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Final Bachelor Days - Week 6 Finale
May 31, 2008

Got back from Springfield this evening after seeing Nate off at 6:00am, and I'm one tired hombre. Pictures will do the talking. Oh, and remember to make your comment 1 paragraph with no line spaces, cause I'm pretty sure that's why you're getting spam errors (Jon and Joe and others). I know it's weird ... it's all I can afford right now, ok!? ;-)

And here we go ...

Who's Godliest? Let's get it on with Bible Trivia ! Out of my extreme humility, I won't tell you who won.

In Springfield last week we were blessed to spend some time with the Schraders. That's Ann Janel (Ann's daughter) in the foreground and her husband, Patrick, behind me.

Dear Ann and her husband, Steve. Only a miracle will save her at this point, but you know what? She sees her cancer as a true blessing. What a perspective. Her outlook on life is just so incredible. Truly, the Lord Jesus will soon be saying to her, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Nathan agrees that I have the biggest blogging guts of anyone on the planet. Check out this shot ... he's looking right at me! Actually, the guy was singing really loud to some good ol' country music, and I just couldn't help myself. I grabbed Nate's camera, and just as I was taking it he HAPPENED to look over straight at me. Priceless. Course, I was freaked big time.

Nate and I enjoying some old "The Fellowship" moments.

Mom had some ladies over for lunch, and ... yeah ... flat tire. Call AAA? Never! Dad and I combined our nearly opposite Brain Type powers to overcome the odds and have them on their way in less than an hour. I'd explain what we did, but I just want to move on here (yeah, and so do we, Jordan).

Oh grief, what now? You'll see soon enough. We basically went with the same idea I did for Melissa's shower and took it in a different direction. Nate will be combining the two into one. You'll see both versions probably next week.

Now I'm the camera man.

On Thursday, the day before Nate's departure, we had a grand time with Jon Courville. Here we're out for some Braums. Their ice-cream should be illegal.

A little sugar high going on.

Course, we always have to do some bowling when we're together. Can't believe Jon doesn't break his arm going back that far.

Nate showin' his skeels.

And the J Man himself showing his skeels. While talking to Melissa, I bowled a strike with one hand! That just shows how little you were listening. Yeah, so what?

Um ... Jon, at Bass Pro, with his hand inside a bass.

Go-Karts! No one wanted to take the girly pink one in the front, so I did, and it ended being one of the fastest. Hah! Eat that!

Nate on his slow blue piece of crud.

Living the dream, baby!

How bout some miniature golf?

And uhh ... what's this? Yeah, a little more filming, although I don't even know if we're gonna use it. All post-production I have gladly handed over to my buddy bud.

"This wasn't in my contract."

It's 5:45 in the morning, and time to say goodbye. Thank you, Nathan, for coming out to help, even if we never actually did anything! lol! Who would have thought? So glad the Lord's in control, and the 9-foot walls are supposed to go up on Monday, where after comes plumbing and then everything begins from there. Nathan spent over a month here, almost akin to being in a reality show as he experienced the ups and downs of the life of Jordan Philip Niednagel. We'll just remember the ups, ok? ;-) Glad there were so many of them.

Lord bless you all, and thanks for stopping by.


Final Bachelor Days - Week 5
May 24, 2008

Another week passes, and I just can't believe how fast time is going. To think ... my fiance will be here in a month to pick me up to head back to New England for our wedding ... *faints*. In other news, progress on the house and surrounding area was made this week! Thank you, Lord, for the good weather, and may it continue.

Ok, and a note here to all who visit this blog or anyone just perusing through by accident ... consider our future home to be Hotel Niednegles ... if EVER you're passing through, as Missouri does happen to be in the center of America, by all means stop by! Yes, and for however long you wish (well, I suppose after a few months we might kick you out). Meliss can cook like no one's business, and I ... can like ... moonwalk really well. Serious, your kids will be all over me. Anyway, our downstairs will have 3 empty bedrooms, a bathroom, and probably a load of ping pong tables, pinball machines, arcade games ... actually, just maybe a ping pong table, but the point is ... we'll always have plenty of room ... well, Lord willing we'll have a number of children after so many years, but you get the point. We'll always make room. :-)

Click the image above to see a little song the Flynns put together for Melissa's shower last week. I also made a little video, but will probably post it sometime next week. Flynns, you're all incredible. :-)

Now pictures ... many pictures. Hope you enjoy them, and thanks for stopping by.

Off to Springfield! Course, the two INFPs are thrown in the back with the luggage. I felt like Saul.

So have you seen it yet? Although there were a few little things here and there I might have changed, overall Prince Caspian was awesome. Yeah, I do look just like him there. I know.

"Hey Danni, would you mind getting off your duff and cranking up the AC?" There's something about long car rides that drains my physical and mental battery. After seeing Caspian in Springfield, we drove down to Branson to spend the night at a timeshare Nathan's brother Abram kindly let us use (and the Daher's kindly paid for. Thank you!).

Chatted till midnight. You ham.

Oh wait, there's the ham.

A bright and beautiful morning, and we're ready to head out. The condo sat alongside a nice golf course. Jeremy got another one of those shirts for Nathan from VOM (Voice of the Martyrs). Yeah, didn't even get one for his brother ... even though it was because I don't usually wear t-shirts. I don't know why ... I just prefer collared shirts most of the time. Leave me alone.

Danni prepares Kalea as Nathan makes some final touches to his makeup.

Kind of a catchy sign slogan thing there.

These guys were pretty good. Irritating, but good.

Brad and Kyle. Oh, sorry Nate ... Kyle and Brad.

Ok, so we see this ride that sits high up above the ground, so we couldn't exactly see what it was. By the time we got up there, I was like, "Whoa, this reminds me of Wild Rivers." Wild Rivers was a water park I used to go to while living back in So Cal ... where, of course, you wear a bathing suit and are supposed to get drenched. This, however, was Silver Dollar City, so we came to the conclusion that we couldn't get THAT wet. I mean, we're wearing clothes, and so is everyone else. I've got my best jeans on. What could possibly go wrong?

Unbelievable. WE GOT SO WET! It was like we had jumped into a pool. And, being the only one wearing jeans, I was wet for pretty much the whole rest of the day. Les Miserables.

Drying ... while getting and giving looks.

This guy's like the Silver Dollar City mascot. He's got to be at least 6'6". I guess a tourist decided to join him. It was hilarious to watch him pull out his gun whenever some kid got too close. You wouldn't believe how fast they turned and ran. :-)

On Thunderation, the most intense roller coaster ever (as of 1947).

Descending into Marvel Cave. Last time I was down here was with the Thomases in December.

Very cool.

"Wow, Jordan, you look so pathetic." I know. I'm still wet and I don't have my girl's hand to hold.

This picture could easily be used for some children's clothing advertisement.

Hadn't done this for awhile! I look so hip in my sagging pants!

Tom and Becky Connor from Indiana spent the night during their trip to see Ann Schrader. Please, please keep her in prayer. She's taking more pain killers, and the cancer is spreading. We hope to see her again this week.

All right, Brad's somewhat kempt again and we're off to ...

... Harlin House! Nathan enjoys a Mediterranean sandwich, while I feast on an orange rind.

Huh. Weird.

Didn't go to Gainesville just for lunch ... had to get our Ford Explorer officially registered in my and Melissa's name (that's not proper English, but I don't care). Thank you, dad, for this more-than-generous gift! We are so grateful.

So the lady tells me I can't get my vehicle registered unless I get an inspection in my name (even though we had it inspected a year ago). Praise God, Nate and I ran over to the Ford dealership and they were able to get me in right away, though it took like 15 minutes. We get bored easily.

"Hey, I thought I knew you from somewhere," said the nice lady. Apparently she had a copy of my In His Moments CD, and I guess recognized me from the cover. A neighbor probably gave it to her. Course, with Nathan around, I acted like this kind of thing happened all the time. I don't think he fell for it, though.

The footings have been laid! Next week the 9-foot walls go up. Yeah, it ain't the Great Wall of China, but anything at this point is awesome.

And a well has been drilled! Praise the Lord, they hit water at only 198 feet, then went another 50 or so to get good pressure. We were praying for anything below 400. Those machines are incredible.

May the Lord mightily bless your week!


Final Bachelor Days - Week 4
May 17, 2008

We are in a rush, heading to Springfield and then Branson to go see Prince Caspian and then, the next day, Silver Dollar City. Should be quite fun. Lord bless you all!

Time to play Nate's all-time most favorite game ever ... Scrabble. Oh wait, I meant Nate's all-time most hated game ever. My bad.

"IF I ONLY HAD AN 'R'!!!!! "


Mom cheats by pretending to have a word in mind ... then horking some other word from the dictionary.

An awesome Mother's Day meal at Jer and Danni's. I love you to the moon and back, dear mother!

My pretty mama.

My ... unfairly cute ... niece.

Nate went out to look at where we filmed our campfire scene for The Book of Being ... he said it was kinda sentimental, like revisiting Narnia after a few thousand years. The campfire and logs we sat on are still there. Good memories.

Jordan sitting in a dark room and looking like ... a weirdy. Something's going on.

Nate behind the camera. Yeah, something's going on.

Time to celebrate a birthday! On Monday we celebrated Jeremy's 32nd.

My card ... with an artistic rendition of my dear brother ... those dots are ticks.

It was piano lesson day, so Melody joined us. Her exact words as I snapped this pic ... "Oh quit!"

Carrot cake. Boy was it rich. Man was it ever rich. Fortunately Nate and I are never concerned about gaining a few pounds.

One pic the night of Jer's birthday. Yeah, that's him on the ground ... and yeah, I was sorta responsible. "Listen, guys, it was an accident." What happened was ... we went up for the ball, contact was made, Jer went flying, and his head hit some other guys' hip, if you can believe it. But the old man was ok! Drinks all around ... on Jeremy!

Dinner afterwards. I guess Nate got a kick out of my hair.

Coop. Nathan was having trouble with some basic concepts ... "The sticker on the product says Smith. So ... that would mean ... the product goes to ... the Jones family."

We used to walk by trucks full of cattle feed without thinking twice ... now Nate and I can never pass up such calorie-packing opportunities!

Didn't last long. We settled for Taco Bell. :-)

What the ...

Have a wonderful week! ;-)