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Hawaii / California Extravaganza
Events of Dec 2-24th
Posted on January 24, 2009

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All I can say is ... this was a beast of a blog entry to create!!! I'm sorry for the long delay, but I honestly have been working on this entry every spare moment I've had, which have been few and far between. There were so many pictures to go through, and so many wonderful ones I had to leave out! Alas, these will just have to do, and I think you'll enjoy them (you better). Please also realize I did the last two pages of comments in a total rush as we're leaving at 5:30 in the morning for St. Louis, so forgive me for spelling errors or just anything uncreative. :-)

So now, join us, as we travel to Kauai once again, and then back to my beloved home state of California. What a trip it was! And here we go ...

After a late night arrival, the morning has finally dawned and it's a bright and beautiful day in Kauai. Meliss is already sporting plumeria and we're off on a new adventure.

But this time, with Jeremy and Danielle at the helm! It indeed was a great "couples" trip.

Our condo, or at least the upstairs of it. Really nice and spacious.

Out on our balcony. Keoni requested he always be at the head of the table.

Out in the pool! This sandy shallow part for kids is great. Here we have Kalea running for her life from the Melissa Monster.

Dude, run for your life!!!

"So this is the place from where my name originates. Fascinating. I could get used to this."

Another look.

"Yeah, I'm all that."

Meliss and I return to Joe's On The Green, the first restaurant I took her to on our honeymoon. Awesome breakfasts, and yes, voted best on the island!

Check out that papaya filled with cottage cheese. Can't tell you how good that is.

Meliss chats with Marscel.

The Hawaiian version of a dove. A little smaller with more color and different "coo".

Yeah, he's even got the shirt. Keoni is the very essence of Kauai.

Whoa, you at the Grand Canyon? Nope, Waiamai Canyon, which is just absolutely huge! We drove about a half hour up the "mountain" to see what the rave was all about (friends have told us to go there), and it really was worth it. Must have even been some 5-10 degrees cooler up here too.

"Mother earth, father sky, and your good 'ol uncle Tony." (those in the know will known what I'm quoting).

Have to say, Meliss took some pretty sweet nature shots. This is the first of many.

lol, Keoni looks like a Muppet.

I took this one. Making sure to take credit for it cause it's stinking awesome.

Beautiful falls.


Doesn't that look fake? You're there and you're like, "This has gotta be CGI." Well, only a film geek would think that, which is me.

Beauty backgrounded by beauty.

I go for the perfect angle.

Found this beautiful, huge grassy park within which to eat our lunch.

Chickens are all over the island, scattered in the mid 90s by Hurricane I'Niki, or however you spell it.

Time for a hike. Jeremy, you so do not look like a tourist.

"Don't I have any say in this?"

Micaiah ... the forbidden word.

Just another cute wife picture.

Yep, out on the grill again! Totally in my natural element.

That guy was so cool, and I was so jealous. Those birds are worth thousands.

Too cute to pass up. :-)

Went to the fancy hotel down the road to enjoy some vintage Hawaiian music. The place is just gorgeous beyond words.

Had to keep reminding ourselves that Christmas was on the way.

Like we never left.

The hotel grounds at twilight. Magical.

That ain't the ocean, my friends. That there's a pool! Yeah, it's a sandy pool, and a big one. What's great is that most places now aren't using chlorine in their pools, but salt. Like duh. My sincere thanks to the genius who finally came up with that brilliant concept.

The waterfall, the dancers, and the stars above.

The next day it was time for another hike/beach thing. Crystal blue waters.

Father and daughter.

My beloved wife.

My beloved beauty.

Kalea in her natural element (almost too natural).

Melissa just loves farmer's markets ... and natural laxatives.

The locals sell their wares (what's pathetic is that I sat here for like five minutes coming up with this caption).

World-famous spouting horn. For awhile it was more like burping horn ... or spit up horn ... or ...

Another Meliss masterpiece.

At another local botanical garden, with monkey head asking me to chase her every two minutes.

Anyone care for a totally unripe banana?

Oh yeah, it's Christmas. Forgot again.

Kids fashion advertisement.

Had these sweet leaf imprints everywhere. Wanna do this at our house! (and no, I'm not drunk)

This is the trunk of a papaya tree. Look at those clear-cut hearts! The Lord's handiwork of love.

Umm ... kinda freaky. Sorry about that.

More of Melissa.

That red is like beyond red.

A friendly family (man these captions are getting good).

Like, hang loose, or something.

My precious and I in paradise. Love the rich green, my favorite color. And now, please click below to continue the journey with us ...