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Merriment In Massachusetts
January 11, 2009

Hello everyone! We now come to our Thanksgiving trip to Massachusetts. Needless to say, it was such a blessed joy seeing everyone again, and our only regret is that we couldn't stay longer. Boo hoo!

In other news, Melissa is doing extremely well, and we had our first midwife checkup just last week. The heartbeat was a tad fast, which some say indicates a girl. If so, awesome!!! Yet, I can name a few names who had faster heart beats and ended up being boys. Predicting babies, of course, is never an exact science, no matter what anybody says. So there.

Umm ... what else. Ah, the house is almost done! Like serious this time! Like 2-3 weeks away or less! Have some great pictures we want to show you all, but I want to wait till after my next post (our Hawaii / California trip). So ...

Being married is so wonderful. Can't tell you how wonderful it is. Praise the Lord. Next month we'll actually be heading BACK to Massachusetts to attend Michael and Rebekah Flynn's wedding! Oh my! And we'll be DRIVING! Oh my! In FEBRUARY! Pray for us! :-)

Ok, on with the pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

Minneapolis, Minnesota. Meliss and I had 4 hours to spare, and weren't about to waste them sitting around in a lame airport. So, what's there to do? Oh ho ho, what's there to do ... how bout only visiting the biggest mall in all of America, so named Mall of America? So, we took a very cool subway that reminded us of Narnia and were off.

Oh ... we came all this way ... to ... visit the American Girl store. That's ... great ...

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I look over to see two gals doing ... no ... they can't be really doing what I think they're really doing. Oh my word, they are. Those are two dolls in those barber chair seats. They're actually doing their hair. Meliss, we are so out of here.

"Merry Christmas, honey bunches." - Brad Steele

We now jump ahead to jewelry party night. Yep, the Thomases held a jewelry party, showcasing the gorgeous work of their friend Kathy. I really thought Rebekah wasn't too much in lala land (she's engaged) until this incident. Still not all there. We love you, Bekah! ;-)

Micaiah, never not in lala land.

Kathy carefully preparing her treasures for display.

Michael and I jam like no one's watching. Yeah that's Melanie, hand on hip, being a bop.

To grandma's house we go! ... with Josh Groban in the passenger seat!!! Hunkorama!!!

Had a wonderful time visiting grandma Connie. Blue is definitely her color. :-)

Aight. Here we are, just the guys, out shopping for wedding threads for Mikey's big tie-the-knot. Really didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but we had a fun time! I mean just look at the joy!


Joy, Pa!!! Joy!!!

Josh takes a break from all the felicity to spend some quality time in the portable picture room.

Here I am, almost one year later to the exact day, in front of the jewelry store where I bought my beautiful bride's engagement ring. Oh what great things the Lord has done in just one year!

More joy. Hey, why's Amanda there? We called the girls out of desperation to come help us. When all was said and done, they didn't really help us.

"It's a holly, jolly Christmas ..."

Josh Groban makes another cameo.

Uh ... guys ... if you had a quarter in your pocket, I could tell you if it was heads or tails.

Being engaged is great, but being married is ... beyond words. Coming quickly, you two!

All right, we now find ourselves diligently preparing for Turkey Day! I mean Thanksgiving. We look pretty cool together. That fruity shirt really brings out your feminine side, Micaiah.

The girls tirelessly slave away in the kitchen. Look at poor Meliss ... didn't even have time to change from her pathetic PJs. You sweet girl! :-)

Remember this from last year? The Thomas tradition is to blow up like 50 to 100 balloons to be shot with guns and bows on the morrow. Micaiah, after his 30th or so balloon, always gets delirious. As if I had to tell you that. Look at him.

Ahh, look at Ma blow-drying her hair while cooking at the same time. Wait, just looks like a blow-dryer. Bad joke. I'll leave now.

What genius artistic connoisseur put those up?

Better believe it.

Nice turkey, Marscel. That thing gives me the creeps.

Don't really know what to write for this one. Let it speak for itself.

The day has come. Thanksgiving is here, and we are thankful people indeed.

Dear Shannon and Susanna.

Ready the desserts!

Thank you, Lord, for Your bountiful blessing.

Come, partake! ... Come, upchuck!

Merriment. All present were the Flynns, McIntyres (from Maine), Kathy, grandfather Paul and grandmother Connie. Easy on the cider, Mel.

Kathy kindly entertains the kiddos with her gorgeous turquoise beads of wonder.

Time to blast some paper animals!!!

Michael, always going for the weird shots.

Marscel's courtesy while others are shooting is just precious.

You go, girl.

Friends to the end.

Knife throwing. How can I be so bad when I look so good?

Ok, so then the guys start this competition thing where you each place a foot next to the other guy's foot and try to basically throw the other guy down with one hand. Jeff was the man to beat.

You're going so down, Flynn man.

I've gone so down.

Whoa, where are you now? Why are you dressed up?

Because, my friends ...

... yes, because my friends, it is now time for ...

On the day after Thanksgiving, Melissa and I held a Thanksgiving Ball for all those desiring to attend. It was such a blast! Love this picture.

Fair daughters of Eve were many and merry that day.

Like a still from a movie.

"I do say, Mr. Lueken, your scarf thing is like really, really neat."

The greatest security measures were taken that day. You look cool there, Marscel.

Aidan Flynn, chief of Ball security.

Jonathan Lueken ... bouncer.

Now isn't that adorable.

"Ok, for all you clutzes, I don't want you hurting yourselves or any innocent bystanders around you."

Melissa, foreground, did so well trying to teach everyone the proper steps.

Mr. Darcy eyes the crowd (you look so cool).

lol, anyone remember Noah? This picture makes me laugh everytime I see it.

The engaged again.


Mrs. Niednagel was so patient with her inexperienced husband.

One and all.

"Sink me."

The Grand March.

The evening carries on ...

Lea and Melanie.

"Muvah, I brut yew an oange."

I call this ... Ladies on the Staircase.

Ooooh ... a secret camera! After all, this is a Masonic Lodge. I won't ... go there ... right now.

Thank you all for coming! 'Twas a splendid time, and please tune in next week for our Hawaii/California trip extravaganza! Until then!

Lord bless you all!