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A New England Extravaganza
September 16, 2009

Ninety-four pictures posted from the trip. Needless to say, I don't have much more to say. Oh what a trip! Thank you so much, dear family, for another wonderful stay in New England! Love you!

Enjoy! Lord bless you all!

Hammond Castle awaits us! Tis the morning after our arrival and people are on the move. Michael and Ma look finely dressed for the occasion while Matthew appears to be going with the wife-beater.

My little neph!

The corruption of William begins.

The hunkometer reads ... I'm sorry, the hunkometer has short-circuited.

Locksley chooses white for the occasion, signifying his purity and innocence. I explained to him that he was born into sin and nothing but a filthy wretch, but he just looked at me and smiled.

The face only a mother could love ... and maybe a few other thousand people.

Robin of the Hood, held by the mother of Marian.

We're looking pretty good ... pretty much the best we know of.

We quickly realized just how many perfect places there would be to take pictures. It would soon become a media frenzy.

Some weirdo pops out from behind the bushes.

From the weirdo's perspective. I later realized, to my horror, that we had a mason in our midst.

Proud (but humble) grandparents.

We have entered the castle. Due to its maze-like structure, we decided to hire this half-starved, lice-infested peasant boy to be our guide for half a shilling. Poor kid didn't even know Britain lost the war and the currency is no longer accepted.

In the darkness, quiet, alone, undisturbed, I contemplate my naval.

The medieval, merry couple.

This wax statue totally freaked us out ... until we realized it was only Pa.

Micaiah really fits the part for some reason. Probably because there have been so many maniacal ENTP tyrants in history.

Matthew pays his catholic respects. Maybe went a little too far.

A handsome gathering.

A handsome yeoman ... oh wait, not supposed to compliment myself on my blog. A not totally ugly yeoman.

A maid amidst the shadows.

Just so many awesome places to take pictures!!!

Hark. I peer into a small opening to espy a fair maiden readying herself for the evening banquet.

Her reflection upon the mirror is fair indeed.

The banquet is prepared. The great hall is ready.

I enter, to the applause of royal guests, with my chosen queen.

Her gaze doth melt mine heart.

Lovely, darling. Simply lovely.

The noble Thomas clan.

Outside there was this sweet arch structure.

"We shall always protect you, dear sister, provided you shall always cook for us."

Pa and I converse as we gaze upon the Atlantic.

In MJ memoriam.

Michael and I bow to our respective loves.

Just so awesome. Just so fun!

I think we've chosen this year's Christmas picture. :-)

Silhouettes by the sea.

"I think it's too big, Grams."

All of us.

Micaiah makes a decree. Nobody listens.

Had a blast sword fighting on the drawbridge until they told us to stop.

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