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A Nifty November
December 2, 2010

How's that for a blog title? I love it!

So how are you all? Doing well here, thanks. We had a majorly blessed Thanksgiving and a wonderful "date weekend" in Branson (mom babysat Willy Locks). We leave for California this Saturday to visit the Dahers for what looks to be a fun-filled, packed week (as always when we go there)! One of our destinations will be Disneyland! Can't wait to take Meliss on the Peter Pan ride! A total blast from the past! Being pregnant she won't be able to go on a whole lot, but PP shouldn't be too intense. I'll take her on that or the Tower of Terror.

With that, it's late, so enough of the slop and on with the blog! Thanks for stopping by! Really hope you enjoy yourself! Not the most exciting entry here but you got nothing else better to do, right? That's what I thought!

And here we go ...

We begin with our "date night" in Branson at an awesome Mexican restaurant on the landing. Can't remember the name. Something swank like Paco's Tacos.

My ever-cordial wife offers to take a picture for these four nice baby boomers.

It was the 4th of November, and unbeknownst to us they JUST put up all the Christmas decorations all over town. Gorgeous.

I have to say ... that ice-cream cone there was probably the best tasting ice-cream cone I've ever had in my entire life. I hate it when people exaggerate like that, but I'm not exaggerating. Ok maybe I am but it was seriously so good.

We were able to take a picture for this year's Christmas card.

The next day was shopping. All day. That's all I remember.

We jump ahead now to Aneysa Foflygen's baby shower. Yep, she's pregnant all right.

Opening gifts. Women smiling and complimenting each other. I don't know. I wasn't there.

Willy and I play in the tub in our clothes! Now this is the definition of fun!

Gets kinda old after awhile, though.

Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? I had never seen it before in my 11 years of living here.

Hey Ma! What are you doing here? Oh, it's the day before Thanksgiving and the Thomases now only live 5 hours away! Course they'd be here! Can you believe it? She made this peanut-butter cup cheesecake just for me. It was so unbelievably awesome! The best cake I've ever had in my entire life! Ok I'm exaggerating again but who cares!

My queen gets her hair curled by ... my maidservant.

Come, dear, let us dawn tacky smiles while we light candles for our Thanksgiving feast.

Talk about a marriage advertisement.

Alina Maira and Melanie. So enjoyed having you, Maira family!

Willy, Melena, and the pink and yellow and blue and brown thing.

My wife has some serious kick-rear table setting skills.

I finally bought a new watch a few weeks ago. Just can't take my eyes off it.

I seriously can't.

That's one way to stop me.

All gather 'round the table. Thank you, Lord, for providing such a feast!

Pa reads a Thanksgiving day poem.

I'm just combing my hair. I'm not showing off my watch again.

Don't really have anything to say about this.

We engage in warm conversation around our delicious meal.

You know the food is good when Jeremy gets that look.

Alina feeds William three kernals of corn ... times fifty! I honestly can't believe how much corn that kid chugged down.

As we were eating it began to snow! That's a first! Didn't stick, but it was beautiful.

Outside for some freezing archery! Expand this and look at our faces individually. Priceless.

Maid Marian, backdropped by a heavenly sunset, gracefully readies her arrow.

Tayla Maira, backdropped by a heavenly sunset, tries to kill Jordan Niednagel.

I usually have at least one random Micaiah picture when they come.

No really, there are actually times when I do enjoy having my brothers-in-law around.

William ... is ready .. to roll.

And we're off! Yep, another walk! Wonder how many walks I've recorded over the years since the blog's inception. You just know you love them!

Love his new scarf.

Tayla so kindly does Melissa's nails as we all watch a double feature of the new A Christmas Carol and Toy Story 3.

All right, we jump ahead now to the next day and find Micaiah in an abandoned wearhouse riding a broken down truck. Very modernly artistic.

Mathew and some others ride atop a cement silo. Where are we? Welp, we are just outside Springfield visiting with the Hansen family! Had been freezing the two days prior, but today it warmed up to the upper 50s and felt quite lovely.

Standing, talking ...

... and swinging. You go, Pa!

Not bad for a girl, Ma!

That's a happy smile there, Kristian!

I just like this picture cause it made us look epic. I know most pictures make me look epic but I thought this one especially did.

Micaiah was doing this arm twist thing that I honestly still can't figure out. As you can tell by my face, I wasn't overly concerned about it.

Micaiah and Phillip. We all played a fun game of Moods, and their team never won. I don't think they even got close. Good attitudes, though!

I thought this was eloquent.

And with that, so long, and thanks for stopping by! The next entry from our trip to CA should be pretty exciting, so stay tuned! Bu bye now!