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Of Thanksgiving, Weddings, & Christmas
December 8, 2009

Yes, my friends, the cheesy snowflakes are back! Just look at those babies fall! (assuming you're using Explorer) Anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, merry Christmas anyway! Been a full few weeks, so I'll just cut to the chase. We drove down to Texas for Sarah Hutchins wedding this past week and had a most joyous time.

But first, one "little" announcement.

The birth of Jack Flynn Thomas! Little Jack arrived into this world on December 3rd at a whopping 9 pounds! Mother and father are doing well. Tell me he doesn't look like Michael in this picture! Whoa! Anyway, you can see more at

Thanks so much for stopping by!

My kind parents let Jer and I each have one of their old barns! Had to pay our good friend Joe (driving the tractor) to repair some of it, but it sure beat spending 800 bucks or so for a new one! Now I got a place to put my mower and wheel-barrow and ... you're probably getting sick of this caption so I'll just stop talking.

Thanksgiving day with Jer and family and the Voellers. So good to see you again, Mrs. Voeller!

Justin's growing like a zit. Taller than me now. "That's not saying much." Oh shut ...

One of the best Thanksgiving meals I've ever had, and that's saying a lot.

Amazing how quickly families grow.

Pick your dessert.

We jump ahead now and find ourselves having just picked up Melanie at the airport in Texas to rendezvous over to the Hutchins home. Hey, sis!

I guess Matthew and Micaiah wrote some notes for friends to read, so they anxiously did so to the light of our rearview car light. Hey guys, where the nhoj was mine!?

Chatting the next morning with the Nelsons. A real joy meeting your family!

Let the wedding pictures begin! Yes, pretty casual, Texas style! The weather was just absolutely perfect that day. The Lord richly blessed.

Dumb plastic shoe!!!

Aerial view.

Stephen Hutchins ... what else is there to say?

The fam.

Amanda and Melanie are sort of like facial moles. At first you don't like them being there, and then you gradually come to accept them, and then later you actually find them to be somewhat attractive. I've almost begun the second stage.

With the bride.

Um ... with the bride.

The girls and the Hutchins sisters.

My incredible cinematography skills being so well-known and all, I was asked to film the wedding from the balcony. At the time I had no idea I wasn't being paid.

Lovely ceremony.

This is one of those pictures where you totally screwed up but then you post it anyway thinking people will find it artistic and figure you did it on purpose when you actually didn't and just totally screwed up.

"Can't believe how nice Jordan is to be filming our wedding."

That ... is no thimble.

I call this the "One-arm Willy."

He sometimes just has the best smiles.

I know, girls. I know.

Yah!!! Friends 4ever!!!

I'm too mature for this.

Back at the Hutchins plantation waiting for the bride and groom.

So much said in a simple look.

They're here!

Cutting the cake. (took me like 10 minutes to come up with that caption)

Weird tradition.

An ecstatic mother of the bride. So wonderful meeting you, Mrs. Hutchins!

"Man that was some kiss!"

Horking some PB&J from the children's table!

Lord mightily bless you, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hipps!


Another weird tradition.

They're gone! Time to really party! :-) Nothing like a little midnight "knock-out."

And some dancing! Twas a total blast.

It's the next morning and time to head back to MO. Goodbye, dear Hutchins! (you too, Ben :-)

Back home ... just so many things you can do with a baby.

Melanie and Meliss are outside cutting cedar clippings for a special party!

Slightly cute.

I'm not trying to brag, but I have the most creative, artistic wife ever to walk this earth. She made this gigantic, beautiful garland to go across our entire living room in less than an hour.

Daddy's cleaning up and looking like a goober! Our guests are about to arrive!

Last Saturday we hosted a healthy cookie exchange! Really had some phenomenal recipes that made for some really, really good cookies. Thanks so much for coming, everyone!

Some slightly cute faces.

The "Left-Right" game. Very fun. :-)

As Melissa reads, the ladies pass around the prize. "Jesus was born RIGHT in Bethlehem (lady hands prize to her right), and was LEFT lying in a manger (lady hands prize to her left)."

Anna Lang watches with anticipation.

Kaitlyn Ford and Jessica Gingrich.

The cookies are carefully labeled for the panel of distinguished judges to ... judge.

The distinguished panel. Jordan "The Cookie" Niednagel, Jeremy "The Chew Master" Niednagel, and Keoni "The Milk Machine" Niednagel.

They circle the island, each taking their fair share (we hope).

After our company left it was time to kick back and relax and enjoy our evening together.

We wove you.

What better way to end our Christmas evening than with a showing of Muppet Christmas Carol? If this movie isn't on your "every year" list, put it on there!

I've fallen in love, and I'll never, ever, fall out.

Merry Christmas, and thanks again for stopping by! Lord bless you.