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Our Hawaiian Honeymoon - UPDATED!
September 6, 2008

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Ok! Here I am again (or here we are)! Sorry! OK!? I'm sorry! This blog entry will be my biggest one ever ... over 120 photographs! Talk about a pain! But fun, of course. Anyway, beware, you're about to see picture after picture of either Melissa or me ... cause like, it was our honeymoon, and it was just us two. What an incredible honeymoon it was, and a time we both shall never forget. Thank you, Lord!

Oh and cut me some slack for not being as witty with my comments. Talk about doing this in a rush! Jordan, you aren't normally witty, so what are you talking about? Oh shut ...

Next page will come tomorrow or the next day.

Here we go ... :-)

Oh yeah! Some sweet wheels. We had a choice between two rental cars. It was either a maroon one that was a little more swank looking on the outside, but not so nice on the inside, or this one, which was still swank but just a lot nicer on the inside. We went with this one. We're so mature it's scary.

Early morning the first day we had breakfast at this lovely restaurant by a golf course (Joe's On The Green). The air, the breeze ... you step off the plane and can immediately feel the difference of this tropical paradise.

Oh man, we both were so hungry, and this breakfast hit the spot. Nice threads, J Man. Dude, the one time you're allowed to wear fruity clothes without embarrassment is in Hawaii, so just lay off.

Pancakes, hash browns, taro, and just other stuff I can't really recognize so we'll just go to the next pic ...

The beach outside our condo. We were blessed with such perfect weather. It rained twice, and both times at night, which is actually somewhat the norm for Hawaii.

You can tell who Melissa's been around all her life (i.e. her brother Michael who enjoys taking completely random artistic photographs with no particular point).

The grounds around our place. All the rocks are made of lava, cause the islands were formed entirely by underwater volcanoes (likely during the flood).

Enjoying some morning devotions with a tasty shake from my love.

How sweet is this!? Free bananas! What is free in life anymore? We took a ton for our shakes.

Mango art.

Where'd we get em'? Let's just say we found a special place on some somewhat private property where they were EVERYWHERE. We felt like little thieves, but they all were going to waste! And let me make something clear ... eating a mango from a local supermarket in the states is nothing like eating a fresh one you find below a tree in Hawaii. Meliss and I both agree that a fresh mango is by far our favorite fruit. Anyone who disagrees is stupid and ugly.

So we go through tight security to get our aloe leaves into Hawaii for shakes ... and lo and behold, they're going wild in peoples' yards. Just great.

Secret beach, a family favorite everytime we go to Kauai. It was time to take my girl there, and she fell in love with it. The water was just so blue, as uh ... you can see.

I can't go to a beach without jumping in for at least a few minutes. Great shot, Meliss.

While putting on my shirt Meliss snapped this shot. Pretty cool. :-)

Oh the wonder of God's creation! Yes, that's Meliss there on the point ... and stepping back farther ...

... the Hawaiian Julie Andrews.

Another look.

What can you say? Just spectacular. The water, the sky, the mountains ... beyond compare.

The sky and water are about as turquoise as her shirt.

On the edge of the world. You could actually see the curvature of the earth.

"Hello! How are you!? Great! We're having a spanking time!"

Ours was the bottom left condo.

Enjoying a healthy lunch. Those flowers in her hair are plumeria, which grow everywhere on the island. Their aroma is simply heavenly.


"Hey wife, how bout a hand here?"

Eating some chocolate on the beach. Now this is paradise.


Out to dinner at Keoki's. She had tasty mong chong that night (fish).

Oh my goodness ... like ... oh my goodness. Hula pie.

Live serenading.

A walk around after dinner. The torches are just so cool.

Another look.

A little loitering.

A little more loitering.

Time for a Hawaiian hike!

Mr. Thomas mentioned that Melissa looked like his mother in this picture.

Almost looks fake, doesn't it?

Na Pali Coast. You stand there, and it's like you're staring at a painting.

Who's that cool guy.

Our wedding rings.


A maiden amidst the foliage.

We sat on this ledge to enjoy some lunch. So special.

A lone vessel on the emerald sea.

'Hi! Like me again!"

Now that is a big tree. What kind? I believe a mamosa, or however you spell it. You can see Meliss there right below it.

Picking some bok choy on steroids.

More mango ...

Stuffing our fridge with more mango ...

Yes, more pictures of us.

I love this place.

Wow, a picture that actually makes me look halfway decent.

Now this is a unique internet surfing experience. To check email and search the web we simply went to the hotel next to our place and made ourselves at home. :-D

Enjoying a plethora of wedding pictures posted by friends and family on Facebook. Thank you!

Out to dinner again at Cafe Portafino, a place recommended by Martha Stewart. Yeah, big whoop.

Linguine al Pesto

Our view.

Pouring on the olive oil.

I think our names look pretty good together.

"Would you mind taking our picture? Thanks."

A maiden amidst the moonlight.

Some live entertainment, courtesy, again, of the hotel next door.

Out to lunch the next day for some fish and chips. But dude, these were like the best fish and chips ever.

Oooh ... don't they look cute.

Evening falls, and we sit on the grassy shore to enjoy another sunset.

"Would you mind taking our picture? Thanks."

Perfect peace.

A man amidst the moonlight. Pretty cool shot. :-)

Nothing more magical than a Hawaiian night ... the lights ... the breeze. As Melissa was taking this pic, a little girl walked by and said to her mother, "Doesn't that lady know it's too dark to take a picture?" Uh ... not with a Nikon D40, you little bra ...

A tent, a torch ... and onto the next page ...

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