Erica Wheeler


Autumn Amusements
October 8, 2009

Hello everyone! It's late and I'm tired after a night of basketball, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope and pray you all are doing well! We're headed to Williamsburg, Virginia, in about a week for a little vacation with the Thomases. Should be a blast!

Thanks for stopping by. Farewell for now!

Tis' a lovely fall evening and with us is the Pearlstein family from church ... Clayton, Brooke, Eleanor, and little Athenasius, who we took pictures with a few blog entries ago. Had a wonderful time feasting, fellowshipping, and talking baby and beer theology! Cheers, Clay!!!

We'w tiwed.

If I had any doubts before that Meliss was an ENFJ, they've forever vanished. Locksley's bed just seems to keep getting finer and fancier with each passing day.

Doddy, moy I hav a gloss of wawm melk befo bed?

No!? Are yew mad!?

Don't you wish you could sleep like this?

A few weeks ago I gave a talk to a small group of home-schoolers in Ava about filming and cameras and just everything cinematography. Very fun! Showed a few clips from various shorts and got some good laughs. :-) Thank you for the invite!

"So as you can see, this folder I'm holding is just a crutch to make me look cool."

Out for a fall cutting of the field! Just fixing my hair as I continue putting along.

Melissa's spider art.

We had our newly found friend John Walker come and help us fix our sink (we've been having sediment problems with our well). As you can see, our little NT William carefully studied his every move.

Our little man is ready for college.

Had some fun with this one. Kalea enjoying some goat yogurt at co-op.

"You ain't gettin' my onions, Barb ... or my way-cool solar glasses."

Meliss attended Ami's baby shower in Springfield.

Little Ami. Cute little shnooker.

Brad and Locksley Steele.

Ok, Willy, let's be personable.

An Autumn walk through Sherwood.

I can push the stroller just fine myself, thank you.

Suddenly, to my horror, I lose my grip, as William descends our mile-long driveway.

The lighting was just so perfectly Fall that day. Cuties.

I wove u!

Like the angle of this one.

Baby Robin.

Took some pictures for William's passport last week. He had me laughing the whole time. :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Lord bless you all!