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Springfield, Branson, Home, & Dear Ellie
October 19, 2008

Hello all! Are you enjoying the sites and smells of fall? Yeah, I'm really sure all you Californians are. Pthh. It's so weird having lived here in Missouri now for about 9 years ... I say, "Oh, when I did such and such last fall or spring." Like, I never said that back in Cal. I never noticed the seasons. I just noticed that it got slightly colder in January and I couldn't swim in our swimming pool. It took a little getting used to the seasons for me, but now I love em'. My favorite definitely is fall. It used to be spring, but, like, I changed my mind for some reason.

Anyway, still behind in pictures, so let's get on with it. Oh, and the pictures in Branson were taken with my cheesy Canon Cybershot due to the repairing of our Nikon at the time (little broken card door).

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Thought I'd quickly grab your attention with this one. :-) Keoni is a really rad dude. We definitely have a little Brad Steele Jr. on our hands. :-)

And here we are out to dinner in Springfield. Yes, at Gilardi's, the place Brad Pitt goes to when he's in town every other decade.

Oh, you want another picture of us? Ok!

Take a little jump ahead again and here we are in Branson for the weekend of our 2nd month anniversary. Can you guess the restaurant from the food? Macaroni Grill. Love that place!

Our hotel was right on Branson Landing, a newly built shopping area with all kinds of stuff. You'll recall we took Nathan Daher there about a year ago.

I still can't believe we get to be out on our own!

A little lamp loitering.

I stood in the dressing room for like 20 minutes as Meliss brought me shirt after shirt. Man, I thought I had already experienced all the perks of marriage! Go grab me another one, babe!

Whoever said Missouri has no night life?

Our room. Very hip and modern.

More shopping the next day. Um ... primitive potty chair.

More fluff. Don't they have anything for guys?

Now we're talking! Went around the corner to find a big screen TV playing movies!

So true.

For you, mother dear. :-)

Out to lunch again at College of the Ozarks. It's such a cool place! Yes, it is a college, and a Christian one, and the students work for their tuition by being waiters or farming or a host of other jobs. Isn't that cool? Again, they get fully accredited degrees and don't pay a dime. Really loved the atmosphere, and this restaurant, as you can see here, was super tasty.

Walking around inside. They also have a nice hotel taken care of by the students.

From the outside. Huge place.

That evening it was off to the Sight and Sound theater to see Noah, The Musical. They only have two of these places in the entire country, and their shows are sooo well done! Just loved it. They have new Biblical shows coming out about once a year.

Check out this place. It's huge!

Oh yes, and we stopped by the Titanic museum, which supposedly has more "relics" from the actual ship than anywhere else in the world. It gave such a mixed array of feelings. So fascinating, and just so sobering. One part that really got to me was a tank of water they had that was, I believe, about 29 degrees, the same temperature the ocean was the night the Titanic sank. You could stick your arm in it, which I did, very briefly. Oh my goodness. So intense. Anyway, I would recommend visiting it if you ever are in the area. No photography was allowed inside, so no more pictures.

Thought I'd include just a random shot of my lovely wife cutting my hair for the first time. Ahhh!!!! No, actually, she did a very good job! Like, I actually might have her do it again sometime! Thanks, hon'!

All righty, here we are with more house pictures. Yep, that's a roof, and those white squares there are actual windows! Umm ... Meliss isn't a huge fan of dogs. I'm working on that. ;-)

Dancin' downstairs.


Out the windows.

Another jump in time ... and we see the wood front with the vinyl siding. The wood has since been stained and is slightly darker. What's so funny is that we actually got the white trimmed windows by accident, but have come to love them even more than the black ones we originally intended to get. Kinda frames everything nicely.

From the other side.

Our semi-medieval front door on the one-story side.

The paper's up for blow-in insulation.

Bryson Long workin' hard outside.

Like I said in my last entry, we've gone to Springfield more times than I can count to pick up stuff for the house. Meliss is a relentless shopper. Love her energy. :-)

And I've become the tie-down master! lol, this took me like over an hour to do. Three heavy doors there with a fiberglass shower.

Is this really gonna work? Praise the Lord, I got everything home safe and sound!

A sad announcement, especially for my Cally readers back home. Ellie died. :-( She was my last living pet from home. Bearded dragons typically live 7-9 years, and she lived over 12, so she definitely had a good, long life. I'll miss you, girl.

She slowly got weaker and weaker over a week's time, so I had to get her out to feed her every few days. Kalea was a kind help. I had my good, long cry, and now life moves on.

Jumping ahead again ... Meliss and I visiting Nathanael Greene Park. "When Greene County was established January 2nd, 1855, it was named for General Nathanael Greene (1742-1786), Revolutionary War hero as a memorial to the patriotic service of Maj. Gen. Greene and to the high regard in which his memory was held by founders of Springfield, MO. This city park was named for him."

Look almost like an adult.

Had some quaint Japanese structures.

From within.

You can feel it in the air.

Amidst the weeping willow.

I just can't remember the specifics about this building, other than that it's the oldest structure in all of Springfield. Had no idea it was even there!

That rainy night we met up with my dear mother for a symphony. I love symphonies. :-)

Ready to start.


A run back to the car, and now to the end of this blog!

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Of Homes, Waiting, & Weddings
October 11, 2008

Finally, yes, finally, some pictures of the house! People have been asking for house pictures since like our wedding, but I just can't post pictures out of turn! Like, everything on my blog has to be in proper time-oriented order, otherwise I freak out. Seriously. I'm sorry. I'm totally mental. I'm an INFP.

So, this entry briefly covers a couple months worth of work. The house is much further along than where this leaves off, but just be patient and you'll see the rest soon here.

It's so incredible to watch your future being built right before your very eyes. Still, it takes patience, hence Meliss and I chose the music you now hear playing from Fireproof (and if you haven't seen it yet, get out there!). We all are waiting on the Lord for something in life. Truly, we always will be waiting on Him for something till the very day we die. Let me say that one more time. At each and every point in life from now till the day you die you will be waiting on Him for something. Remember that. This is why we must, here and now, praise Him, thank Him, serve Him, and worship Him while we're waiting, which will be till the day of eternity.

Anyway, here we go ...

"Hey, no beer on the job site." Oh, c'mon, it's like .1% alcohol. Leave me alone!

Wow, a wall! This thing is actually looking like a house!

Aww ... cute little booger buns.

Earlier Kevin told me he'd be aligning studs. I don't get it. I expected to come out and see a bunch of hunky guys standing in a line.

No worries! I'm sober!

"So Kev, what do I do?" - "Ok, see these nice walls and all this wood? Don't touch any of it."

The rooms are formed.

Downstairs, with a bedroom to my left and one behind me and two closets in between.

Oh ho! The second story takes life!

Still thinking I'm in Hawaii.

I have to say ... Duchess is like the most faithful, humble dog ever. You call her, and she literally comes on her paws and knees as she approaches you. Gonna implement the same rules with my kids.

Love is everywhere.

The second story is formed. Isn't that cool?

This is the main living room / kitchen area. That room straight ahead will be the master bedroom and bath, with two other bedrooms off screen to the right.

Most of what you see is the kitchen area looking out towards the field. Yes, all those squares are windows. Plenty to see!

The unfinished stairs leading down.

'Tis a new helper at co-op ... a certain lovely lady in black.

All business.

Ok, like, for those who haven't heard, Jeremy and Danni had a little baby boy on July 3rd! His name is Keoni Jadorel, which is Hawaiian for John. Wait, did I already make this announcement? I can't remember. Anyway, he looks a little like me when I was a baby. He's pretty low-key, and very smiley, so already we're thinking we have a little Introverted Feeler on our hands (yes! The world could use another one!). Perhaps, just perhaps, we may have a little INFP Jordy Junior. I'll keep you updated. :-) (Dad pegged me at about 8 months.)

Random insect art.

More random insect art. Gorgeous creatures.

Meliss and I have taken more trips than we can count to Springfield to get things for the house. Here's just a random funny shot we took of a guy who got a little too tired on the way up.

Jer and Danni have been so kind to host us nomads for these last few months, enjoying some awesome meals outside on their porch many a time.

Check out this raw pizza. So tasty. You're incredible, my wonderful wife.

Kalea's first pizza! "What kind of cruel, children's concentration camp are you running out there anyway?"

In August we attended the wedding of our good friend Spencer Donkin. This photo almost looks staged with those two guys shaking hands.

"I'm Jordan! Your geeky camera guy!"

Very cool outfits.

The bridesmaids. That's Chrissie in the middle. She'll be getting married herself to a wonderful young man in November. Congratulations!

An expectant Eli.

Shots from Melissa's perspective.

A father and daughter.

The unity candle. Not a cauldron, but hey, can't beat em' all. ;-) We actually would have taken more pictures but ran out of battery! Anyway, the Lord's richest blessings upon you both! Marriage is such a truly wonderful thing, and with the Lord as your head, priceless.

That's all for now! More to come next week! Farewell friends.