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Shania Twain


Thomases Arrive
May 4, 2009

No baby yet! Exact due date is this Friday, the 8th. The Thomases are here and all is well! Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Perhaps, just perhaps, the next blog post will have baby pictures. :-)

Must be off. Lord mightily bless you all, and thanks for stopping by!

The Thomases are here ... let the madness begin.

Things started off pretty typical, with Micaiah walking around brandishing all the weapons he could in the house. No, you nhoj, you're supposed to hide a pillow under your arm to make your bicep look bigger like in the movies.

There we go.

Took him like 5 hours to download the latest updates for me from ClearPlay. Not hard to see why.

Hello, dear Ma! Now her and her two daughters all have that same cool shirt. Gonna get a trio picture.

The boys help me install our new baby hammock. Yep, the hammock our baby will sleep in till he or she is about 9 months old. Pretty awesome! See for yourself ...

Movie time! Dad let me borrow the projector and it works perfectly against our textured wall.

The neighbors stop by.

Slightly cute.

Meliss and I aren't taking any chances with the swine flu going around.

Kally joins us for a walk.

Micaiah insists on coming.

My bouquet, I guess.

Little man! He has some of the funniest expressions. ENFP / INFP are still up for grabs, though we're still leaning extraversion. Just so totally mellow sometimes (yeah I know, 'E's can be mellow too, just calm down).

If you're not in the mood of mushy pictures, leave now.

"Will you do it for your king, Marian?" - "No, I'll do it for you."

The world blooms, and the child comes.

My white princess.

"Oh mom, you were so pretty ... and still are!"

Ello, sistas.

Lighting was perfect.

"So whaddya say?"

Without that chain, Micaiah would be a total loser.

I guess that's art or something.

I like it.

I showed Keonie how to do that.

So before the boys came I set up a computer in their room with the game Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood on it ... when one day they came back to find this strange error message.

Dude, don't look at me.

Move over, young jedis, and let the master play.

Mary returns, and the baby is still yet lower and ready to pop! Err ... ready to be gracefully born. Almost look like a real doctor there, Melanie ... ... Not ... (throwback to the 90s, yeah!)

My wife has been the picture of diligence. Love you, my heart.

I've had it up to here with Micaiah breaking our house rules. He's staying at Jeremy's from now on.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your prayers! Next post may have a baby!