Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Of Balls and Birthdays
February 25, 2011

Well, I'm certainly glad that for some reason everyone took particular interest in that last completely mundane, unbelievably boring blog post. Unfortunately, this one is a little more exciting, so I hope it doesn't drive everyone away. Cha! Whatever!

So anyway, we had a fantastic February! I'm thankful, cause February is my least favorite month of the year. Probably not the best thing to say, as my dear, beautiful wife was born in February, but at least it gives us something to celebrate. Anyway, Meliss turned the big 25! Wow! She can now rent a car without all the extra fees! That's about the only perk! Sorry hon!

Just to let you all know, the next blog entry could very well have our newest Niednagel. Little him or her is due the 23rd of March, so we'll wait and see! As was with William, there will be full media coverage! (well, close to full.) Thank you for your prayers. We so much desire and appreciate them!

All right, on with the blog. Thanks for stopping by! I'll try not to make it too exciting! Just stay calm!

Yes, another ball, at the same place, with many of the same people. Actually, this ball wasn't put on by the church, so there were a number of different people. It was supposed to be a formal ball ... but by the look of things I think everyone misread it for "normal ball."

Hey Ma and Pa! Fancy seeing you here! The Thomases came for the weekend, and as always we had a family blast together.

"I must apologize ... for my tardiness. Twas next to impossible finding a carriage. Sink me, if everyone isn't so equal in your new society, that no one wants to do the driving anymore."

Marcel Pierre Thomas, having just been turned down, gazes cinematically off into the middle distance.

The Duke Adante, aks Micaiah John Thomas, with the first of many drinks that night.

And my man Matthew Isaac Thomas, also known as Josh Groban.

And that would be Melanie, and that would be Josh Alger. When this picture was taken, I suddenly happened to be taken back by a fellow wearing a limp cravat.

"Mademoiselle. You are even more beautiful than I recall. If ... that is possible."

Joyous frivolity.

"Really? Do I dance that bad?"

It's the next day, and an absolutely gorgeous day at that. Sunny and 70 degrees. What better way to spend it than outside planting bulbs.

My flower, with her bag of daffodils.

It actually said on the bag of bulbs that planting flowers was a family-friendly event, so we thought we would take this picture and send it to their advertising department. Have yet to hear back.

We planted them throughout the forest just beyond our yard. They better come up!!!

My little goober.

Okay, that's cute. I admit it, Melanie.

Grandpa Pa.

A bulb ... in the dirt.

I've had this insane mutant mole digging up my yard for like 3 months now. AHH!!! So with help of Micaiah, we heavily sprayed the yard with "Mole Max" and stuck pieces of gum all throughout his little stinking holes (supposed to choke and die on them). Take that!!! As you can see, we are quite pleased, as I heartily release a maniacal laugh.

The Thomases brought this freaky manikin-type vacuum cover for us to have. Those things seriously creep me out.

And we go for a walk.

I named him Herman, and left him sitting at Jeremy's house while they were on vacation. lol, I actually put him under their bed covers, and apparently Danielle jumped in fright when she uncovered him late that night. I meant to put him on Jeremy's side! My bad, Danielle!

Closer ... just a little closer ...

So there was this armadillo under Jeremy's porch that seemingly had no fear of humans ... which usually means something's wrong with it, and it was making serious holes in Jeremy's yard. So, it was time to take care of business. Micaiah had never shot a living creature in his 18 innocent years of life, so we let him have honors. Wasn't as easy as we anticipated, however, as the thing ran off into the woods and took us like a half hour to find again.

There it is! Micaiah just couldn't get a clear shot, and ended up blasting it somewhere in the jaw. It jumped and ran to its hole, where we couldn't get to it. Hopefully it died quickly.

Later that night we played the laughing game! Ahahah! The funniest game in the world! And it's so simple, even a caveman could do it! All you do is put your head on your friend or loved one's stomach ... and then you all start laughing! Your head bobs up and down and it makes you all laugh even harder! It's just so funny!

I guess these are Uncle Michael's childhood clothes. Pretty cute.

The Thomases left. William just can't get over it.

Meliss took this sweet shot of a bird in flight outside our window.

Aunt Rita sent Willy a Radio Flyer fire truck! What would take a typical American father about 30 minutes to put together took me like 2 hours, but it was worth it! Thank you so much!

It's the 10th, and it's somebody very special's birthday!

After you hit 25 you just stick one candle on your cake for the rest of your life.

What a little elf.

Auntie Danielle holds Locksley during a word game.

William was enamored with the wind-up little white bunny. Funny how you can spend like 50 bucks on something your kid doesn't even like, and 50 cents on something that he can't get enough of.

Ooooh ... where are we?

Wow ... pretty fancy. Where are we?

Of course! We visited the Zeses for Melissa's birthday last year, so why not keep the tradition going? It's also Mrs. Zes's birthday, so it's fun celebrating them both together. Not only the that, Matthew and Micaiah were there! (apprenticing under Mr. Zes for a few weeks.)

Got that pregno glow.

I can't believe we had to wear these lame party hats. I mean look at Hannah across the table. I mean just look at her. I mean really.

Rebekah traditionally brings out the birthday cake!

And Mrs. Zes and Meliss traditionally blow them out ... as is tradition!

It's the next morning and William is playing with the Zes's toys. Man this picture looks bad. It's all dark and William's acting fussy and his face looks terrible. I need to take another picture and fix the lighting and make him look completely cute and perfect like all those other bloggers do with their children on their blogs.

This is our son. William Locksley Niednagel. In his hands he is carefully holding a toy that belongs to the Zes family, whom he loves very much. William, sitting cross-legged as instructed, is enjoying his toy. As you can see, William's complexion is perfect, and he never cries, because he knows crying is an outward display of ungratefulness.

Thank you, William, for your delightful behavior. If you're good, mother will allow you an extra stick of asparagus for brunch.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are definitely up to something.

For Mrs. Zes birthday, they wrote a poem and read it during breakfast. They all loved it!

Even if the poem wasn't all that great, the bouquet of flowers sure made up for it!

The Zeses grace Melissa with some gifts of her own.

You look like an advertisement, my dear.

William's creepy mafia uncle is back.

Let's do it.

Do what? Why, go out to a fancy restaurant in downtown St. Louis, of course! The Zeses treated us to an exquisite meal at a most exquisite culinary establishment.

The Thomas boys were looking pretty dang studly that night.

The secret to my success? My watch.

Thank you, again and again, for such a wonderful night!

You know that feeling in the evening, when you're at a nice restaurant, and there's nice music in the background, and the lights are just perfect, and you're eating an awesome meal, surrounded by good friends ... priceless.

And afterwards it was off to the ice cream shop! This was a swank ice cream shop. Still can't believe we had to wear those dumb ...

Mr. Zes and Sarah ... wearing their d .... delightful party hats.

That was quite the desert.

It's the following afternoon, and time for Micaiah's marriage advertisement (you'll recall Matthew's in November).

Too cute.

Ok, so as you know the boys are always up to some new dangerous or otherwise dim-witted activity. So their latest thing is blowing corn starch on paper lit on fire. That night they entertained us all to a pretty amazing display of flammable activity. Then they asked me to do it. I refused. They insisted. I told them I was married and there was no longer anyone to impress. That didn't satisfy them. Then ... I think it was Hannah ... started cheering, "Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!" Course, I had to do it after that. So I filled my mouth, took my little torch, and ...

... holy cow! Look at my hand. That's right. It's not even there to look at! That's because it's engulfed in a ball of fiery flame! lol, I totally put my face too close to my torch, which made for a wider, bigger fireball that even had the boys amazed.

The reaction.

I show off the singed hairs on my hand. So awesome being the center of attention.

After that we just relaxed for the rest of the night. What a wonderful weekend. Again, thank you!

And thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed it! Hope you didn't get too overworked!