Forever Young
Rod Stewart


Progress / Nathan
April 19, 2008

It's late, I'm tired, and we pick up Nathan Daher tomorrow! We're gonna go out to dinner, crash a few stores, and then go see Expelled. Should be a grand evening!

Dozing progress was made! Just a few pictures here. Today Gabe would have finished EVERYTHING, but, as the Lord would have it (not fate), it rained, so he'll finish on Monday. Praise Him.

Hope you all had a great week, and of course there will be plenty of pictures of our time together ... and, yes, quite probably, a movie or two from Kyle and Brad. It's been too long. Gotta have one last bachelor hurrah together! Should be a blast.

Lord bless you all.

A completed road! All that gravel is from the creek, and believe me, that saves a lot of money. We're blessed, cause not all creeks provide proper gravel to make a road with.

And a completed second bridge. The significance? Now big rigs can reach the home site. YES!!!

What's also awesome is that, while getting the gravel, he made the creek so nice and even. I think we'll name it Jordan Creek ... or Locksley Stream ... what? Melissa Creek? YEAH RIGHT!

And lastly, the home site as it was being cleared. It looks different now then in this picture. We're leaving a few big trees for aestheticism and, of course, shade (summer's get hot here).

Talk about a blast of a blog entry! I know! No need to tell me! Have a great week!


Symphony / Springfield
April 12, 2008

Ok everyone. There's a movie you need to go see that's coming out on the 18th (next week). Expelled. It's basically a documentary on Darwinian ideology and the persecution of scientists and teachers who dare question it. For more info go to I hope to see it this week myself. Get out there!

Anyway, Nathan Daher's coming this week, and will be staying with us for over a month! Yeah, I know! Insane! Hah, anyway, he's staying for so long so he can help build the house. Bless you, Nate! Hopefully this next week will see progress after another week of rain, and then we can finally start getting our hands dirty.

All right, that's all for now. We attended a symphony this week that I really enjoyed. Definitely think it will become one of those date-night things you take your wife to every so often (assuming, of course, she wants to go :-). Anyway, enjoy.

Kalea and I, dressed and ready for the symphony. First on the agenda, a stop at the health food store. I told Kalea before the picture to pretend like we were shopping, and we both just happened to look in the same direction with practically the same face. So cute. Kalea too.

Try it. I'm serious. It's awesome. Definitely an acquired taste, but Kambucha is really good for you and it comes in all kinds of tasty flavors. It'll put a pep in your step you won't forget. Tell em' Brad Steele sent ya!

Dinner at Gilardi's, a really nice Italian restaurant (the one Brad Pitt goes to when he's in town, which I would guess is like once every decade ... he's from Springfield). I finally discovered a night-shot option on my camera. Thing is, objects need to be still, hence the clarity of everything save Kalea.

Isn't the lighting kinda cool? Those glasses look like they're filled with some kind of like ... like ... intergalactic ambrosia.

Danni stayed still enough to come out clear. Don't get too excited.

And here we have my dinner. Can't remember the exact name. Something like Con Pollo Ala Vodka Penno or something. In other words, Vodka Pasta. Needless to say, the rest of my night was extremely happy.

We arrive. Pretty trees.

You know you're in the right parking lot when there's nothing but $50k cars everywhere. Here's a little math for you ... Nice Cars + Elderly People = Symphony.

We walk in and ... Jon Courville!? What are you doing here!? - What are you doing here!? - No, what are you doing here!? :-) What are the odds? He hadn't been to a symphony in like three years, and I had never been at all. Anyway, good to see ya!

Some pre-serenading by local young folk.

Inside as the musicians warm up. A very nice theater. I was impressed.

Romantic Gestures .... *sigh*.

A Night At The Symphony ... This guy reminded me of that one actor ... that guy from Seinfeld and Jurassic Park. Can't remember his name.

Time to go. How many 3-year olds do you know who'll sit still for two hours watching a symphony? Let me count ... umm .. one.

Off again a week later to get my Explorer fixed. It's making a really irritating grinding noise when I make sharp turns. Might have to get a completely new clutch pack for anyone out there familiar with cars. Look how clear the sky is and just how beautiful the land is in the distance. I've never seen Missouri quite this beautiful before, and yes, it's because of all this rain.

I remember parking my Taurus next to a light pole.

Ok everyone, which one should Meliss and I go with?

Someone get me a paper bag ... quick.

JC Penny ... shopping ... dazed.

I really don't know what it is about little white dogs in trucks that gets to me. Just the way they helplessly look out the window like that ... totally at the mercy of their owner ... waiting ... wondering ... "Why am I in here? What could I possibly have done to deserve this? Does no one care? Why is that really cool looking guy taking my picture?"

Thrift store. Worst piano I've ever seen.

Huh. Not a complete waste of time here.

It had been way too long.

What's the price in your area?

Steve Johnson stopped by the other night (Cody's dad) and I got this picture from off his digital camera. When the Thomas' were here in December, we caroled for a few of our neighbors. Needless to say, they were shocked! Anyway, great memory.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Thanks for stopping by.


Rain / Mitchells / House
April 5, 2008

Greetings everyone. All right, first off, I got my comments page working again, and you'll notice that it's a little more fancy. Yep, it's got one of those image things where you have to type in a few letters before you hit submit. I'm thankful I found a place that offers this option, as I was starting to get quite a bit of irritating spam.

What's this music playing? Oh come now, it's an awesome song by Rod Stewart that I was virtually raised on (some upbringing, huh?). No matter how many years the Lord grants me on this earth, inside I will always remain forever young (though still mature, of course ;-).

Rain, rain, rain! It just stopped raining yesterday. February and March both set records here. Now we play the waiting game for things to dry so dozing can finish. How long? Good question. Depends on the temperature, the amount of wind, etc. If we have like 4-5 slightly windy 75 degree days, that should do it. Anyway, thank you for your continued prayer. The house will likely not be finished by mid July like we had hoped, but living with Jer and Danni till it's finished could be kinda fun. :-) Both of us being around for the final touches could also be a blessing. God knows what's best. I'm so thankful for that, as I tend to worry. I'm also so thankful for Melissa's trusting spirit. Bless you.

Ok, with that, just a few pictures from the week. Happy April! So glad it's here.

Into The Storm ...

My dad took this picture the other evening. So golden. And yes, look at all that water from the intense rains. Almost euphoric.

This is an emotional picture taken the other week after we prayed together for Ann Schrader. She's in Tulsa right now undergoing further treatment, so your prayers are still greatly coveted. Her doctor told her she couldn't fly in her condition, thus cancelling her trip to Rome. Thank you for remembering her.

And here we have a lovely view from the Mitchell's property. We had dinner at their house on Tuesday (or supper for you retro folk). Thank you so much!

Kitties, kitties everywhere. Kalea was in heaven.

Not to mention chicks. It's so fun to watch little kids get so excited over God's creation.

"Hark," saith Mary Jo. "Let us dig for thee a cherry tree, the fruit thereof thou mayest partake thereof in the days that cometh." - "Yes," saith Jeremy. "Thou shalt dig, and I shalt watch."

"Wait, that's not a rock. That's the septic."

Yes!!! I catch Noel unawares! :-D (Introverts can be so stubborn ;-)

From right to left ... Noel, David ... and uhh ... yeah ... that's Ali, the dog. She sits at the head.

Scotland? No, Nottinghill. Amazing what a little rain can do.

Sharp foreground, blurry background ... and that's with a trashy Sony Cyber Shot! I got skeels.

One more pic of Ms. LookAtMe.

I play the waiting game. We've got the 4-foot wide culverts ready to go. All we need now is a little sunshine ... and as you can see, there done ain't no sunshine that day.

Check it out! This, my friends, was taken the very first time I met the Thomas family (I had met Michael before, but not his crazy family). This was taken, I think, in 2003. Look at that ... Meliss and I just playing cards together without the slightest inkling of what the future held. Neither of us had an interest at the time, and how can you blame us? I mean what a bunch of goobers. The only cool one was Melanie sporting her hip sailor outfit. You go girl!

Lastly, I just had to show everyone this incredible diagram dear Melanie constructed over a 3-day period (or was it longer?). We've all been trying to decide where to put a porch ... on the front or side of the house, and Melanie carefully drew this out to show exactly how a side-porch would appear from a front field view. My first reaction? Simply put ... "WOW". I was sold from the get-go. Now it's just a matter of convincing my dad. Thanks Mel! (lol, I'm so glad you don't have a blog of your own to get me back with!) :-D

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!