Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Amy Grant

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Sufficiency In Cincinatti
December 20, 2009

Hello, everyone! Gonna have a white Christmas? We just might, with a chance of snow on Christmas eve, but we're not holding our breaths (I don't think we've had a white Christmas since moving here, though we've had snow in December). Anyway, for us it'll be time with family and a few gifts given. Simple and meaningful. Hope yours is richly blessed!

Had a wonderful trip to Cincinnati for the Sufficiency of Scripture conference. Herein are some pictures from that trip. Met so many nice blog viewers and lurkers! I'm truly blessed to hear that my blog is a blessing to you all. Hope and pray it continues to be.

Just thought I'd throw in this blast from the past. :-) Great memories. Merry Christmas!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

So we get to the rental car place to pick-up our full-size car, but being a little early, it wasn't ready yet. "We've got a Jeep Wrangler Sport," says the guy, "which gets about the same gas mileage." - "Really," I reply. "Would you mind giving me a minute to consult with my eldest son?"

"He says we'll take it."

After a long 12-hour drive and a good night's rest, we're finally at the conference! Needless to say, 20-passenger vans were plentiful, making our vehicle the coolest there by a long shot.

Hark, I see Harold Angel.

Oh, it's just Melanie. (that's from Peanuts, btw)

Pretty swank place.

So it's lunchtime and we all decide to pile into the Kaiser's hotel room for some grub. As food flung and crumbs flew all I could think was, "I'm so glad this isn't my room."

Being the left-brain "J" and all, I made it a point not to spill even the slightest lettuce leaf ... never mind the three croutons I lost.

Back at the conference listening to Doug Philips.

With the Mairas, Joshua Philips and David Botkin. You don't look like you're paying attention, Daniel.

Ello, William of Locksley.

One of those crooked artistic shots of Mr. Botkin.

Peter Braderick. The guy's energy could literally power a large metropolis.

Mingling about.

We decide to ditch the crowds and go out to dinner with the Zes' at P.F. Changs! Don't ask me what Micaiah's doing.

Great picture, everyone! Wait, where am I? That's so unloving!

So I come up with a brilliant plan. Take my picture, and then I'll photoshop myself in later and none will be the wiser! Yeah!

I'll be giving photoshop classes starting in January.

So good to be together again.

Get that chunk of chicken down, Melanie.

Jonas Brothers.

Back in the Jeep and on our way to a very special place, all the while entertained by beautiful Christmas lights on every Cincinnati street corner!

Ice-cream, my friends, and this ain't no regular run-of-the-mill Baskin Robbins refried frozen milk garbage ice-cream. This is Graeters, the ritzy, overwhelmingly thick kind that makes you feel like passing out after the first bite. Marscel, you look like you belong in an early-80s high school flick.

Talk about an advertisement.

I love this guy.

So far so good. Everyone's pretty much normal and we're calmly enjoying our ice-cream (that's normal for Micaiah).

The sugar is slowly taking effect. Our minds are beginning to slip even as we speak.

Marscel's legally drunk, Melanie's experiencing a major brain-freeze, and Rebekah's pretty much gone. Matthew and Micaiah were eventually forced to carry her out.

Back on the street with my love. What a fun night.

Paul Washer. Spoke on loving Christ ... not morality ... not even the Christian life ... Christ, and Christ alone.

So I guess in traditional Philips style, an 11:00pm birthday party for Providence was held at the hotel. In traditional Niednagel style, I went straight home to bed (with my more-than-agreeable wife), but I'm sure it was a spanking a time.

Apparently something interesting down in the lobby.

Mr. Roberts.

Mr. Parish.

Mr. Niednagel.

Mr. Bauchum. You ever totally get amped to buy all these new books, and then you realize just how many you want, and then you get so overwhelmed that you end up not buying any of them? Just wondering.

Chatting with the Harper sisters.

Finding something amusing with Isaac Botkin.

You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you ...

They say William actually looks a lot like Micaiah at his age ... I'm hoping things will quickly change.

Ma smooches her grandson. William later told me just how utterly embarrassed he was.

A final dinner at Golden Corral with the McIntires, Mairas, Mortons and friends.

William's zonked.

It's our final morning together and Pa's spending some final moments with his grandson.

Model hunk not included.

On our way back we were so blessed to stop by great grandmother Toody's house! It was William's first visit with her, and he was all smiles.

My 96-year old grandmother is a living legacy of complete trust and reliance on Jesus Christ.

Her organ and two pianos. Quite the ensemble.

My grandmother's yard in Indiana literally has the fattest squirrels I've ever seen. This picture doesn't do justice, but that tub of lard almost took down the entire tree branch.

So good seeing you, dear Toody!

We are home, as night falls upon Locksley manner.

What a trip, eh Willy?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by!