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November 22, 2009

Happy week of Thanksgiving, all! Today's a very special day, simply because it was on this day, 2 years ago, that I proposed to my dearest wife. Oh man! Was that hard! Glad that's over!!!

It's so dfficult for me to even watch this ... probably because I'm such a goober. :-) In any case, I will NEVER forget this day for as long as I live. Yes, so heart-wrenching and nerve-wracking, but what a priviledge to ask the woman you love to be your companion for as long as you both shall live. Can't even describe the "magic". The song playing is called "The Voyage", and best describes the journey we began back then and are now currently on. Thank you, Lord, for my best friend!

Ok, like, this blog entry is kinda boring, but don't just blow. Fight the impulse to be constantly entertained in this ADD generation and try to simply appreciate the simplicity and elegance of this entry. Plus, the last picture is one you won't want to miss. I'm telling you, it's worth waiting for (and don't you dare scroll down till you've gone through it all.

All right, Lord bless you all!

The pink and yellow thing turned 5 a few weeks ago. Man, it seems like only yesterday when she was totally bald and crying whenever I held her.

The greatest gift of all.

Happy birthday, Kalea!

We jump ahead a few days and find ourselves at the Reformation Ball held by our church on the 31st. It really was a blast (danced to 11)! Meliss and I donned our colonial costumes again and were please to find other people dressed up as well.

Emily Andersland, our faithful William holder.

"No honestly, Jordan, you look like a total fruitcake."

Jump ahead again and find ourselves touring the Mitchells new home. should be completed sometime in the spring. Quite the place! I think it's something close to 550,000 square feet, not including the basement. Slight exaggeration, but let's just say there's room enough to stretch your legs.

Miss Melody joins us! So good to see you again.

Too cute.

So like all of a sudden Noel busts out his unicycle and starts doing this circus-act. INTJs never cease to amaze me.

"That's where you'll sleep, Jon, right next to the cat box."

We ready ourselves for a family Christmas picture.

Not bad.

All right ... find the critter that I just happened to stumble upon recently.

Now that you've found it, tell me WHAT it is. Winner gets ... my respect.

So what's Melissa doing this fine evening? Watching a wedding online. Yeah, talk about weird, but I guess sorta cool at the same time. We were invited, but couldn't make it all the way up to St. Louis without me taking work off (being a Friday). So, I guess we did the next best thing.

This is too weird.

An epic shot Meliss took from our window last week. Heh, almost let this one get away from me.

Just a random picture of a delicious Mexican dinner we had the other night. William has graduated to the Bumbo! Thanks again, Nate!

Step aside, "Hunko Jordo", it's "Hunko Willo".

That's my outfit he's wearing! Amazing thing is, that's like my 11-month old outfit, and it fits him at 6 months!

Locksley poses with baby daddy.

I was a little older, but close enough.

Had Blake and Peggy Hiett from church spend the night with us last Saturday. So great having you all!

A picture of the house. Look more closely ... top right. That's me, 25-feet up, putting up Christmas lights. That, my friends, is one way to get a thrill.

Kids, don't try this while your parents are at home.

While in Springfield we heard a "Hey, Jordan!" Turned around to see Mike from basketball and his wife! Mike would like the world to know that he's a certified Jordan Niednagel Blog fan. He says, and I quote, "You can find other web sites, visit other blogs, but in the end there's only one you can trust. The Blog of Jordan Niednagel." Thanks, Mike! (my wife's telling me he didn't actually say that.) Anyway, nice painting! A pig jumping into a pond! Just incredible!

Okkkk ... hope you all have a great week! In case you're wondering, the "picture worth waiting for" I mentioned earlier is the one of Mike. If you have any issues, take it up with him.

Bye for now!