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February Fun
February 26, 2010

Hello again! Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Our warmer days (meaning 50s) are starting to come more frequently, and we just can't wait. March usually brings one last snow, though, so not quite there yet. Has been a very nice, relaxing month for us doing things around the house and continuing to make it into a home. March 16th will mark our 1 year anniversary since we've moved in! Wow! Thank you, Lord!

Mom and Jeremy and his family are in New Zealand right now on a business/pleasure trip (have a rental home there that needs to be furnished)! Sunny and mid-70s and absolutely beautiful. They'll be back mid-march. I'm taking care of Jeremy's chickens. Yeah, they go off to paradise while I get stuck with those feathered cannibles. Serious, chickens are mean! I had the rooster going at me the other day! Little punk.

On to the pictures. Had yet another wonderful weekend with the Zes family is St. Louis! Hence, the appropriate music. :-) Thanks so much for stopping by! Melissa's updated blog can still be found further down on the right side of the page.

And here we go ...

Update: Just got this picture from Jer an hour ago from NZ. Have fun, bro!

Meant to put this on the blog earlier, but this chest was a Christmas gift from Jeremy that he spent months making for William! Check it out! It's made of several different types of wood, and he also put 11 different vintage historical "William" coins inside! This chest is like amazingly awesome.

From left to right ... William Tell coin minted in 1939, William Penn coin minted in 1882, William Henry Harrison coin minted recently, King William IV coin minted in 1834, King William III coin minted in 1697, William Henry Duke of Gloucester coin minted in 1773, William Shakespeare coin minted in 1964, King William II coin minted recently, and another King William II coin minted recently. Also, as you can see, is "William" inscribed in the wood. Talk about the most thoughtful gift ever. Thank you, Jer!

A good 6 inches of snow! Eat your heart out, New England!!!

Locksley Manor.

It's time to go outside, little man! He can barely move in this outfit. For some reason helpless babies are so stinking cute.

This was supposed to be a totally cool epic picture of me standing in the creek with the snow and everything, but it turned out totally lame and unlike anything I was even remotely picturing. Stupid.

William, relaxed and keeping it real, chats with his Aunt Melanie.

"Nah! Get outta here!"

William's first avocado entree. Amazing to think this is the same kid who gladly eats dirt.

Meliss has been following all these home decorating blogs where women take ordinary things and turn them into beautiful home innovations. The other day I came up with this. Ladies, mothers ... think twice before you throw away that water-logged diaper.

You wouldn't believe the compliments we've been getting. The doorstop diaper has changed our lives.

Feel the horse's back. Pet the pig's snout. I had to explain to William that the real things don't feel even remotely similar. He was more interested in his pants.

That's what you call a serious baby.

That's what you call a smiley baby. :-)

Caught a glimpse of my infant self in this photo of William looking thoughtfully out the window. Amazing how those resemblances pop out at times for only a split second.

I don't think I had ever seen icicles this long on a house. They were like close to 4 feet, growing AROUND our Christmas light icicles.

It's somebody's birthday!

And without fail, the pink and yellow thing is here to help open presents!

Oh ho ho. Mr. Hubby gets the prize for the biggest gift. Yes, that's wallpaper. What? At least I stinking wrapped it. What?

Tis a indoor medieval fountain! Locksley didst search far and wide for it cause he loveth thee!

Just love the sound of running water.

Happy 24th, my beautiful bride.

"Where are we? What a nice bathroom! Maybe if I hit this sliding glass door hard enough it'll shatter!"

We're in St. Louis again visiting our beloved Zeses for Melissa's birthday! Mrs. Zes also happened to be celebrating a birthday that weekend.

Pretty amazing looking cake! I say "looking" because, honestly, it wasn't the best tasting (a wee bit too much cardamom). So, I'd be lying to say it was delicious, but since we were guests and it was so nice of you guys to have us over, I'll just lie. That cake was delicious!

Happy birthday, girls! Now the OTHER white chocolate cake ... that was delicious! :-D

Mr. Zes is a collector of Christian history. Check this out. This a lamp that could be purchased at the coliseum (as a souvenir) showing a lion eating a Christian. Can you believe it? Today we take home baseball hats and flags. Back then they took home stuff like this.

It's the next day and the ladies have taken us to downtown St. Louie to the London Tea Room! I had a rock cake and a sandwich a few sips of tea and felt very British.

Very fun. Thank you so much!

For whatever reason, Hannah cinematically gazes off into the middle distance.

Rebekah's turn for an advertisement. Looks like one of those cheesy ads you find in an airplane magazine.

Little man accompanies us. He's sitting up now!

Yeah, we're dancing. That night we all went into the dining room (Mr. Zes kindly held William) and danced the electric slide and cotton-eye-Joe (or whatever its name is). I know the Zeses pretty well now, but to actually DANCE with them in their dining room was at first a little creepy.

lol, but it really ended up being so fun! You go girls!

Slightly cute.

The night is still young! Let's go for a walk out in the newly fallen snow. I was comfy other than for my paper-thin dress pants.

Melissa, Rebekah, and Hannah. Oh wait, let me change my camera settings ...

Melissa, Rebekah, and Hannah.

Beware. I'm one of those average all-American fathers who completely ignores his child as he tears up your house.

Ooh! Who's that! It's Papa Zes! lol, so cute to watch William react to new playmates.

Eating ice cream and taking it easy before watching a movie. My favorite! Thank you so much again for another wonderful weekend!

"Why doesn't this thing move? What a piece of junk." The weather was nice, so we put William outside in his tot-rider and he loved it. Apparently wasn't loving it at this exact moment.

Baby heaven. Our white curtains in the sunshine make it look like we're in paradise.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Lord bless you all!