What Now?
Steven Curtis Chapman


A Fiance February
March 5, 2008

Well, yet again it was such a wonderful, wonderful, oh so wonderful time in Massachusetts! Of course, the highlight was spending time with Meliss, with everything else being wonderful icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, the Thomas' made an incredible peanut butter, chocolate ... um ... just like awesome cake (man my English is good), as we had a duo birthday celebration for Meliss and I (hers was the 10th of Feb, mine this Saturday the 8th). Another video will be coming this week.

Let me briefly tell you about my flight fiasco. My plane was late from Springfield to Chicago, so I missed my connection. So like, I wait standby, right? Well, guess what? 231 people by then were waiting on standby to get to Boston cause of the major storms going through. That's what I said, 231 people. Folks were crying. The lady ended up telling me that I wouldn't be able to get to Boston till Monday. Anyway, so I asked if there were any flights to Manchester (a few hours away), and while she's looking, she goes, "Wait a minute ... 777. The computer says a 777 jet will be flying out tomorrow to Boston. That can't be right." Well, after double-checking, IT WAS. I can't tell you my elation. It was a sheer miracle. So, out of 231 people waiting, I got the FIRST ticket for the flight, sitting on the very front exit row of the plane. Praise God! Anyway, they gave me a voucher for a hotel, and I flew out the following day (more on the hotel later).

Now on with pictures. Here we go ...

Fun In Rehoboth ...

During my entire plane fiasco, I didn't take ONE picture. It was that bad. I just wasn't in the mood. So, that Friday night, they gave me a hotel voucher for $80, and I chose a Westin. lol, ok, here's what happened. I thought the voucher was for a free hotel stay, and I had the choice of a $40 hotel room or an $80 one. So, understandably, and thinking I'm a genius, I'm like, "What complete moron would choose the cheaper one? I'm going with Westin, baby." So that's what I did. So like, I take a shuttle with a bunch of other people, get there, walk in, and I'm like, "Wow, this pad is nice." There was a cascading waterfall, classical music playing, people walking around in suits and tuxes (guess there was a wedding). I'm like, "Man, for $80 this is pretty nice." So I walk up to the counter, give the guy my half-torn voucher (I was wasted by then), and he goes, "Ok, can I see your credit card please?" I'm thinking ... why would he need my credit card ... maybe he just needs my name. So I give it to him, and he runs it through his little dock. With a peculiar look, I go, "Um ... I'm not being charged, am I?" He looks at me. "Uh ... yeah, $80." I'm like, "What? I though my voucher covered it." He goes, "No, sir, your hotel room is $160, and this brings it down to $80." I just stood there with an open mouth and a blank stare. "Um ... ok ... what ... are ... you ... waiting for then. Ring it up, good man. Smoke em if you got em" (yeah, I was pretty out of it). Anyway, I ended up paying $80 for a hotel room. Looking back now, I almost don't regret it. It was such a miserable day. To end it in luxury was only fit. So, hence you now have the background for the picture above. I actually can't believe I took it. It was midnight, and I was so exhausted ... not to mention totally miffed that I was in the hole 80 bucks. Whatever the case, lol, what a memory that I will always remember but never wish to relive.

I carefully align my pillows for the ultimate sleeping experience. You would have been in heaven, Meliss. I slept like a water-logged log.

It's now the next morning, and these are my two lady friends I met in the midst of all the chaos. They both had been majorly delayed too (the one on the left had been crying). Anyway, that morning we were talking, and I go, "You know, I really don't want to remember this, but I know it will be something to look back on and laugh at, so would you mind if I took a picture of you two holding your golden tickets (they were priceless)?" They laughed and obliged, and took pictures of me with them with their cell phones. The gal on the left was an ENTP, while I think the other was an ESFJ.

All righty, it's after church on Sunday and the Flynns are over for some games! We played this really fun game where you're given a piece of paper with someone else's name on it. Basically, you want to get 4 people from your team on that couch there, and you call out each other's names to your right, but the people you call aren't necessarily their name. This is lame. There's no way I can explain this. Call me.

Jeff hands out the names. From what I heard, he's growing out his fair for our wedding. Vintage.

All smiles and laughter.

I like this picture.

In rich Thomas tradition, Melissa and I take a bite from the cake. OH IT WAS SO GOOD! Like a party in my mouth and everyone's invited. Thank you so much!

The birthday girl.

A little foosball. Is that how you spell it?

Michael and I hold our respective princesses.

I better get used to this carrying women stuff.

Trying on lovely gowns.

I patiently watch. This is so girly. I need to like shoot an elk or arm-wrestle in the mud.

I really can't explain myself out of this one. Awkward. Just awkward.

Me and my man Marscel doing some math.

Out for a special lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with Meliss and momma Monica! My lips are kinda glossy from the dressing (so good). Most of you know the Factory is my favorite restaurant. Got a delicious barbeque chicken pizza with a caesar salad. We also all split some avocado eggrolls. I'll take the rest of you there someday soon, Thomas'!

Yep, wedding rings! After careful deliberation and financial review, Meliss and I picked out rings for each other, and they're not your typical ones, let me assure you. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them! They're basically Celtic, and very cool. I think we'll use the money we saved for a nice bed frame (Melissa is really big on bed frames ... like really big *cough*). ;-)

Dinner at the Mellows', with the Axbergs also accompanying. Really fun time.

I snap Michael as he snaps me in the midst of a sister sandwich.

Lovely table set.

Table talk. You kinda look like Josh Groban there, Matthew.

Mr. and Mrs. Axberg. Such an adorable couple. Thank you for the marriage advice! And umm ... thank you ... for the marriage ... never mind. (lol)

The Mellows (some of them).

This is little Seth. Such a cutie. He was pretty skilled with that pool stick (a little too skilled).

Yes, we're playing that game again. Melanie stands up and does her best to explain it to everyone. Did a pretty decent job ... for a girl.

You know how I always joke about certain pictures making me look fat ... well this one, my friends, TRULY makes me look fat! Look at the stomach girth! This is like my most favorite picture EVER!

"No really, Jordan. You really are fat."


Mr. Thomas goes cross-country.

Out filming for the Christian Filmmaker 24-hour contest. After a few hours of filming we just decided to call it quits. lol, it was just the worst morning like ever. Cold, slightly raining, and our story lacked (well I actually can envision it pretty good with enough time and actors). The rest of the day was a blast.

Such a great pic.

The Flynns and Luekens filming their movie. It's really well done. Click here to watch it.

The two sweet, innocent NFs taunt the competition.

That didn't last long. Dear Melissa consoles the weary director.

Lookin' good, sis. We're at Target.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Guess which is which.

Awww ...

Can't wait.

Yeah, I know. Cleaning the oven again. I don't think it had been touched since last time I was there.

"It's not funny, Jordan. This black stuff consists of benzoapyrene, a five-ring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon that is mutagenic and highly carcinogenic."

On the final day of my trip, the Thomases graciously took mine personage to an awesome, MSG-free Chinese joint. I went three, pound-packed rounds. Matthew beat me with four. Congratulations.

The question isn't what Micaiah is thinking or doing or planning, the question is ... who's that mysterious lady behind him.

Looks like some good zucchini there, hon'.

There were unsubstantiated newspaper reports the following day accusing Brad Steele of pocketing several crab rangoons at the Imperial Buffet. Further news as events warrant.

Out for a tour of Newport afterwards. So beautiful! So freezing, too.

The happy seventh son joins his brothers and sisters.

lol Matthew, you look so epic. Now that's some hangtime, Michael.

At an antique shop, playing Yanni's In The Mirror while, yes, looking in a mirror.

A final gorgeous sunset for our final day together. Thank you all so much for a memorable time.

Wait, what's this? On the night of my departure, my fabulous fiance comes out sporting a rather elongated birthday gift. Could it be a ...

It is! A sword, or rather, a rapier! What for? Our wedding. Each man in my entourage will be sporting one. How truly exciting. Thank you so much, dear heart.

Man did I get screened like I was Bin Laden himself. They put me in that machine you can see behind that guy in the white. Have you ever been in one of those? The doors close and this big puff of air comes from all sides. Forget about having a good hair day.

Goodbye, Providence. Oh, how the Lord has truly provided through Providence!

I had a whole row to myself on BOTH flights.

In Detroit. So futuristically cool.

Talkin' with my sweetheart. Oh sure, like you really took a picture of yourself while you were talking to her. You know what? You can leave.

Yes, yet again, no one to pick me up at the airport. I go from fame, to lame. It was like 30 degrees with wind and rain. So miserable. Yet, you took the time to sit outside and take a picture? Yes, to answer your dumb question.

What a God-blessed trip! As always, thanks for stopping by!