Branson & A Baby
April 21, 2009


No, there's no baby here yet, but just thought the title was catchy. Been a busy time since the last blog post for sure! Half of Melissa's family is due to arrive this week and we're scurrying around trying to make things livable. Oh my goodness! The baby is due in less than three weeks! Thank you for your continued prayers for Meliss and I, both for the health and well-being of Meliss and for the baby. Soon, by God's grace, I will be a father, and the thought itself is beyond me.

Anyway, must move along here. Lord bless you all!

A few video cuts of everyday life as Meliss and I prepare our new house to be a home.

Our guests will need something to place their rumps upon, and hence I'm the man for the job. Bought these awesome traditional looking futons in Springfield for a great price. Oh stink. I didn't take a picture of the finished product. Will see to that.

Our two wonderful midwives, Mary and Belinda. As of last week the baby is in the perfect position and all seems to be well!

Was shocked the other day to look out my window to see an entire pack of velociraptors feasting upon a herd of helpless blades of grass.

The alpha male. Turkeys are hilarious (and beautiful).

That's a fine looking harem.

Great pic, Meliss. Look ad da cute liddle boomp.

Me, on a typical weekday evening, standing on a dresser, making the house a more beautiful place to live.

Off to Silver Dollar City! It was a beautiful April day and mom wanted to revisit our local theme park. Thanks, pops, for the day off!

These guys were so great. "World Fest" is currently going on at SDC, so they have all these people from different countries showing off their local tunes.

Bunch of ENTPs and ENFPs and one ESFP, I believe.

So there's this party where you have to bring a friend and dress up like an bug, or something like that. So this guy opens his door to find an Irish guy standing their with his girlfriend. "You're not dressed like a bug," he says. "Yes, I am," the man replies. "I'm a snail. I even brought Meeshell." ... Oh gosh.

Flaming wings, baby! It's the spirit of Ireland!

A Celtic Woman wannabe. Actually, she was actually very good, actually.

More traditional stuff.

For you, Mel.

Some really pretty tunes.

We return now for some more adorable pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Niednagel. I just love it when people behind you stand and stare for the picture.

Man they're cute.

Some pics make Meliss look like a blimp, and others barely pregnant (sidenote: Melissa approved the aforementioned statement).

Now that's cute (I think I've overused that word for the day).

My two girls.

Man, these acrobats from China were INSANE. Like how this pic came out.

The whole time you're like, "No, they're not gonna do that. No please don't do that. NO!!!!!!!"

This guy must have pulled out a couple hundred cards from his coat and thrown them all over the stage, into the crowd, up into the air ... it was just awesome.

Like, what are you even supposed to make of that?

Like, that guy is on the other guy's stinking head.

Like, what are you doing 20 feet up in air holding onto a rope with your teeth?

What the nhoj are you doing being thrown upside down?

What are you ... why do even ... why ...

"Jordan, my head hurts. I wanna go home."

"Will you take our picture? Thanks."

What do you know, the Sissons just happen to be vacationing 20 minutes outside of Branson on the day we went, so of course we just had to stop by for a little food and fellowship (especially food, though I think you're a pretty good guy and all, Nate).

A little pool afterwards. Nate was pretty bad.

Hard to imagine, but I'm even worse than Nate.

Matthew contemplates quantum physics.

Mr. Sisson takes aim, shakin' like a leaf, knowing his end is near.

That actually hurt.

Gonna try this a different way.

It was great seeing you all, Sisson family! Thanks for opening your doors to us wayfaring folk. Anyway, as always, thanks for stopping by, for your prayers, and just everybody's friendship! Lord bless you all!


March Madness
April 2, 2009

Needless to say, things have been busy busy busy! We're now in the house and are having a blast making it feel like home! It's awesome too, cause I'm learning how to fix things like a real manly husband. Serious. I'm like a fullblown plumber / electrician / phone guy ... now. Well, I mean, not fullblown, but I can remove hairballs from the sink like nobody's business.

So anyway, the baby arrives in a month, Lord willing! Oh my good. It is just so mind-boggling to think I'll be a father in just a short time. The Thomases will be coming out at the end of April to help out, so we're ecstatic! Definitely gonna ease the nerves to have others around helping Meliss.

Hope and pray you all are doing well. Of course none of us know for sure, but these tough economic times may only get tougher, and perhaps to the point of desperation for the entire country. What an opportunity for believers to be a salt and light. It's truly a blessing just to have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, and food on the table. With such may we be content!

Hope to get a video up soon here of the home. Lord bless you all and thanks for stopping by!

As usual, snow in March! It's actually our snowiest month, though by northeastern standards it's like a mere shake of dandruff on your head. There, nestled in the cozy woods, is our dear home.

From our bedroom. So wonderful waking up in the mornings to such beautiful scenery.

And yes, behold, the Locksley canopy bed. All hail! So much potential.

Another angle. That door leads out to the living room.

Darling, you certainly are gifted. I would have chosen a Sponge Bob quilt.

But wait! Let's add a box spring!


lol, the thing is like 4 feet off the ground. We both love high beds, but aren't sure if we're in over our heads (literally). We've since kept it the way it is, and are gonna get two stepping stools. So cool.

Dude, Meliss, I say we just set fire to it.

Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

March 8, 2009. Jordan Philip Niednagel turns 27 years of age. Thanks for the banana cream pie, mother dear! My all time favorite desert.

Love you.

With no table as of yet, or chairs, we enjoy our dinner out on our balcony. Isn't that sky awesome? Missouri has some of the best clouds and sunsets I've ever seen.

Our guest bedroom, with yes, yet another canopy bed. Check that out. I needed another wood support and found one that was EXACTLY the right size out in the wood pile. Feel free to leave if this blog is getting too exciting for you.

Still around? Then check this out. A double-yoked egg! It made Melissa's week. We were the talk of the entire county.

Whelp, on the "we need" list was a new computer, and with Nathan's help we got just that. Really sweet, with a 2.80 GHz processor, 3 Gigs of RAM, and a 22-inch monitor. We also switched to AllTel for our internet, and it's much faster then HughesNet (satellite).

We jump ahead to late March and find ourselves at our annual Co-Op get-together rendezvous thing. That is, we go over stuff on how to be more efficient, etc, and then we taste-test new products from various companies. Lots of fun.

Oh, it's you again.

Keoni cordially greets Mrs. Long.

Mary Jo speaks to the group. We're the second biggest co-op in all Missouri, and hope to be number one someday soon.

The girls ready their battle stations.

Not sure if she purposely dressed like her food.

I know you! Looking professional, babe.

Lots of grub.

The masses were out of control. Had to use a thick rope and Denise to hold them back.

Good job, Morgan!

"I wouldn't try that. It's disgusting."

Momma and Danielle.

Keoni said this picture makes him look fat. I told him that's because he is fat. Hasn't talked to me since.

Now that's cute. I think we have a little ENFP on our hands, folks, but we'll wait and see for sure!

Thanks for stopping by! Lord bless you.