Master and Commander


Of Friends, Fall, & Weddings
September 2, 2009

Fall is truly here in Missouri. Unbelievable. The cool air, the clear, blue, cloud-dotted skies, the chirps of lone crickets ... the Ozarks is under its spell. You're sick of hearing about the weather, I know, but this is my blog and you need to be thankful that you're allowed to visit it. So there.

Anyway, what a blessed few weeks we've been having, and what a blessed week awaits us. On Thursday Meliss and I and Willy Locks will be heading out to New England again for our first visit as a family of three! Whoa! Hope you're all ready for us. I'm a father now and demand respect. That includes you, Melanie.
You too, Mr. Axberg.

Tis' getting late, so on with the pics. Lord bless you all!

You know, that's just plain retarded.

I upgrade Willy's tiny, pathetic little piece of crud of a crib to this hot whopping mercedes benz of a bed! Yeah, baby! Don't expand the picture to see my face, please.

"Sup, foo."

What better way to enjoy these incredible evenings than by having family for dinner on our porch? We even let that mangy Taz join us.

Goodnight, my dear Will Scarlet.

And another beautiful night comes to an end.

We jump ahead a few days to us enjoying some lunch at PF Changs with the Zes girls in St. Louis! I got another voice injection (last one was in January), and I'm feeling great. The doctor hopes each injection will be accumulative ... meaning that the "stuff" will stay in the cord without being absorbed by the body.

Rebekah intimidates me with her chopsticks. Makes me feel so dumb sitting there with my girly fork.

Again jump ahead a few days to me, clearly irritated, looking over my shoulder as we head to Kevin and Aneysa's wedding (friends at church). Kinda vain to compliment myself on my own blog, but I'm looking ... well ... never mind.

Traditional church setting.

Well don't you look spanking, young fellow! Or rather, do you need a spanking?

I'm a father, but sometimes I look like I'm twelve.

A little chatting with Justin afterwards. He and his wife just had their first ... a girl ... named Ame (pronounced "A-mi"). Congratulations!

Little Noelle Frasier reminds us so much of Hanneke Flynn.

Always nice to have a spare shoulder to suck.

Worth a thousand words.

Home of the Cooks, family of the bride. The house was actually modeled after John Jay's home, a signer of the declaration of independence. Just the perfect setting for a reception.

I made sure Mr. Alger was assigned a designated driver for the night.

Careful with them beans, Blake.

The elated couple. Lighting was bad, hence the graininess.

Elegant Aneysa.

Meliss was able to capture this pic after the top layer of the cake fell over. I just love it when things go wrong at weddings! ;-)

The wedding party. Hello, Mary! (our midwife, second from the right)

Anybody want to hold this kid?

A photo of my photographer friend, Clayton.

Mr. Andersland settles sleepless Willy with his magical touch.

Just loved the house.

From the porch.

What a grand night! The Lord mightily bless you two as you begin this new wonderful, amazing chapter in your life!

The following evening we were blessed to have the Mitchells over for dinner. It was their first time to see our house finished and complete. As you may recall, they helped both design and build it. THANK YOU so much!

The following day Marcus and his family just happened to be in town, so we had lunch together! Marcus used to live in Springfield, but now is up near Indianapolis. We go way back, like when I was around 11 years old back in Cally. Always been a great friend and older brother.

Marky busts out his latest fancy firearm in the parking lot. Only in Missouri.

Atop Mama Jeans for lunch. Look at that sky. Just gorgeous.

The guys. Marcus with his son, Andrew, Jeremy with his son, Keoni, and me with my son, William. Oh how the years go by.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great week!