Swept Away


Tis Back
March 3, 2008

It is now 10:30pm, and I have just returned home. Since I'm still on eastern time, it's actually 11:30 for me. Got to bed at 1:30 this morning. As you can imagine, I AM ZONKED, but oh what a trip, and my next update shall come in the next few days. For now, let this one photo hold you over. Yes, yet again, there was no one to pick me up upon my arrival at the airport. Again, I go from fame, to lame.

It's 30 degrees, it's windy (proven by my hair), and it's raining. This is like the worst day ever.

I'll see you all in a little while. Lord bless.


An Icy Week
February 16, 2008

Just when you think you've seen every weather phenomenon Missouri has to offer in 8 years, you haven't. This week we were hit with the biggest ice storm
we've ever had, almost as big as the one Springfield was hit with last year. Thankfully, "almost" made a huge difference, as we didn't lose large trees and have major building damage like they did. What happens is ... it rains a ton ... then it freezes, and then everything is completely covered with heavy, sagging ice (I'm glad I was able to clarify that for you). When it all finally melted 2 days later as the temp reached 50, it was truly an amazing sight to behold. By the noise you would have thought it was raining hard, but the skies were clear and sunny and it was simply the ice melting in buckets. I've never seen anything like it. Truly like something from Narnia. The pictures I took just don't do justice, but such is life.

Received some very sad news just a few hours ago. Ann Schrader, our dear friend with breast cancer, now has cancer in her lungs. Please, please pray for her. To most of you she is just another name, but if you only knew her you'd have tears in your eyes like I do now. Pray for healing of course, but also for a peace and solitude in her heart and in those of her family. I'll keep you updated.

This will be my last blog entry till about March 5th or so, a few days before my 26 birthday (8th). Yes, I will again be headed to Massachusetts to visit my extended Thomas family. How I do look forward to it with eager anticipation! I'm not exaggerating when I say that their home now feels like my home, except maybe just a tad louder and slightly more chaotic. As always, I shall take many a picture, or otherwise hork from my favorite 23-year old Thomas brother Michael (that is your age, isn't it?).

And with that, on with some pictures

The icy limbs in the foreground, the sun behind the trees ... I just don't know how I do it.

Leaving for basketball wasn't gonna be as easy as we had anticipated. A little hard to tell, but we had major sagging trees blocking us all the way up our driveway. Jeremy got out, pulled each tree back, while I drove through. I always take the difficult jobs.

That's not snow. That's all ice. Big difference.

Ok, this is snow in Ava. Isn't that a depressing picture? I mean just like a rod iron fence there, with a drab building over there, and gray skies up there. This is so depressing to look at. Man, this picture is depressing. Save it as your desktop if you're ever having an overly joyful day.

Entering the high school. Careful, Jeremy. Don't forget you're a clumsy left-brainer.

We scrimmaged the Ava high school team. They were terrible. So bad. Just terrible.

Wanted to generate some more hits.

Umm ... Happy Valentines Day everybody. Boy, I'm really starting to make a nice collection of "walking sullenly through stores" photos.

These were the branches I had to deal with that night on the way back down the driveway. No gloves, and only wearing a hooded sweatshirt, I got out of the car and did my best to bend and break any branches in the way.

Hey, it's freezing and I look like total trash. What better time for a self-shot? (I like this picture. I look fat)

The shining sun through the icy peach tree.

Jordan, what is your secret? Oh you! Stop it! *snobby voice*

"Ok, listen up everybody. I want this house to have four walls and a roof. Don't try anything funny. I've got good lawyers." Had the Mitchells and Gabe our dozer guy and Greg our concrete guy all out at the house site at once! Yes! Progress! Gabe thinks he can get out and start his work by the end of next week or so.

"Wait, are you saying I'm fat?"

Heading back.

Another unflattering photo. Who cares? I'm engaged!

Before our goodbyes.

And just in case you felt your stay here at Niednagel.com had been a total waste ... a picture of me splitting logs in my PJs! Look at my form!

Don't ask me how I got my hands on this one. Let's just say I'll do anything for my blog.

All right, everyone. Till we meet in March, have a blessed few weeks!


Various Stuff
February 9, 2008

Another week has passed.
How was yours? Mine was good. I can't complain. Some rough spots here and there, but some wonderful, fantastic spots elsewhere. I'm sure you've noticed by now the countdown clock at the top of the page. Time seems to be going by slowly, and yet so quickly. Our days are in His hands, and oh how thankful I am for that.

Read this interesting article in USA Today. I guess I may be related to Brad Pitt.

In other news, I'm getting near the end of editing all the videos for our DVD! Course, there are still a few Types we still need ... AHEM ... Khendra! We need you! Send an interview of yourself soon, girl! We only have 2 INFJ females! You're a diamond in the ruff! :-)

Type Trainer ... These are a few clips from some of my favorite interviews. You'll see my dad's comments at the top, and how the left letters are marked off when the person says something that has to do with their Type. Lord willing the project will be done in the spring sometime. It's just so amazing to see the differences in people ... how God has made us all so unique, yet with similarities that we can identify both in personality and motor skills. Such an incredible evidence of His creation.

The first fellow is an ENFP friend of ours. I just love it cause he says something totally technical, realizes it, and then makes a funny scowl. The second is Brian Ritz, who used to do all my voices for JN LIVE! Growing up he was my idol. :-) The third is just a really lively foreign gal (ENFP). The fourth is another California friend of ours. The fifth is a funny, cocky ESTP friend of ours, and the sixth is my dear momma Monica. :-) Oh, and the seventh ... not sure who that is.

All right, on with a few pictures.

Nathan, it's a sign (metaphorically, not physically). You just know it. It's just too coincidental. Truly amazing! (yes, Nathan's sick of all my coincidental name things I find everywhere.) Anyway, we visited a Home Expo in Springfield with the Mitchells on Sunday.

The dear Mitchells. Thank you for showing us around, and for putting up with our short attentions spans (or physical ailments, rather ;-)

The entrance to Locksley Manor.

The entrance to Locksley bedroom.

The staircase to Locksley tower.

The ... bed thing ... to ... Locksley ... romantic ... whatever.

The stone Locksley shower ... dude, get out of the way (the guy was profusely sorry ... you wouldn't believe the scene I made).

Well isn't that just wonderful. The essence of evil. Look at that thing. Masons, shriners ... some very secretive, scary stuff my friends (I better be careful or I'm gonna end up in a back alley trash bin).

Yes, out at another thrift store. Just looking for something to wear for my wedding.

Why does every thrift store have these depressing white shelves? Hey Jordan, what's in the bag? Wouldn't you like to know.

The perfect gift.

Speaking of gifts, my love sent me this delicious chocolate heart. Thought Nathan and Josef would both most appreciate this picture. Oh, and I just want to wish my fabulous fiance a very happy 22nd birthday on Sunday! I love you, and I'm thankful for you beyond words.

32 degrees and snowing. Three days later, 75 degrees and raining. Welcome to Missouri (how's that for living on the edge ... taking a picture in the pouring rain as a semi heads right for me).

What is this? A day in the life of Jordan's hand? Yes. Anyway, on the way back from taking our trash I saw a big sign that said "VOTE HERE". Hey, why not kill two birds with one stone? Whoever originated that phrase was definitely a Thinker (what a sick man).

I vote my conscience ... (btw, what moron would take the time to vote and fill in "uncommitted"?)

... no, not McCain, silly. There we go. lol, as I was taking this photo, I thought to myself, "Is this even legal?" Could just picture an alarm going off and a bunch of secret service guys tackling me to the floor.

I guess thrift store shopping wasn't a total waste afterall.

Thanks for stopping by, thank you for your continued prayer, and may you all have a blessed week.


And A New Month Begins
February 2, 2008

Ok, so the other day I just had a little too much fun. Please know I'm not a Simpsons promoter, but I recently heard about a cool thing on their website where you can basically make a Simpsons version of yourself or anyone you know. I did all the ones below besides Nathan's. Not bad, huh? :-)

Ok, ok ... so I may have exaggerated just a little on yours, Jeff. Sue me. lol! Any votes for which one is the most accurate? I'd say either Jeremy's or Micaiah's (although Nathan's is pretty good). :-D Me, Jon Drake, Jon Courville, and Jeff Flynn all have the body-builder bodies. :-) There were no in-between options! My clothes kinda match my blog picture. lol, and you just gotta love my dad. :-)

In other news, we got a concrete guy booked for the end of February, and our dozer dude should be out here in 1-2 weeks. Things are moving forward! Course, there are always unforseen difficulties, but thankfully everything is in the Lord's hands.

All right, with that, on with a few pictures. Oh ... the music playing. Most of you know I've been a Yanni fan since I was about 11-years old (not of him, but his music). In all honesty, if it hadn't been for Yanni, I wouldn't have stuck with piano, plain and simple. Anyway, the song playing, Swept Away, was the first song of his that I ever heard (I think I was 7 at the time). It was on an old video called "Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me." Anybody remember that? Anyway, yes, I can play it, although it's been awhile. It's got really tricky timing, but it's a lot of fun. The song takes me wayyyy back.

All right, here we go.

Category: Getting Old ... Ok, here's a clip from the night we played that game on my dad's birthday. There are a bunch of letters running vertically on your page, and you have to think of something that starts with that letter that has to do with, in this case, getting old. So fun. :-)

Had our septic guy come out to look at the new house location. Sorry, that's kinda demeaning. How would you like to be known as the "septic guy"? Gross. His name is Keith, and he's a very nice fellow.

So I take mom to the salon to get her hair done again, and this lady walks in. Oh my word, I wish I could have taken a frontal photo (had to sneak it). Decked out to the core, and my goodness did she have spunk. She went on to tell us how she plays golf every single day. Nobody knows her, and you can't see her face, so this isn't gossiping. :-D

In love? No. (well yes, but that's not why I'm holding my chest.) I'm dead serious when I say that I almost passed out when I walked into the salon. THE FUMES! The room was so unbelievably toxic I could hardly breathe. The average life span of a hairdresser must be 35.

First snow of the winter! Got about 6 inches, and the pink and yellow thing had a blast. Isn't that pretty?

"Hurry up, mom."

*chomp, chomp* "Oh, give it to me!" *chomp, chomp*

The Lord's winter beauty.

Mom and I took a magical walk in the evening. The world was like a big room, as the forest felt so cozy and enclosed.

Hair's startin' to grow back.


"Uhh ... mom, use the flash."

I'm pretty skilled with a bow staff. "You look like a medieval warrior."

One more.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your continued prayer. I need it! I'm just an ignorant young man in need of the Lord's continued help, patience, and guidance. Have a blessed week.