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A Special Announcemnt / Nathan's Visit
August 28, 2010

For those few of you who aren't on Facebook ... we have a very special announcement to make ...

By this time next year, we'll be having another one of these!!!

My dear wife is expecting again! Praise the Lord! lol, as far as having a girl, that's just pure conjecture, but William's thinking in the event that he does get a little sister she'll probably look just like this. Personally I'm hoping she'll look a tad more feminine, but this would still make for a cute little girl. For some reason, though, my gut feeling is that we'll have another boy, but usually my gut feeling is totally wrong, so we'll probably have a girl. There you have it. My logic is staggering.

Anyway, the baby is due in the end of March and so far Melissa has been doing EXTREMELY well. Basically very little to no sickness, and we are so grateful. Right now the baby is supposedly the size of a kumquat. How's that for a mental image.

Anyway, Matthew Thomas' birthday was back in July, and Nate and I decided to make him a birthday video at the LAST minute, and I do mean last minute. Hence, it makes no sense whatsoever, but I trust you'll still enjoy it. :-)

Anyway, on with the pictures. Nathan Daher came to visit yet again and we had an awesome several weeks together. And here we go ...

Anticipating teenage acne, William asked to have his high school graduation picture taken early.

Aloha, Nathan! Here we are down at the river enjoying a little hillbilly swimming. A group of teenagers walking by made fun of our green noodles. Weren't laughing anymore after we pelted them.

Got the cool yellow coaster.

The Feeler mother with her Thinker child.

The two Ks enjoying the day.

Chillin' out back home.

Wish I could say this was some cool camera setting that was able to capture the light coming from our projector ... but the reality is ... Meliss burnt our dinner. Thanks for the cool pic, though, hon!

I thought when I turned 21 I wouldn't like video games anymore. Then I thought after I got married I wouldn't like video games anymore. Finally I figured after having children I wouldn't like video games anymore. I still love video games.

Time for some more hillbilly fun down at Bull Shoals Lake! Got one of our wave runners working and had a delightful time of aquatic engagements.

Kyle Shields takes it for a spin.

Brad can do this.

Oh yeah!

Oh look over at that sweet conservative patriarchal home school family!

The NFP uncle and nephew go out for an emotional joy ride.

We don't want to get off!!! Wahhh!!!!

More wonderful memories made.

That's a sacked babe.

Jump ahead now to our kayaking trip! A beautiful day, and we were very blessed to have Jamesy Daher accompany us (visited over the weekend).

Mom braces herself as Jamesy takes an unannounced whitewater detour.

My ENFJ Audrey Hepburn.

That water was FREEZING.

My little man sure brings lots of smiles to his daddy.

Keoni munches on some generic object he found on the ground.

Ever tried walking through running water that reaches past your knees? Strong little girl.

Ready ...

... Throw!

This would be Nathan Daher standing in the river, with trees, sky, and clouds in the background.

Blue herons are a common sight along the river.


The following day our good friend Luke Bechard came down for the night and brought along some of his boom booms.

Nathan: "Boom boom?" Luke: "Boom boom."


Those are not professionally crafted earguards. Those are regular Sony music headphones. Might as well had a square of toilet paper taped to my head.

Dinner at Locksley Manor!

Four on a couch! Ever played it? Very fun, although we could have used some more people.

The fountain I bought for my dear wife's birthday still stands tall and proud. Provides a lovely light-piece in the evenings.

Just a random picture of me feeding William with a straw. He actually just learned how to do this recently. Needless to say, he really sucks.

Lunch after church at Hu Hot! It's a new mongolian barbeque restaurant in town and very tasty! Especially if you're a ravenous, nursing pregnant woman.

Uncle Nate.

Willy really enjoyed watching the guys fling their kitchenware in the air like ninjas.

William Locksley Niednagel ... Intrepid Explorer ... Sailing Extraordinaire ... Oversized Life Jacket Wearer ...

Out on the pontoon! Had been quite awhile since our last time out. In fact, I was single the last time we went out on the pontoon. The day was gorgeous and we had a most delightful time.

I forgot to bring plates and cups. It was Danielle's fault for not calling me back twice to remind me.

Mothers and sons.

We belong in a sappy chick flick. "The Green Noodle."

As does Kalea.


Locksley truly loves his grandma.

The end of a fun day in the Ozarks. So great having you, Nate!

No, not a fist bump. I'm trying to teach William to say "yes" in sign language. He's finally got it down! So, at fifteen months old he can sign "thank you," "please," "yes," and will wave "hi" on demand. He's also starting to repeat words. "Whem" = "William" ... "Momma" ... "Daddy" ... "Menny" = "Melanie" ... and our
all-time favorite ... "Poo Poo."

Man, I just realized how many stinking pictures of William I have on here. Sorry about that.

Gotta love the garb.

Took him out his first 4-wheeler ride! He just sat there quietly and seemed to enjoy it. :-)

We were blessed to attend the beautiful funeral of Christine Hope Courville, daughter of Josh and Jemima Courville. Born several months early, on August 15, 2010 at 9:23am, she weighed only 15 ounces. Her existence on this earth was very brief and she went to be safe forever in the arms of Jesus Christ at 6:40 pm. What an impact a 9-hour life can have.

Hugs and words of comfort.

We gather for her burial beneath the light of the moon.

For now, goodbye, dear Christine. "I will go to him, but he will not return to me." - King David

Thanks so much for stopping by. Life is short, so make it count for eternity!