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The Honeymoon Continues - updated!
September 29, 2008

Here I am! Goodness, I'm sorry! Busy busy! This entry starts with our honeymoon BEFORE leaving for Hawaii, and then AFTER getting back (we had quite an awesome roadtrip!).

Would love to chat, but time is of the essence. Thanks so much for not giving up on me and coming back! Hope it's worth the wait! Likely not, but who cares! :-) Lord bless!

Wow, it's like the first day as a married couple. I kinda feel like a lost kid who can't find his parents. ;-) After a wonderful lunch at The Red Parrot in Newport, we toured this incredible mansion behind us called The Breakers. Man just incredible.

Man this line's long.

"Would you mind taking our picture? Thanks."

Awww ... a flower amidst the flowers.

Now that's architecture. Looks like a gunner on a battleship or something ... like ... the propeller of a battleship or something. :-) (inside joke for those of you in the know)

Regal. That stone's pretty nice too.

What an awesome lawn. Challenged Meliss to a little tackle football ... she wasn't interested.

Now that's an awesome picture. That night we went to a certain place in Newport to watch some fireworks ... when we got there and were told that the festivities were put off until the next week. Oh that's great. Anyway, the night would not be for naught, as we took a romantic stroll along the water's edge with the lights of the harbor glistening off the bay like fireflies amidst shards of broken glass around ... droplets of ... crystalline ... crud.

A scene from Our Mutual Friend. We now jump forward to AFTER our honeymoon with the Thomas' visiting our home in Missouri. This is ... umm ... a picture of me and the boys' dead carcasses (as opposed to live carcasses) floating in our pond. It would be a quick stay before heading out to ...

... go camping! Where? Kentucky. Why? To spend two days visiting the Creation Museum! Michael did like all the tent work, but from the picture you'd guess I did it all, huh? Remember, I'm an actor.

The two IFPs.

Ma and Pa. Aren't they great? :-)

Micaiah and I have a certain suave about us that's lacking in most other guys.

Ok, what's going on here? I'll tell you what's going on. It's like midnight and we've just been woken up by a state trooper warning us that a huge storm's coming and that it might be a good idea to get out of our tents and into our vehicles so as not to be suddenly crushed from above by falling tree branches. So, Meliss and Melanie and I had a disco party in our Explorer the whole night while the Thomas family took shelter in their vehicle. Well, they were supposed to, anyways.

"Dude, Micaiah, get your fat fanny out of here."

Sweet Melanie all happy and cozy in the back. :-)

The next day it was off to the Creation Museum! Here we have Buddy Davis, AIG's famous singer and guitarist, talking with us before going inside. Man, such a nice guy. We listened in wonder as he shared with us how God took him from being a nobody out in the boonies to becoming a dinosaur sculptor, singer, and author in just a year's time.

From the back.

Inside, waiting in line for the planetarium presentation. Love that plaster wall! (yeah, I'm seriously becoming a house builder.)

Ummm ... just a random shot of me in the men's bathroom taken by ... well ... you know who.

Meliss teaches her younger brother.

One of Buddy's sculptures. Tell me he ain't got talent.

Welcome, one and all!

Hey, hey, hey! I see a familiar name on the wall of Creation Museum charter members! (ignore jer and danni)

Out in the museum gardens. Such a sweet pic. :-)

I know I'll look back someday on this picture and cry.

Everyone! Across the bridge!

"Seriously! I saw Brad and Melissa Steele at the Creation Museum yesterday! You gotta believe me!!!"

"Told you!!!"


Dunking our heads in the cool stream. Not sure we were supposed to be doing this. lol, I love all the semantics of this picture. In the background we see Pa and Ma tenderly embracing for a lovely photograph while Michael readies his camera from across the stream ... meanwhile in the foreground we see Matthew dunking his head in mischievous delight as I nervously look around for museum security guards. This would make a great postcard. :-)

Reminds me of that old famous WWII pic of that sailor kissing a gal. :-)

Brothers and sisters.

Husband and wife.

Aww ... dear Meliss drew a heart of chocolate on my cheek.


Next it was on to Grandmother's house in Evansville, Indiana, for a relaxing 2-day stay. Thank you so much, Toody Dear, for having us and feeding us so well! Meliss SO enjoyed meeting you, and just thinks the world of you! :-)

My 95-year old grandmother still teaches and plays the piano. So fun to play with her on her two grands.

While in Evansville, we had a delightful dinner with an old friend of Melissa's and her husband ... and yeah, I'm sorta evading the obvious question of what her name is ... lol, I'll get back to you on that (it's been a long week, ok?).


Tom and Becky Conner have been goods friends of our family for a number of years, and we had the privilege of stopping by their beautiful home and property on the outskirts of Evansville.

Check this out! Talk about an AWESOME shooting range! Mr. Connor painted all those tires in those cool army colors. This thing is like 12 feet high! Amazing.

And yes, that's their pond in the background with that gorgeous fountain. Thank you so much, kind Connors, for letting us stop by in such short notice and treating us to two lovely meals (not to mention a fantastic hay bail ride around the property)!


All right! After saying our farewells to the Connors it was time to go see some more friends. We drove from Kentucky to Indiana, to Illinois, to back down to St. Louis, Missouri, visiting 6 families in all. T'was a blast! Here we're having a lovely meal with the Sissons in Northern Illinois (like, 5 minutes from Wisconsin, which we didn't exactly realize :-).

We are bestowed wedding gifts! We love em'! They were on the registry. :-) Thank you!

And we are given the traditional German farewell! At least, I think it was German. Maybe Swiss. Or maybe I don't really care. All I know is that it was one of the most thoughtful goodbyes I've ever been given. Thank you so much for having us!!!


Yes, afterwards it was time to visit my main man Jonathan Drake in Decatur (aka King Kardia). "Jor, wanna go golfing?" - "Sure, if you're paying."

A cutie in the cart.

"Dude, the wind so messed up my shot."

Nice follow-through.

Now that's nice follow-through. Meliss had some really good shots! (no, like really!)

Jonathan chips as I hope for the worst. Oh c'mon, this is competition.

Jonathan apparently finds something amusing about my manly style of putting.

Dinner that night. Love keepin' it cash ... ddgg ... how do you spell that?

Yeah. Nintendo Wii. Playing some Mario Kart. Normally I rock at this game using N64, but Wii is totally different experience. Jonathan pretty much kicked my can the entire night, though I was able to win one or two races.

I enjoyed sporadically shoving Jon to gain an edge when things got close.


Next it was to the McDonald's home. Tell me that isn't a pretty driveway.

I love horses. I recently remembered that Philip, my middle name, means "Lover of Horses".

Tiffany and Jessica McDonald take us on a lovely walk. That little guy is William, a real cutie.

Oh yes, and Caleb also accompanies us. Such a bright, friendly young man.

The girls. William specifically requested that all his pictures be side profiles.

Ho! What's this? I do believe we have found blackberries!

I love blackberries.

Tiffany prepares an incredible dinner.

As does Jessica.

As does Melissa.

The kiddos enjoying themselves.

Umm ... just a random picture of some chickens. Conversation piece.

Man, check it out! So delicious!

Yet another ENTP horks my camera. ;-) Really enjoyed meeting and talking with you, Ashton!

More sweet pictures.

Playing a really fun game ... the name escapes my mind! Kinda like Balderdash (or the dictionary game) where you write down definitions and stuff. Second from the left is Lily (I love that name).

Yes, Brain Typing interviews! Not gonna miss a great chance for a business write-off!

Group picture! That's Ashton's brother, Emil, on the right. THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL time, McDonald family! We are so grateful for your hospitality (and wonderful bedroom accommodations - man alive)!


Next it was on to visit the Z family in St. Louis. There are three sisters ... Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah. So what are you doing in this pic? Umm ... we're shopping for clothes. I know. Girly activities were prevalent. When I got home I watched all three installments of Rambo to regain my masculinity.

So focused ... so engaged ...

Mr. Z and I have some wonderfully stimulating conversation about finances and various Christian principles. I love talking with him! One of the most kind, thoughtful individuals I've ever met.

Sweet fellowship.

Mr. Zees has an incredible library of old Christian literature. Check this out. An original copy of the first publishing of Foxes Book of Martyrs.

While visiting their chiropractor I sat in the office to do some reading ... when this friendly guy paid me a visit. Boy was he big! Such a hilarious dog.

Just a picture of Rebekah showing off her grill skills.

Happy Birthday, Hannah! They made their own birthday cake, which was absolutely DELICIOUS.

And I leave you now with this pictorial work of art. Thank you so much, Z family, for such a wonderful end of such a wonderful trip! So encouraging to visit other believers around the country.

Farewell for now. I should be more faithful now with my future blog entries! I almost promise! Bye!