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Goodbye - An Announcement
October, Posted December 1, 2008

We have returned from a wonderful 10-day Thanksgiving trip to New England and are now preparing to leave yet again for Hawaii/California on Tuesday. We return on the 23rd of December. Yeah, long time! We're praying the home will be finished by the time we return, but all is in the Lord's hands.

~ Merry Christmas from Jordan and Melissa Niednagel ~

Since we'll be gone till basically Christmas, we just want to wish everyone a most joyous and worshipful Christmastime, even if you don't celebrate it! :-)

And one last annoucement ...

Yes, Melissa is expecting!!! She is approaching 4 months now and this is what the baby would have looked like about a week ago. We are so overjoyed! Due date is May 8th. There are so many thoughts and feelings I want to write about right now, but such will have to wait till our return.

Lord mightily bless you all and keep you!


The Ball
November 24, 2008

Hello everyone! I'm currently in MA for Thanksgiving, but was able to like download my main htm file for this blog and I'm editing this using windows notepad! This is like major complex Jason Bourne stuff! So anyway, people want to know where the Ball will be this Friday (yes, Meliss and I are hosting a ball), so here's where the ball will be held ... 46 South Washington Street, North Attleboro MA 02670. Mapquest it if you don't have any idea where that is. Oh, and like I guess my website has been saying to some browsers that it poses some kind of risk or something to open it. I have no idea why it's doing that. When I get back I'll have it fixed, but as far as I know it's still safe to come here. Anyway, Meliss and I get home Saturday and then are off again for our Hawaii/California trip 2 days later, but I'll really, really try to get another blog post up during that interim. Lord bless you all!


Fall Festivities
November 2, 2008

How are you all? Hey, what's the price
of gas in your area? Down here in MO (or up here for some of you) it's $1.93. Can any of you beat that? Let me know.

Well, some more catching up to do here. Nathan Daher actually comes Tuesday for a couple weeks to help us finish our Type Trainer DVD, so that'll be productive and fun. Then around the 20th we'll be leaving for Massachusetts for Thanksgiving. Then there's another trip after that which I'll touch upon later.

The house is coming along splendidly, and we look to be about a month out as of now. We'll give it two months just to be safe. :-)

I've been asked how my voice has been doing lately. To be honest, not great. It gets discouraging at times, but when I remember where it was before the surgery I'm quickly reminded how much to be grateful for. Like I've said before, when I drink enough water it's usually a little better, but it's just hard to always be drinking enough (like 70oz a day!). Some days I'm like, "Hey, it's not so bad," and then other days I'm just vocally exhausted. So that's the latest. Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him. Funny, just had Nathaniel and Helena Bluedorn over, and Nathaniel told me, "You know Jordan, you talk a lot more than you used to." So, I guess I'm doing ok. :-)

Oh, and a very happy 6th anniversary to Jeremy and Danielle today! (the 2nd)

Here we go ...

When it rains a good amount, Jeremy's pond fills up. Then ... slowly ... it drains. Yeah, it's got some leaks, and we've been trying for years to fill them up. Took this lovely picture after a good rain.

What's going on? Are Jor and Mel back in Kauai?

There's even plumeria?

Yes, it's another luau at the Niednagel's. Jer and Danni have been growing a lovely plumeria for awhile now and, on the day it bloomed, we simply had to celebrate. We're weird, I know. We've always been weird.

Gotta have the tiki torches.

Maid Marian picks an apple. Truly, fall is upon us! (that's a sweet pict, huh?)

Robin, with blade in hand, doth rob the sheriff's royal orchard.

That takes meja skeels.

Dude, Meliss, we really don't need this many apples.

For my mom's birthday we had Kalea pose to give her some nice, framed pictures. What a little ham. :-) But man, look at her .... growing like a zit! (ok, should have said "leaf".)

And a little while later we attended a musical play a friend of ours was in (Elizabeth Deatherage) about Laura Ingles Wilder. Wilder wrote the Little House books while living in Mansfield, Missouri, which is about 45 minutes from hence. Very well done! These guys were great, as you can tell.

The lady on the right played Laura as though she were alive today being interviewed. I guess she actually is her great grand daughter.

There's Elizabeth in the middle. She played Laura's blind sister (which is why she's looking up).

That girl in the middle ... not my best friend.

Aww. Now where is this lovely waterfall sweet Meliss is posing next to?

Rockbridge, also known as the trout farm. We had a lovely breakfast at their restaurant, took a walk, and then read some Scriptures and books together on a blanket on a grassy lawn. This is where they raise all the baby trout. Pretty nifty!

Check that out. Thousands of them.

I just so love this picture. That dog came out of nowhere and wanted a little lovin' from the last person in the entire galaxy to give it. Almost looks like its using Meliss as a fire hydrant. :-)


That would be me.

A little history for ya.

Inside the restaurant, mill in background.

Just a quick picture from Mrs. Voeller's stay at the Niednagel estate. So good to see you again! Meliss made an awesome tomatoe pie dinner (I know, sounds disgusting, but SOO good, and I hate tomatoes!).

Another jump in time and we find ourselves yet again with the Zes' in St. Louis for the weekend. One reason we drove up was to see Fireproof with them, which of course we all loved. Here we're at a lovely park outside of a history/art museum they took us to see.

Hannah on the left, Rebekah on the right, and sweet pea in the middle.

I love shots like this. They capture more than words ever could.

Rebekah artistically placed on the right side of the frame by able photographer Jordan Philip Niednagel.

The museum. What an incredible structure.

The Book of Being would have easily won had Kardia only weilded this baby.

"Look, I'm telling you, that's cardboard."

Undoubtedly the ugliest chair I have ever seen in my entire life.

Hard to believe something looking so new could be several thousand years old.

Yeah, that's supposed to be art. I'll get you a barf bag.

And yet another elaborate meal with the Zes'. Thank you SO MUCH for another wonderful time!

Couldn't leave you without a few house pictures. The wood has been stained! Nice face, Meliss.

And from the other side. I think I'm doing the Egyptian or something.

The guys have done several "little" things to make the house look so much better. Look at this rock work next to our furnace. They just took rocks that were excavated during dozing and made this without us asking. Really blessed to have such caliber workers.

Our front door on the one-story side.

And I leave you with one shot from the master bedroom. It's since been painted and such, but those pics will come later, my friends. :-)

As always, thanks for stopping by! May the Lord richly bless your week.