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July 22, 2010

This could very well be the most insane blog entry ever. That is, the biggest blog entry ever, with a total of 146 stinking pictures. My fingers are raw and my rear is sore. If that's TMI, sue me.

Wow! What a trip! It almost felt like going to California in that we went to the beach 4 times and the water felt great (probably around 70 degrees). Meliss and I visited Block Island for our 2nd Anniversary, and it reminded me a lot of Balboa Island back in Cally. It was so beautiful, relaxing, romantic, and fun! The Lord so blessed our trip. Grateful beyond words.

With that I'll get on with the pictures. Three pages worth! You better enjoy it. I mean it. I'm serious.

And here we go ...

"I can't wait to see my crazy relatives! I'm gonna run around the airport and randomly tell everybody!"

That little flirty Casanova is gonna be married at 16.

First meeting with cousin Jack! Show love and give each other a hug! I SAID LOVE EACH OTHER!!!

Like having a roll of toilet paper in one hand and the entire toilet in the other.

Mike appears to be dressed and ready for our Independence Day party!

So there was to be this comical game show type thing for our independence day party, and I was to be a contestant and needed to write out some funny lines. Last-minute-Larry, as mom used to call me.

Thought you'd like to make it on my blog, Daniel Maira. You're welcome.

You too, Chris Yokel. Welcome.

Meliss welcomes each visitor with a "historical person name tag" to pin on their shirts.

Christian Socialism.

Darcy from below.

Our little baller. We tied a small leather lace in his hair to make a tiny pigtail. So cute.

2 years ago ...

Today, in front of the audience, with our love burning as brightly as ever.

I can't believe how adorable we are.

Let the festivities begin!

The sounds of yesteryear bring tingles to your spine.


Micaiah calls up the signers of the Declaration of Independence to come sign the document. A star on your historical name tag meant you were a signer.

Things have changed. Younger, shorter, and appalling signatures.

I wasn't a signer. Young William Williams just needed a little help.

The drama.

The gossip.

The eavesdrop.

The tell all.

The twins couldn't get enough of Will.

Jack Flynn Thomas with Auntie ... Susanna? I think?

This is our blog, so I'm posting lots of pictures of us. Get over it.

The two of us, with a soul waiting patiently for his time.

The three of us, his time having come.

Us again.

The boys did this hilarious skit with Flynn twin musical accompaniment. Just too difficult to describe. Had everybody in stitches.

Michael prepares to launch Micaiah.

The "To Tell The Truth" game show begins! One of these four fellows is the true Elias Boudinot ... the other three being manipulating imposters.

Mr. Thomsen had some incredibly witty lines.

They actually made me the lying imposter for all three game shows. Initially I felt honored, until it occurred to me that I must have been chosen for a particular reason.

Oh ho ho! Looks who's back in action! We had Amguard battles at our wedding, but I was a little too preoccupied with other things to take part at the time. Here you can see me clearly taking out the right leg of this unsuspecting ignorant youth. Ha haaaah!!!! I own you!!!

Everything was going our way until Anakin Skywalker showed up.

Michael, thanks to his lack of girth, narrowly escapes a fatal blow.

Oh baby, the moment I've been waiting for. Jeff Flynn and I, mono e mono. This is for all the times you called me Juicy Fruit!

Things got overly intense. Jeff and I were cuffed and booked before our swords even met.

A half-genuine, mildly cheddar cheesy smile, sis, but I've seen worse.

Time to dawce!

What joyous frivolity!

Evening ghosts.

I have no idea who invited Justin Bieber.

Awesome fireworks! I guess they're illegal in Massachusetts, but everyone shoots them off anyway and the cops just turn a blind-eye. I love this country!

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