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October In The Ozarks
November 2 , 2010

Hello again! Tis late and I must get to bed, but it has been a blessed month and we're all doing well. In case you missed it, Melissa updated her blog and you can go there by clicking below.

For now, thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy yourself, or at least try to. Yeah.

And here we go ...

We start off with a picture of my ever-lovely, ever-expanding Meliss Lee. Course, this was taken several weeks ago, so she's even fatter now ... I mean bigger now. Anyway, by all accounts both her and the baby are doing just wonderful. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Basil, baby! Home grown! Before the first freeze we brought these in and spent the rest of the night watching a movie and picking off leaves.

We now jump ahead in time and find ourselves on the 2nd hole of Ava Country Club, with Mr. Jeff Ford intently studying the slope of the green. I don't get it. No matter how much time he stood over the ball he still missed the putt.

Jeremy makes the chip.

Jeremy, Roger Long, and ... Jeff ... doing bunny ears.

Jordan: 5'9". Jeff: 6'5".

I look cool.

That evening we had the Fords over for a cookout at Jer and Danni's. Ain't nothing better than hotdogs over an open fire!

Willy and I enjoy the dimming firelight.

Kombucha's back! Few of you probably noticed, but GT's Kombucha was off the shelves for several months due to the alcohol content accidentally exceeding .05% (thought I was acting a little giddier lately). Anyway, a few weeks ago I sent this picture over to Tayla Maira to rub in the fact that she didn't have any yet. I really enjoy doing things like that.

Shot this from our window at 7 in the morning. Deer season is starting soon. I'll be using the term "shot" in a different context next time.

We were blessed to have the Zeses stop in for their FIRST time a few weeks ago! Took them to Glade Top Trail, a somewhat well-known area in these parts that provides some great views of the Ozarks. Nice being together, but the experience was pretty boring. Just being honest. It was Melissa's idea.

A passing traveler lets William pet his horse.

Off for a little stroll.

Always so enjoyable and relaxing being around Mr. Zes.

Hi KK.

Thanks for stopping through, you guys!

It's somebody's birthday! Meliss made the most awesome pumpkin spice cake with orange frosting for my mom's birthday! It sounded totally gross to me at first, but after one bite I realized the taste was awesome. It was just awesome. The whole experience was awesome.

Thanks, hon. :-)

Had another celebration over at Jer and Danni's. You can never party too much! Happy 80th, mom!

The look of over-stuffed.

That's us. (I should probably clarify by now that it wasn't my mom's 80th birthday.)

I love how Kalea stares at mom the entire time as she opens her gifts.

Melissa sewed this nightgown for mom. The fabric is SO soft. I would wear it if was culturally acceptable.

The camera didn't quite capture the beauty of this evening, but the trees were a fiery orange and the sky a magnificent blue hue. No painting could ever come close.

Toody, if you're reading this, thank you so much for your financial gift you recently bestowed upon us! We used it to purchase this rug while in St. Louis! Makes the house feel more like a home!

Ok, time for a few fall pictures of Williamo!

Gotta love the hair.

One of his patented behind-the-shoulder glares.

My son!



That's a cute smile. :-)

Want to show you what I've been working on (this is my blog so if you're bored just leave). On the left you'll see the finished, tiered landscaping, and on the right the beginning of what hopefully will be the same ... if my pickaxe doesn't give out (or my back). By the way, I just want to thank all those who donated to the "Jordan Wall Fund" I mentioned a few months ago! I'm proud to announce that the wall is finished! The total sum received as of November 1st, 2010 ... is ... nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nobody gave jack diddly squat. Again, thank you!

That's cute.

That's cute too.

Was working outside when these rambunctious four came speeding by. Hey check it out! The ISTJ in front holds the ENFP, while the INFP in back holds the ESTJ! You've got every point of view packed onto one four-wheeler!

lol! When we tell William to smile he does this. Too funny. Anyway, that's one of my old outfits he's wearing.

He loves to point at the most random things. Look, air!

October 25th found us celebrating yet another birthday. Happy 6th, Kalea!

Pin the ... sticker on the ... staircase post.

The Brain Doctor even took part.

How boring would we all be without kids? Do you think Danielle would ever just randomly put on a blindfold and stick it to a post for fun? I don't think so!!!

Jump ahead now and find ourselves at our annual church Reformation Ball! Only a few people dressed up in unaverage clothes, and we were some of them.

Marscel and Meliss swingin'! Yep, for those who haven't heard, the Thomases are moving (and already have moved) to Oklahoma! I know, just crazy, but Mr. Thomas's job required it. So, on their way over they stopped at our place for the weekend. Now, instead of being 23 hours away they'll be only 5 1/2! Needless to say, we're very happy. You're in our prayers, Thomases (not an easy change).

Matthew and Hananiah were really going at it.

Melanie and Katie Bechard.

Micaiah was his usual dashing, quirky self.

You go, Ma!

Man, what a hunk.

A wonderful night. What a great alternative to Halloween. :-)

All right, it's that time of year again when you put on nice clothes and pretend like you're the perfect, problemless family for a Christmas picture! Dad fools around while Meliss and I argue over William's hair while Keoni tries to steal candy from dad's pocket while a confused Danielle turns the wrong way for the picture while Kalea desperately tries to put on a genuine smile . Anyway, it was pretty bright that evening.

Problem solved! Now that's a Christmas picture!

Not the one we're gonna use ... I just liked the angle.

Very sweet. So very sweet.

No! Like! You got it all wrong! Pcha!

Pre-Photoshop, I had a zit the size of a silver dollar on my forehead.

Brothers and their boys (I'm kidding about the zit).

That is so cute. :-)

Man this is getting cute.

Ok, that's beyond cute.

You're still, and always will be, the beat of my heart.

Time for the relatives to continue their venture to the land where corn grows as high as an elephant's eye. Bye, Aunt Melanie! Can't wait for you to potty train me next time you come! (we're serious)

Submitted this to Budget's ad department. Have yet to hear back.

Bye, Uncle Micaiah. Thanks for ... creeping me out.

Thanks again for stopping by!