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Of Bike Rides, St. Louis, Boat Rides, & Luaus
September 28, 2010

Welcome back to another exciting, oftentimes boring episode of the blog! So glad you could make it. Have a good month? Fall fell just a few days ago here in the Ozarks, and it's simply gorgeous. Supposed to stay in the 70s all week and reach 80 by the end. I like our weather here cause it doesn't just drop with no hope of feeling warm again. Septemeber often ends by going back up in temperature, and then October is where it consistently stays in the 50s, 60, and 70s. See, you've already learned something by coming here. Not a total waste of time afterall.

We had a busy, work and fun-filled month. I continue landscaping around the house after work as Meliss enjoys her sewing and crafty stuff whenever she has free time. So when's the next Melissa Lee Beautifully, you ask? I don't know. I asked her the same question. She got more views for her last update then I usually ever get. I was furious, and forbade her to ever update again. Oh wait. Maybe that's the reason.

Oh, for those who haven't seen our SAICFF trailer yet on FB or YouTube, here ya go! Fun times!

All righty, I think that's it for now. Oh wait ... one last thing. Over the years I've come across friends or friends of friends who wanted their own domain and a basic web site to sell a few things or blog or whatever other basic reason, but they didn't know how. I had entertained the idea for awhile of starting a small side job of sorts for helping these types of people out, but never really had the time. But, recently I decided to make a page offering my services for a fraction of what it normally costs to pay a web master (since this isn't my "day job," I can afford it). I don't offer databases or Flash or fancy things like that, but simple, attractive web sites that offer feedback forms and a shopping cart, etc., for people wanting the basics. Because my time is limited I require a one month deadline. For any other information, simply click the Locksley link above.

Okie doke, on with the pictures. Oh, and a new rule. If you don't update your blog for over two years, you're automatically off my blogger list. That includes you, Nathan. Sayonara.

And here we go ...

It's the annual church bike ride! Tis a beautiful day and everyone's revving their engines! It's gonna be intense!!!

And we're off!

Well, they're off. We're married couples with kids. Our idea of intense is eating salads with plastic forks.

The Alger men. You owe me for another cameo, Josh.

Peter Anselmo. I did good on this picture. Notice the lighting and clarity and position of the subject and the quirky smile of the youngster in the background.

Us couples finally decide to live on the edge and go for a walk. David, what are you doing there?

Found this skeleton alongside the railroad tracks. Could only mean one thing. The poor creature died of thirst.

Micah Bechard teaches me the history of beer. No, I'm serious. It's full history. Had I actually been drinking I probably wouldn't have paid any attention.

Little Miriam.

Now you owe me big time.

On the way home the next day we finally stopped by this little park alongside the highway that I've actually been ignoring for the 10 years or so I've lived here. On with the cootsie pictures!


Ohhh! Look at the cute little man in his cute little Sunday outfit!

He's looking to the side! How cute!

His cute little feet are in the cute little water! That is so cute! Isn't that cute?

Meant for this to be cute, but it turned out awkward and pretty dumb.

Now that's better!

Hey, even better.

Every father's dream ... a juicy zerbert into the stomach of his hysterically laughing child. Meliss calls it a "raspberry." What is UP with THAT? What's your term for it? Ok, I just looked it up. "Zerbert: creating a seal between a human mouth and flesh (commonly the stomach or arm) and then blowing, producing a something-like sound." (replaced with "something" by friendly family filter!)

It's the following week and we find ourselves on the beautiful grounds of Forest Park in St. Louis. Why? The Z family awhile back invited us to the annual classical concert put on by the St. Louis symphony. It was so nice and relaxing.

Auntie Hannah reintroduces herself to Locksley (when you're only 16 months everybody you met prior to last week never existed).

Such a gorgeous evening.

I like this picture cause of Mr. Z in the background (I like my wife and child too).

The ornate art museum behind us.

Noticed this guy filming for a local FOX station. After Mrs. Z was interviewed, I strategically left William by himself at a short distance ...

... and whammy! He made the news! (As did Mrs. Z ... and you can see Melissa in the background :-) Thanks, Jeff, for getting this video for me!

Two goobers in a chair.

Smiles abound this evening. As always, they made an incredible dinner.

Maestro, let the music begin.

With the bright, shining moon, everything was ethereal.

Actually one of the best firework shows I've ever seen in terms of how many went off AT ONCE on several occasions. Loved it!

Everything was perfect that evening ... but for that one irritating phone call from Melanie.

Teasing sis. ;-) All right, it's the next day and we're in the gift shop of a local lavender farm! Yeah, lavender! Wow! I was about to take a plethora of photos when the owner came up and asked me not to.

What we envisioned as a farm of sprawling, flowing lavender turned out to look like a parking lot with weeds growing everywhere. Still smelled nice, though. You'll notice the strategically parked car to my left. Anyway, I did ask earlier why I couldn't take pictures. "Oh, we don't want people selling photographs online as stock photos." Umm ... ok. I can see how someone could really make a killing.

$149.95 each.

It's the next day and we're at the St. Louis botanical gardens! I think I was up too late the previous night.

Like an outdoor fashion show, girls!

Every time I go to the gardens I realize how pathetic my landscaping skills are.

Check out all the honey bees.

I try to distract William from the happy kids spending money feeding the fish.

I'm telling you, that day was like something straight out of an April Cornell magazine!

I mean just look at us!

"And so she like took a picture of me and I was like, 'You are SO bad!'"

Blouse: $79.50 | Skirt: $49.90

Mrs. Z almost gets doused by water from the shooting fountain! Hah! Hah!

I think I'll get my hair just a little bit wet so I can cool off! Wait! What are you doing, Hannah?

You got me all wet! I'm all wet now! Rebekah is laughing at me!

What a day!

Ok, I'll be serious again. Sorry about that little episode. Anyway here we have Hannah and my starting-to-show pregnant Meliss.

Our little modern photographer. lol, Rebekah made his hair like that and we were all laughing. He LOVED her camera (at home it's a strict "no touch").

One more.

I love you.

Truly I do.

Our little lamb is ready to go home. Again, thank you SOO much for such an enjoyable time! It was definitely one of my favorites!

Apples. That can only mean one thing.

Apple picking season again! This year was pretty decent (last year didn't produce squat).

Got there a little late for picking, but we still got like 4 bags.

With his green grandma.

A few days later we had John and Yvonne Marriott over for dinner (they stayed at Jer and Danni's for a week - they're from Arizona). John and I go way back. So fun reminiscing on old times (he's an ESFP, so those "old times" were definitely fun times).

Out on the boat again on the first day of fall! Look honey, an unmentioned object of interest!

Keoni macaroni.

William gives orders even while he's vacationing.

We take Kalea for a spin. Not bad for an ESTJ!

Mother and child.

The result of trying to stand on a knee-board.

The end of a warm, wonderful September evening.

Time for a luau! Been awhile since we last had one of these! lol, check out Kalea's outfit.

A delicious meal courtesy of Danni catering.

The guys discuss fashion design.

Great seeing you again, John (and first time, Yvonne!).

And thanks again for stopping by! Hope it was worth your while! Better have been.