Man In The Mirror
Michael Jackson


February 19, 2010

I have been wanting to share some of “life” and projects through a blog post for some time, yet when I’m faced with the option of working on the blog or working on a project, I usually opt for the project. Then I get so overwhelmed thinking about exactly what I want to share, I end up not sharing anything at all. I have decided to work on that. I I am going to take the prize for being the last person to post about Christmas DIY crafts & projects, but I am going to do it anyway (or maybe I’ll just be the 1st to inspire for Christmas 2010!).

Life has slowed down a bit since the holidays and having company in our home for almost a month. I love the change of pace. Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed the parties and loved the company…but when life is still for a little while you ...



Of Nathan, Movies, & Business
January 29, 2010

Hello again, dear friends and foes! Sorry it's been so long since the last entry. Had our grand friend Nathan Daher from San Diego staying with us for over two weeks and ... well ... you know what a handful he can be. So yeah. That's why.

Anyways (I know that's not a word but I like saying it), it's snowing outside as I type and the Ozarks are looking gorgeous! Never have we had this much snow in our 10 years of living here.
Lovin' it.

Tragic what happened in Haiti. It's events like these that remind me how much I have to be thankful for, and just how much more I need to pray for and think about those suffering around the world (especially for Christ). The words of Man In The Mirror are a helpful reminder to always be ready to help anyone we see around us in need. One must start with themselves (if you don't like MJ, sorry). ;-)

One more thing to add. New visitors and people who are new to knowing me (or us) will notice that my job and our family business is rather ... unique. Exactly what is Brain Typing? Is it a psychology? Obviously I could write pages here, but here's a quick synopsis. No. Brain Typing is far from psychology. Why? Cause 75%-80% of the "Typing" my dad does is in sports by simply watching athletes. Right. He doesn't even talk to them. What separates Brain Typing is that it not only deals with our cerebral and mental traits, but also our physical. It's 100% genetic. You get it from your parents, or grandparents, which is why we've received blood samples from over 100 different people in an effort to help identify them. One can alter their personality to a degree based on upbringing (we figure 60% nature, 40% nurture), etc, but you can't hide how you move! Granted, BTs will tell you A LOT about someone's personality, strengths and weaknesses and the like, but it goes further by delving into your physical aspects. It's God-given and can't be changed. Try this. Have 5 children, raise them all the same, and see if they turn out the same. Why don't they? Everyone can recognize without us telling them that there are inborn traits each child had from BIRTH. When William was born, believe it or not, I remember vividly one of my very first thoughts was, "Thinker". Sure enough, he's 8 months now and people are saying how grown-up and "intelligent" he seems. He'll give you the warm smiles and all (being right-brain dominant), but nothing like his "feeling" cousin Keoni down the road. :-) It's just so amazing to see how God has made us all differently and yet with similar traits so we all can fit in the body of Christ so perfectly, each contributing in the ways He's designed us to contribute.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and Peyton Manning is going for his second ring. Experts are now saying he's likely the greatest quarterback to have every played. Here's a little video from 12 years ago when my dad was interviewed on ABC about him and Brain Typing in general.

Anyway, far cry from explaining everything, but that's BTs in a nutshell!

All right, on with the pics. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Nate and Jon Courville have arrived! I immediately put them to good use by making them feed our neighbor's cattle with (or for) me. Thanks guys!

That's actually a really cool pic.

People are so quick to judge.

Hah! Didn't separate it! You stink!

Didn't want to ruin my recent nose job.

Nate looks like some killer in a movie ... a low budget movie.

Now THAT'S a sweet shot!

The next morning before church it was cattle feeding time again. So beautifully misty. So surreal.

I'm Nathan Daher, and as your newly elected state senator I'll fight for you!

Beats the office.

Having said our warm goodnights, Nathan, ready for bed in his comfy elephant PJs, pulls back the covers to reveal ... he wouldn't be sleeping alone.

That night ... Nathan Daher wisely chose not to turn off the lights.

We played Cranium like 3 or 4 times during Nate's stay. Awesome game!

The mellow ENTP man's the computer while the obnoxious ENTP man's the mic.

"Cause I'm your lady!"

The Brain Doctor on-screen.

Pretty clever setup, huh? This is all for our upcoming Brain Type Trainer DVD, btw.

Get out the green screen, baby! We're going Hollywood!

With one simple application of Brain Typing you'll be on your way to beautiful hair like mine!

"Dude, are we on." I imitate the typical audio/sound guy.

Time for walkies.

Sleep, our baby fair.

Love William poking his head out. :-)

Time for a little b-ball! Jer has no idea where he's going.

Willy wanted a better view of his daddy's vertical.

Nate kindly makes us a delicious raw soup! I know, "delicious" and "raw" should never be used in the same sentence, but this was actually really good! No serious! I'm serious! Seriously!

I have a weird brother.

Michael, that is so you!

Yes, feeding the cattle again. If you're bored you're welcome to leave.

I even feed cattle in my John Travolta shirt! Leave a comment if you want one!

It's someone's birthday!

No, Locksley's is in May. Love this picture.


Happy birthday, pop! 62 big ones! Word game ... Cherries are to red what dad is to fossil.

Hon, this was amazing.

We treat Brad to lunch outside. It was 65 degrees that day and gorgeous! Thanks for all your help, Brad!

Mom always said the recipe for a content baby is just a book and a hefty bag.

Amen! Although back in the colonial period they would have disagreed. ;-) How terms change.

Uh oh, what's this? Yep, our next attempt at a short film! Actually, this will be a trailer for this year's San Antonio Film Festival, so unfortunately you won't be able to see anything till October. Can't believe we actually did it. Hopefully it'll be ... you know ... funny.

No comment needed.

It's someone else's birthday!

Another lovely meal at Danni's.

And another awesome dessert.

Happy Birthday, Chad! ... Don't know why I said that. You just look like a Chad there.

Jeremy makes the most interesting games.

The pink and yellow thing never fails to offer her present-opening services.

More Cranium. Not polite to gossip, Meliss.

More professional filming, complete with heat lamps and dinner table chairs.

Oh what, oh what could I be saying? :-)

And with that, we leave you! Thanks again for stopping by! Till next time!