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The Mayhem of May
May 27, 2010

Hello again, everyone! Have you had a merry month of May? As I mentioned in my last post, ours was expected to be packed, and that turned out to be a gross understatement. Disgusting, in fact. A revolting, putrid, rotting understatement.

Anyway, accordingly, I've got 120 pics to share, so I'll quit the blab and get on with the fab (this one's a two-pager, folks).

Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa Lee Beautifully is at it again, preparing her adorable doll table for this year's Baker Creek Seed Festival. Honestly, Meliss could take a pile of manure and turn it into something you'd want in your living room.

We're here! Master William is looking his serious, dapper self. Take it easy, brother.

Uh oh. Tayla just stepped in something, and I don't think it was any expensive cosmetic cream (great having you for the week, Tayla!).

Drop me an email if anyone would like this for their wallpaper.

Listening to some good ol' hometown country music.

Good friends together again.

What we would have looked like back in 1925 (pretty much the same, I guess).

The two Locksleys are hungry for some grub! It was free, actually (suggested donation). Some really good, vegan Chinese food (they don't sell meat anywhere at the festival).

Chatting with our good friends the Longs. In spite of my face it was a very amiable conversation.

And Evelyn.

And the Covingtons.

There, my friends, is the man of the hour, Jeremiath (love the getup). He was pretty much an inattentive home school dropout, and his parents just didn't know what to do with him. He had one love, however, and that was seeds. And so, in pursuit of this one love, he began selling them (heirloom), and in less than 10 years his company (Baker Creek) has turned into one of the biggest heirloom seed retailers in the country. Moreover, his annual seed festival is now drawing around 7,000 people a year from around the country (and beyond)! This place is less than an hour from where we live out in nowhere! Quite extraordinary.

Evelyn gave her ticket to Tayla (she had to go somewhere), and guess what happened? Yep, her ticket was called, forcing Tayla to go up on stage and receive her free prizes (notice the crowbar backscratcher in her right hand). We were laughing the whole time. :-)

The costume contest! It's now been reduced down to about 10 contestants, with Meliss and William still in the hunt there on the left.

Three contestants left. A very handsome couple indeed, with two sweet innocent little children to their right. And the winner of the 2010 Baker Creek Seed Festival Costume Contest is ...

I don't know how she does it, but she does it well! Congratulations, my prized love!

What a memorable day. Time to go home.

It's early the next morning and Meliss, mom and Tayla are at the festival to setup Melissa's doll table (festival goes for two days).

"A little to the right, Tay. Wouldn't want a sunspot on my softspot, now, would we?"

The Feeler table (minus William).

Soon Danielle showed up with the little ones (along with Brad Voeller and fam).

That outfit Keoni is wearing was my grandfather's as a little boy. Still in amazingly great condition.

Look at his left foot. Little ham is posing!

That face is the very definition of ENFP.

Joo Young, Brad's wife, with their little girl Jubilee.

This is William's signature scrunched-nose smile. It has people laughing in stores everywhere he goes.

And that's William's signature hunky look. He just turned 1 and he's already developing a love for books.

Jump ahead now to a short visit at the Andersland farm (15 minutes from us).

"Wish it was actual Doctor Pepper."

That face is so stinking cute (had to get 'stinking' in here at least once).

Mrs. A holds Willy Locks.

Had a lovely dinner that night with Tayla and part of the Brad Voeller fam.

Uh oh. Some shaggy-haired freak just drove by in William's tot-rider. This can only mean one thing.

The Thomases are here!!! Kisses are coming, Willy!!! Run for it!!!

Too late. :-)

Actually had been a year since their last visit. So wonderful having you all again!

Everyone wishes they had an Uncle Marscel.

Everyone wishes they understood their Uncle Micaiah.

"Yeah, Grams, I'm all that."

Micaiah just couldn't grasp how the plastic liner directed rainwater down the hill.

I pretend the Thomases are leaving.


Another one of those desaturated facial shots where you slap on your own cheesy logo so no one will steal it even though no one will steal it or even want to steal it ... except this time I was too lazy to slap on the cheesy logo.

Time for a walk!

Probably the worst sign ever.

Willy is a definite ladies man.

This guy was on our porch. Talk about a gorgeous blue.

Wanna ride? I give a certain ladylove my Austin Crowe glance, something no woman on earth can possibly withstand.

Hook, line, and sinker.

Got two of my best bros joining us for the ride!

The socks and sandals make my outfit complete. Wonder if I would have dressed like this during our courtship days.

I'd say they're having fun.

I'm a little nervous here.

Over to Branson for some lunch at College of the Ozarks! You'll recall we've taken people to this place before. Matthew, what are you doing?

Time for a walk afterwards on the campus grounds. Just gorgeous!

A swan. That there would be a swan.

A beautiful cathedral for the college students.

Ma returns with her spoils after crashing a nearby wedding. No fair!

We meditate.

As do the mothers.

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