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A Jolly June - addendum
June 29 , 2010

Hello people! Man, what a hot June we've had! Most of the country was pretty steamy up until a few days ago. Life this month has been very relaxed and enjoyable. I don't have a ton of pictures here, but we head to Massachusetts this Friday and ... well ... you know what that means. Lots of fun and crazy pictures for the next blog entry!

For the Brain Type enthusiasts who missed my dad on NBA TV last week, here's the segment for your viewing enjoyment. lol, they made my dad look at the camera and say, "I'm the Brain Doctor." He didn't want to do it, and it took him like 5 takes to say it the way they wanted him to. :-)

Anyway, Meliss and I will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary on the 4th! Oh my goodness gracious. Seems like our wedding was yesterday, yet it feels like I've always been married. Praise the Lord for my absolute perfect soul-mate. The joy you have brought me is beyond words, my love.

Here we go. Thanks for stopping by.

Hello Zeses! After our return from Tennessee we decided we couldn't let slip our chance to party with the Thomases and Zeses in St. Louis! Here we have our lovely two hams, Hannah and Melanie.

Let's get down!

Overall we agreed that I was the best dancer.

Willy's first trip to the zoo! The St. Louis zoo is the only FREE zoo in the country, as I understand it. You'd think it would be a dive, but quite the opposite. Also one of the nicest zoos in the country. Thank you, St. Louis tax payers!

William thought the penguins needed some clothes on.

The happy clan.

Tell me that isn't just an amazing creature of God.

Why do they have to be caged like animals?

Time to go home! Thank you for yet another WONDERFUL time, Zes family!

Our Olan Mills little man.

We now jump to ahead the most incredible Greek meal ever made. Meliss had been wanting to try a bunch of a new Greek recipes, so we invited over all our crazy Niednagel neighbors to indulge themselves.

What a delightful meal! I was later told I had sipped one too many Chardonnays that evening.

Frodo and William Baggins.

"Oh! You're kidding me!"

Dad finished a new booklet, "Brain Types and Parenting," and Meliss has single-handedly become our new BTI shipping department. Check out how wonderfully organized and Left-brain dominant she is.

Just a typical summer day ... hangin' around ... making faces. I love summer.

You can almost catch a glimpse there of a 16-year old William.

Yes, folks, it's that extra special annual time again! Blueberry picking!!! Man, I don't think I've failed to blog a blueberry venture for like 4 years now. Anyway, here we have our two little stinkers enjoying themselves in the playpen together.

All right. A challenging Brain Typing quiz for everyone. Which one is the Thinker?

The blueberries were GREAT this year. Huge and plump. Every fruit, in fact, has grown really well this year ... peaches, blackberries, raspberries, poison ivy, etc.

I'm not exactly sure if she caught it. That baby-carrier turned out to be the perfect blueberry-carrier.

Oh yeah! Wherever I went I noticed people whispering something about me ... obviously something about how stinking cool I looked or something like that.

Jeremy Jon Niednagel.

Barbara Lou Niednagel.

Danielle Noel Niednagel.

Just seeing if there are any mason brethren in the area.

The clouds while driving home were just out of this world. Someone mentioned it was some rare phenomena that only happens every 50 years or something like that? I don't know how true that is, but I had never seen anything quite like it in my 28 years.

It was like an ocean wave in the sky. What an unfathomable God we serve.

One more look.

As you can see, this is a pretty random blog post. We go from awe-inspiring clouds to William standing in the shower signaling "please" with his hand. Why? It's the funniest thing ... he can get in, but he can't get out! There's that little lip there that is just too overwhelming for the little booger. So cute. :-)

Now we jump to William standing on the scale! He was so embarrassed about his weight that he just began to sob. Almost looks like an artistic painting. "Sorrow On the Scale."

A William walking mini-series

We jump ahead again to another formal ball held by our church! That's me and Mr. Alger (or Mr. Alger and I, sorry). I didn't wear my tailcoat for long as it was just too hot. We sported William in one of those 19th century baby outfits that look kinda girly.

"Oh yeah. Bring it on." Let's just say, that night, William partook of many new delicacies he had never, ever experienced before. And let's just say ... later ... the results weren't too pretty.

We all had a ball.

Josh Alger makes it onto Niednagel.com for the very first time. Your bill is in the mail.

The following day was a small conference with speaker Jeff Myers.

And Hananiah makes his debut. Thanks for taking care of our squirmy Willy!

Another annual tradition has come around (thanks for this picture, hon).

Pond swimming time! William loves the water. He loves any kind of water, actually. He even enjoys me squirting him point-blank with a squirter bottle. I've never met anybody who actually enjoys that.

Swimming in the rain! It wasn't long before we had to get out due to an impending thunderstorm.

"Reach for my hand!!! WILLIAM!!!"

Mothers and sons.

We're outta here! (notice the fawn)

Thanks so much for stopping by!