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Father's Day / Amanda / 1st Anniversary
July 7, 2009

Has been a wonderful few weeks with friends and family! It is morning, and I must be off to work, so I leave you with pictures to speak for themselves. The video below was taken a couple weeks ago. Little Willy is even more smiles now, but this gives a taste!

I also wrote an article on Michael Jackson on that you might find interesting. CLICK HERE.

Just had to post this. Two INFPs (or three, rather) enjoying some laughs together. Both men were kids at heart. Both died all too early, and both were all too confused in life.

Anyway, Lord bless you all.

Willy Locks At 5 Weeks

Father's Day! Wow, makes you feel kinda old, yet totally amazing. I'm half man, half amazing. The human highlight film. The big cheese of Green Bay. Sorry, being a dad gets to your head.

"Das a good boy! Ohh! Sucha good boy!" (been around animals my whole life ... can't help talking to William like that sometimes)

Amanda's here! We picked her up at the St. Louis airport and are now at the CHEF conference. Typical Mandy sports her MAC while flashing a "rock on" sign (or maybe a masonic greeting?).

A conversational young fellow comes up to me out of the blue and chats.

Out in the evening for some Fashion Week pictures. Just love warm, summer nights (overly warm! It was like over 100 for a couple days).

The next day we introduce little Locksley to Mrs. Philips.

And to, of course, Mr. Doug Philips himself. Their oldest son, Joshua, was also born on May 15th. They were so kind to tell us how much they absolutely love the name William Locksley (like uhh ... who can blame them?). ;-)

It's hot. Brad doesn't feel like advertising Beco products right now, so just make like a tree and leave.

The conference is over, and Mr. Zes and I throw protocol to the wind by kickin' back on our backs. Wish I could have listened to a few of the sessions like this.

On the way back near Ava we saw a bunch of these old, cool cars. Great pic, Meliss.

The girls out to lunch at Harlen House.

Grandma with the little Niednagel cousins!

Had to throw this in. That is just slightly stinking cute.

Pond time! Couldn't believe Amanda had the guts to do it. I didn't tell her about the piranhas.

Willy loves the water!

The smiles are more frequent and fantastic! Michael, I see you in this picture.

Keoni, the cave man, enjoying some rock music at the creek a few days later.

Yeah, baby! (don't you just love how strategically cropped this picture is?)

Another of Melissa's Fashion Week photos.

The ENFP kisses the ... E ... N ... T ... J ? Have no clue at this point, other than he's probably a Thinker!

The Anderslands were so kind to put on a shower for Will Locks. Thank you!

All the gals (and a few gents).

Ok, how many words can you make out of William Locksley Niednagel? (grief Jordan, that's like the entire alphabet). Oh up shut. (mom used to forbid that phrase, hence my genius rearranging of it ... didn't last long, though).

Mandy and Willy next to the tree she so kindly purchased for him (thank you, Flynns!).

Out to lunch at Baily's in Theodosia. Such a quaint, lovely restaurant for such a hick town.

Friends enjoying a chat next to Bull Shoals lake.

Cute. (what else am I supposed to say?)

I got you, babe!

Been a year of loving bliss, my heart.

Whoa! Amanda, just slowly ... get off ... the vehicle.

Now this feels like Missouri.

T'was a delight having you, Mandy. Even the pink and yellow thing said you weren't half bad. Till next time!

It's our anniversary weekend and we're in St. Louis again chowin' at PF Changs!

I've learned something about babies ... they just love hotel beds. Both Kalea and Keoni always went wild on them, and William's no different.

Aerial view.

July 4th, 2009. The famous arch is shrouded in mist. Meliss and I kept saying how similar the weather was in Massachusetts one year ago. It was like reliving part of our honeymoon again (the part spent in Newport, Rhode Island).

Oh that's just fantastic.

Meliss found this funky vegan joint online and we had an AWESOME breakfast there. She had a nacho thing while I had french toast and hash browns. We also split a mocha malt that was to die for! No I'm serious. I would have literally jumped off a cliff for it. with water at the bottom

Oh that's just fantastic. (top)

After slowly getting through a mile of traffic we finally made it to St. Charles park to watch some fireworks! It was sprinkling ... which turned to a light rain ... which made for a memorable experience of watching fireworks go off with that blanket over our heads. :-)

Sorry, only took one picture at the beginning. These were just the boring low ones.

Oh my goodness, so fun to watch him enjoying the water.

Momma and baby in the hotel lobby.

The next day we went to the St. Louis Botanical Garden. I can't even describe to you how beautiful it was, nor capture the overall elegance with photographs alone. Again, the cloudy, slightly cold weather so reminded us of the day after our wedding.

One year ago.

Exactly one year later. Oh how time flies.

Little Robin Hood.

Such exquisite structures. This is the burial place of Henry Shaw who started the gardens roughly 150 years ago.

Everywhere you turn there's a good picture to be taken.

Brad asks you ... one more time ... is your baby a Beco baby?

Thank you Lord, for granting us an entire year of marriage! And thank you for Your blessing of little William. For now, thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!


Everyday Life Returns
June 20, 2009

Hello everyone! Well, life is seemingly back to normal ... as normal as possible, at least. :-) Hope and pray you all are doing well! Little Locksley gives his deepest regards to everyone.

I think most of you have seen this by now, but if not, here's a little video Meliss and I did in an evening for Jeff Flynn's recent birthday. William makes his first acting debut, and a phenomenal one at that.

In other news, Amanda Flynn stops by this Tuesday to stay with us for a week and a half. We'll be going to that Vision Forum seminar in St. Louis after we pick her up. The following Friday we'll drop her off at the airport and then spend our 1st anniversary back in St. Louis. A nice hotel, fireworks ... it should be fantastic! Can you believe it? We'll have been married a year! Doesn't it seem like yesterday when we had our medieval wedding? Unbelievable. The Lord has done so much in such a short time it's astounding. We are so grateful, and still as madly in love as that very first day.

You obviously all know by now that I'm a Robin Hood fan. Next year a new film is to be released starring Russell Crowe as Robin Hood (he starred in Gladiator). Anyway, I've been following its progress since last year, and filming is underway with a release date of around May, 2010. I'm slightly amped for this movie. Can't necessarily endorse it now, as I know very little about it, but I love the overall look so far of costumes and historical authenticity. So ... just thought you'd enjoy a few behind-the-scenes shots here.

Russell rides his stallion.

An oceanside battle.

Looks like Normans.

Some promotional shots for the movie. That guy's brave.

Anyway, will try to post another video of William we recorded the other day sometime this week. May the Lord richly bless you all!

After filming, we took a few beauty shots.

Could definitely pass for sweet sixteen.

One more.

Kinda fun to be dressy out in nature.

Brad Steele with his new lawnmower, baby! That thing is sweet! Paparazzi's swarming like flies!!!

See anything new? Check out that clock. I positioned it with absolute and total perfection.

Hey little yeoman.

Big yawn!

It's June, and you know what that means! Blueberry picking time! I think I have a blueberry blog post for the last three or four years.

But now ... I have my wonderful wife joining me.

My mom always dresses the part.

Keoni is just so cute. We're about 100% sure he's ENFP. All smiles.

Every time I look at him ... a smile.

Jeremy Sanchez ... sporting his sombrero.

Can we go?

"Doddy ... my underponts need chaunging."

Chattin' with Nathan after Locksley's royal bath.

So we go to this special sale at Children's Orchard where you stuff all you can into a bag for 5 bucks. So we get there like 10 minutes early ... big mistake. Outside the tiny little store was a giant horde of desperate mothers in riotous array. With my helmet and shin guards I was able to momentarily clear a path for Meliss and Willy to break through and actually come away with some great outfits.

Long day for the both of us.

With Mrs. Long at co-op. "You know, that's exactly the way he looks right before he's about to ..."

Locksley in his new Bumbo from Nathan! Thanks so much! He can't fully support his head yet, as you can see, so it'll be a little while longer before Will finally takes the cockpit.

Sick of all those perfectly positioned, clean-cut baby pictures? Here's the real deal! Yummo!

Brad begs the question ... is your baby a Beco Baby? Happy Father's Day.

Thanks so much for stopping by!