My Precious One
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A Baby Is Born
May 16, 2009

Well, here we are, just the second day after welcoming our little William into the world. The best word to describe it is simply ... surreal. This little baby boy is my son ... my son ... for all my life I've been a son, and now I have a son. I have a son. His journey of life has begun, and he will experience everything I experienced. He will cry his tears, and laugh his laughs. Anguish will pierce his heart. Complete and utter joy will well up within him. He will have jealousy, and needs learn to conquer it with contentment. He will be bitter, but must recall the forgiveness of His Savior and, in turn, forgive. He will see a bird in the sky and wish he could fly, and a fish in the water and wish he could swim down to stay with it (this intuitive tried many times to no avail). In the end, through William I will relive my childhood, seeing myself as I once was, and as his father do all within my power to protect and guide and teach him every step of the way in this fallen world. And yet, this is not my baby, nor Melissa's. This child is Christ's, and He will raise him to become exactly what He has ordained him to become before the foundation of the world. If all were in my hands, I would be completely overwhelmed. With this knowledge, however, we look to the future with such confidence. Thank you, Lord!


Ok, so why William? Melissa and I would first like to clarify that we did not name him after the following notables ...

Williams Sonoma
William Hung
William Jefferson Clinton
William of Ockham, friar and philosopher, originator of Occam's Razor
Willy Wonka

Rather, there are so many great Williams in history that it would take too long to count them, but here are a few that come to mind ...

William Tyndale
William Borden of Yale (click here to read about this incredible man)
William Wallace
William Wilberforce
William Tell
William Bradford

William means "protector", and is in the family on both sides. Of course, we especially love it because it's very English (or medieval) sounding. One funny story we read ...

'The name was so popular, in fact, that history records an event in Normandy in 1171 where Henry the Young King held court for Christmas which included 110 knights named "William" - the Williams had gathered in a room and refused to allow any one to eat with them, unless they were named William.'

Anyone who even knows me remotely knows that I've loved the legend of Robin Hood ever since I was a boy. It's been my very identity. I had the email back in the day ... my AOL and Skype screename is jordanlocksley, most of you know of Locksley & Redjack Productions, etc. Simply put, I just had to include the name, and Melissa was all for it. The meaning of the name is also very appropriate. It stems from two words ... "locks", meaning curls of hair (both Meliss and I had curly hair as kids), and "leah", meaning a thin wood, or a clearing in a wood (our house sits in the woods on the edge of a field, where William, of course, was born). And lastly, with William being our first "arrow", what name could possibly be more appropiate? :-) Thus is the true story behind William Locksley.

Much more to write about, but I want to get these pictures up. Again, thank you all SO MUCH for your thoughts and prayers! So unbelievably amazing to have such wonderful friends as prayer warriors. Lord bless you all!

I just can't believe ... it's a boy!!!

Just moments after.

You're a warrior, my dear love. You persevered for 18 hours and now hold your treasured reward.

Oh! Me! Me! I get dibs on cutting the cord!

Holding my son for the first time.

Mother and child.

Uncle and child.

"Whoa wait, which one's mom?"

The pink and yellow thing pays her respects.

Yeah, I look a little tired too.

So awesome having everyone around to help.

It's showtime!

Mary and Belinda weigh and measure. Thank you SO MUCH for your tender care and expertise all day!

Looka da little shnookems.

Daddy enjoys a few moments before his first bath.

Time for each grandmother's turn, or whatever they wish to be called in the near future. :-)

There's just something so incredible seeing your mom holding your child.

Now, seeing Micaiah hold your child ... that's cosmic.

It's the next day, and daddy's still quite exhausted. :-)

Sweet William sleeps beneath sweet williams beneath a sweet picture.

No comment needed.


One more.

Of course, little Locksley's first movie had to be ...

Baby delivery service ... one guaranteed cute, sleeping baby or your money back!

Thanks so much for stopping by. More pictures, of course, will come in short time. This journey called life continues on, and we're so blessed to be able to share it with you.