too much not like one to not be one.

Thank you, Michael, for driving all the way to Austin to pick me up! Afterwards we went to quite possibly my most favoritest restaurant of all time ... The Cheesecake Factory. (yeah, I know that's not a word, you weirdos.)

Avacado eggrolls! How I've missed you!

Using the Voellers' brand new Tom Tom, we were able to locate my hotel near the riverwalk in San Antonio. So cool. Even talks with a woman's voice. Kinda creepy.

After a full day of flying and hitting the town with Michael, it was time to kick back and enjoy my hotel room. The bed was super comfy. So let's see what's on the tube, shall we?

Hey, it's pops! Yeah, actually, I knew he was gonna be on. ESPN ran a special last week called "Clutch Performers", where he was asked to give his take on A-Rod and Mariano River (correct spelling, Matthew?). Anyway, it was pretty good.

I've got one of those new expensive cell phones that require you to prop up the power cord just right in order to charge it. Livin' the high life, baby.

Good morning, San Antonio.

Out with Michael again to an IMAX. Saw a pretty fantastic dinosaur movie. Why do you always put out your arms like that? I don't really know, but you have to admit it's pretty cool.

This is one of those photos that could potentially end ... say ... a courtship. To all you young bachelors out there with blogs ... never post something like this.

The pan flute band is back! You may recall me recording these guys last year. I love their music.

I make the mistake of trying to feed one pigeon without the others noticing.

To the Tower of the Americas !

This was supposed to turn out to be a cool Brad Steele walking down the street photo, but instead turned out to be a ... cool Brad Steele walking down the street photo.

Why do they make 3D glasses so unbelievably dorky? Anyway, they had this really cool 4D Skies Over Texas presentation where your seats move and all that jazz. Very well done.

Oh c'mon, we took the time to come up with the idea and actually get the guts to do it ... the least you could do is laugh.

What a view.

Got our official picture taken and developed for only $129.95!

Picked up Kyle Shields at the airport and now we're ready to have some fun.

Heading to the convention center to register. You knew there was going to be at least one self shot.

And there, in the flesh, is the man. I took this picture before even saying hello. For all of you out of 'the know,' that's Nathaniel Bluedorn, along with Robert Tull standing next to him.

Time for lunch, which would be taken to a picnic nearby hosted by Nathaniel for film enthusiasts to meet and mingle with each other.

A few of us meeting and mingling. By the end there were quite a number of people (which you can see on the video).

This picture has a funny story behind it. Wanting to take a shortcut to our car, I lead us right into an entourage of rough and gruff construction workers who had JUST gotten off work (you can see some in the distance). It was so awkward walking with them all in our dress clothes. lol, we were laughing, though. In a deep, raspy voice, I said to Nathan and Michael, "Good work today, guys!"

Opening ceremonies. There's the man of the hour ... Mr. Douglas Phillips.

An announcement was suddenly made ... "We would now like to show three trailers." Our hearts dropped. The first one began playing ... nope, not ours. The second ... ours!!! Holy cow!!! Then the third ... MINE!!! I nearly fainted, but was able to gather the strength to take this blurry photo. What a shock!!!

I think Nathan and I handled the publicity rather well.

What should we do to celebrate!? Why not another 3D, dorky glasses show? All right! Yep, I took Nathan to see Skies Over Texas. It was worth seeing twice.

And up again to the top of the tower we go. Beautiful night.

While heading back we walked under this star made completely out of cans. Please contain your excitement.

"And let us further celebrate," saith Nathan of the Daher, "with dishes of savory ice cream, underneath which lieth brownies of chocolate and puffy white foam."

"Yea," replieth Robin of Locksley, "let us indeed consume and give thanks, knowing that such wondrous chocolate dainties which lieth beneath shall assuredly hasten our lives to that which lieth above."

Jordan Niednagel and Nathan Daher.

Brad Steele and Kyle Shields.

Good ol' Ray Comfort and his body guard. He was so funny (as always). I enjoyed his messages, and was impressed and convicted by his boldness.

Part of a short cowboy film put out by Ray and his ministry, Way Of The Master.

Out for some grub again. Here we have Nathaniel Sisson (left) and Matthew Blick (yeah, on the right ... good deduction).

"What? You mean I get to make your famous blog?" Those were the words of Jon Kayser when I snapped this photo. Or, close to them, at least. Jon, if you read this, maybe you could just let me know the name of your grandfather. See folks, my mom's maiden name is Kayser, and some of our relatives came from the Nebraska area (where Jon lives), so I'm just curious to know if there's any distant relation.

All right, class. Brain Typing 101 ... what's his Type?

The gang. I think I was the only Feeler within 20 square miles.

A very fine restaurant. Unfortunately, it was ruined when I realized that I had lost my wallet. Praise the Lord, however, we found it (or should I say, Mr. Daher found it) about 5 hours later that night wedged into the chair I had been sitting in earlier that day. I can't tell you how relieved I was. Thank you, Lord.

So Nathan says to just act casual, and everyone decides to smile instead. I don't get it.

Getting interviewed by Nathaniel Bluedorn.

And here we have James Boulden, one of the huggiest little guys I've ever met. Great to meet you, James!

And here we have a vintage Vision Forum celebrity ... Gator Moore, star of Bubble Trouble shown a few years back and Heartstrings shown this year. I was pretty intimidated to ask for his photograph, but then realized that he puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. You know, I always thought that if I became famous ("Jordan, you are famous" ... oh come now, stop it! *says with really snobbish voice*), I would make a contraption that would hold my pants out for me to slip into them with both legs at the same time, just so people couldn't say that about me. That's one of those brilliant thoughts you come up with at like 3 o'clock in the morning.

The semi-finalists meet for a little briefing.

Out to lunch again with Michael. Yeah, the Steele glare.

Let's see ... I had a gyro the first day, a gyro yesterday ... I'll take one gyro, please.

So Michael and Nathan tell me to hold a drink and a cell phone ... so I obey. Pretty snazzy.

The ceremonies are about to begin, and the semi-finalists are ready to roll (thanks for taking this photograph, Mrs. Daher!).

Two happy campers. "If we're just nominated, I'll be thrilled" I kept saying ... and such we were, and such was I.

Smiling for the camera, as everyone else groans.

It was so cool hearing the guy's professional voice say, "What Are You Aiming For?"

And, yet again, "What Makes For An Extraordinary Film?" Heh, there I am with my sideways wig.

And The Winners Are ... you'll notice the reaction to our funny one. :-)

Taking pictures with friendly people. So many kind supporters. What a blessing.

Jesse Boulden, James' older brother. You lookin' fine, boy.

Cory Taylor. He submitted a trailer 2 years ago that won.

Helena Bluedorn, sister of Nathaniel. Before I took this, she goes, "Is this going on your blog?" - "Uh, yeah, what picture on earth doesn't go on my blog?" ;-)

Here's a digitally autographed photo glossy of Kyle and I for you all. Yes, you have our permission to print it out and sell it on Ebay. All proceeds must be transferred on to us, however.

The next morning we (the Dahers and I) were up at 5am and on the road at 6am to take me to the Austin airport. My flight was to leave at 7:50, and we pulled in at 7:30! I was such in a panic. Here I look pretty casual, like everything's cool and smooth, but I could hardly read my itinerary or use the computer correctly. Hurry! Hurry!

And yet, I find time to take a picture of this weird painting in the airport. Uh ... can someone tell me why the woman is so huge? Only in Texas. lol, when I pointed this out to Mrs. Daher and Nathan, Mrs. Daher goes, "Only you would notice that." Yeah, she's right. :-)

Well I'll declare. What are the odds?

Wait a second ... you were rushing for your life a minute ago, and now you're just sitting there? Yes. Did you miss your flight? No. Then why are you sitting there? Because. Because what? Because my ticket was for 7:50PM, not AM. You're kidding me. No, I'm not. You think I'd be sitting there looking like a puppy dog if I were kidding? Let's just say it's a long story, and it wasn't my fault. But hey, it makes for a good blog entry!

Ok, so while waiting on standby for another flight, I notice this mother and her two daughters. Yeah, nothing too amazing about that, but guess what? I had seen them while coming to Texas just a few days before. Yeah, somewhat amazing, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, right? But wait, remember, I'm flying standby on a completely different flight some 10 hours earlier than I was supposed to be flying. Now c'mon, you gotta admit that's pretty wild. Oh c'mon!

I love it! Airports are starting to sell healthy alternatives. This is a grapefruit Izze, one of my favorite drinks. I set the bottle like that and took a picture ... while a lady across from me just stared.

Farewell, Texas! You were good to me.

Talk about De Ja Vu. I get to the airport and no one's there to pick me up. I go from fame, to lame. Then I suddenly realize the last time this happened ... March In Massachusetts. And guess what? I'm wearing the same shirt. I'm really starting to get creeped out now from all these "coincidences". At any rate, I set the camera up and tried to mimic the picture I took back in March. If only I had all those bratty little campers standing behind me like last time.

Oh, and guess who was behind me in Springfield as I waited in line to get my late luggage sent home to me? Ever heard of Charo? Probably not (please don't google her). She was famous back in the 70s and 80s for playing and dancing to the flamenco. She's like 60 something now and has had just as many facelifts. Seeing both Charo and Brad Steele in line, people were probably wondering what kind of celebrity event was being held in town! I mean really!

And such ends my trip. Thanks so much for sharing it with me, and may the Lord richly bless your week.