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April 'Appenings ...
April 30, 2010

Greetings from Nottinghill! How are you? April for us has been pretty low-key and non-eventful ... just the way I love it! :-) Man, just going outside everyday after work and planting trees and bushes and landscaping has been pure heaven for me. Almost nothing I enjoy doing more. This next month will be filled with various activities, but you'll just have to wait till the next blog entry to see them. I know. The anticipation is killing you.

So this is just a short and sweet blog entry. Well, I don't know about sweet, but it's short. Can't demand your money back cause you didn't pay JACK in the first place, so stop complaining.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

A few shots of William Locksley you didn't get see on MLB (Melissa Lee Beautifully). That's kinda cool. Beats Major League Baseball.

Sweet, sinless perfection (cha right!).

I love his goofy smiles. Honestly though, William is really growing to be a very obedient, kind little boy. He's just the biggest blessing ever, and that's coming from someone who grew up thinking kids were pests.

Da muva and bebe.

The year is 550 B.C. We are in Israel. This is a hard-working, child-bearing, grain-grinding Israeli woman with her serious-minded, diaper-filling firstborn son, David Jacob Moses. The lad is of age to take on a wife, and is about to embark on a journey to a distant land on his hands and knees in order to find one. He knows the perils that await him, hence the absence of joy.

That's just too cute. :-) Danielle held a Sader at her home for some friends to attend with their children.

Shoot! I look Jewish!

Every kid's nightmare. Child: "But mom, I don't want to wear measuring tape around my head!"
Mother: "You're gonna wear it and be grateful!!!"

The joyful Jews. Don't know what that Gentile's doing there in the front.

Danielle teaches.

That lady again.

"That lady's creeping me out, mom."

The children spread "blood" on the doorpost.

Mrs. Sicilia with David Jacob Moses. He thought he had finally found a wife when I had to break it to him that she was already taken.

It's a beautiful spring day and it's time for the yearly church photo. This would be our first time included!

Joseph thoughtfully manages the chair.

Luke sharpens up. Lookin' good, my man.

We all agreed the day this picture was taken was like the best day ever. A beautiful, relaxed Saturday with perfect weather and nothing to do but be together and work outside.

Every time we give Willy a hug we go "Awww!" He's picked it up and it's so cute when he does it. :-)

Melissa Lee sews next to the stone wall I am painstakingly building (to make that side of the hill a garden). Not super cheap to buy stone, so it's being added on to as funds come in. If you or a loved-one would like to give to the Adopt A Stone For Jordan fund, please send donations to me, Jordan, at my home address. Gifts in excess of $1,000 will receive a complimentary autographed rock.

My Spanish maid.

Landscaping material.

Our tulips were gorgeous this year.

Ok, so, after spending an entire evening doing my taxes on Turbo Tax (and still not completing them), I came home with a dozen eggs Danielle had so kindly given us. Seeing Meliss and William in the window, I slowly walked over to them, opened the carton of eggs, took an egg, and smashed it on my forehead right in front of them. lol, you should have seen Meliss. She was like, "Oh my gosh!!!" William just laughed. All in all, it definitely released much of the tension I was feeling. I highly recommend it.

Daddy took his first shower with Willy! Such a blast! He definitely got the shower-loving gene from me (perfect placement of that bottle, huh?).

Just had to do this. Man, check out that boy's pecks!

Mirror photo. You look like a movie star, hon. :-)

Three months ago ...

And now. I love spring.

Come to the Ozarks, where dinner is served fresh to your door everyday!

Thanks again for stopping by!