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Chris Tomlin


Another New Year
January 22, 2011

Man, can you believe it's 2011 already? Where are the flying cars and waterless toilets? I thought by this time there would be all sorts of incredible inventions. Instead we have all these variations of i-phones and i-pads and blackberries and strawberries and bananas. So lame. Plus, I personally don't own any of these gadgets. I see all these young guys pulling out their little phones and looking all important and ignoring me. I just pull out my etch-a-sketch and do the same thing.

So anyway, since I seem to get more comments when I make boring posts, here's a really, really boring post for you all (sorry the comment form was actually down for a little while on the last post)! We were supposed to go to Oklahoma to spend New Years with Melissa's fam, but she got sick and we had to stay home. Major bummer. Did anyone out there not get sick? I came down with it for a couple days but was thankfully able to shake it.

We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and the world is a brilliant white. So pretty.

It's a near year, so hence there's a new picture of us on the right. Just thought I would point that out.

You can tell what I'm lacking in photography I'm trying to make up for in writing. Not gonna work.

Thanks for stopping by, both lurkers and commenters!

Willy and I are full of the Christmas spirit and are hanging up wreathes! Good will to all men!

The table is set.

The red stuff is jiggling.

On Christmas eve we went to mom and dad's house along with Jer and family and some of the Voellers. If that isn't the sweetest looking family on earth I don't know what is!

Blonde buddies.

It's Christmas day and everyone's now over at our house. Man, it felt like we were opening presents for hours. Poor Justin there, sleeping, didn't get anything.

No wait. He got a box of Panda Puffs. Lucky!

Kalea's gift from Melissa. Needless to say my wife has some slight creativity.

Awwww ... look at Tiny Tim! This outfit really had me laughing. What a little goober buns.

That kid is growing up too fast. I'm not joking when I say he was an adult the minute he was born.

The ladies' smiles are all pretty good. Jared looks desperate, Justin looks like a serial killer, my face looks like a perfect square, and poor dad's just trying to get his neck to turn.

Just so fun to see the faces of children light up when they get something. I remember the feeling vividly. Also so fun to see Jeremy's face light up.

The cousins love their Grandma.

Mrs. Voeller, William, the pink and yellow thing, and the red and black gorgeous thing.

No, William's not sticking out his tongue. He had a cough for like 3 weeks and when he coughs he sticks out his tongue like that. Pretty weird. Got it from the Thomas side.

Married two years, 6 months. I'd say we still look pretty decent!

Snow! Only like a half inch, but the first snow of the year always has something magical about it.

Let's just say we were laughing pretty hard that night. We're such cruel parents. :-)

Got another lovely majestic palm as an early birthday present for Meliss. The thing is like 8 feet tall and we got it for half the price ($12.50 at Lowes)! Yep, Jordan Niednagel does not skimp when it comes to birthday presents for his wife!

Danielle's 31st birthday! Oh wait, maybe I wasn't supposed to share that. Darn, too late.

Meliss made this awesome health tapioca pudding for dessert. BTW, my wife doesn't like this picture cause she thinks it makes her look fat. I told her when you're 8 months pregnant you ARE fat. I mean really.

"Oh hey Grams. What's that? Yah just chillin' on the island. Listen I'll call you back."

Justin Bieber!

Now this is a real snow (6 inches)! Took me awhile to even find my car.

Just in case anyone needs some stock photography.

Call me for prices.

Here's some modeling stock photography. I felt the green gloves really complimented my purple hat and boots. (Those are actually mom's.)

I always feel so sorry for little kids in snow outfits. They're really just miniature strait jackets.

Coming soon ...

My fashionesque snow queen.

Confidence is key to fashion. When you know you look good, you know you look good, and people around you know it, and you know it, and you're glad you know they know it.

I know people know I look good!

Winter's wondrous love. Such special times just walking together and being together.

Welp, that's it! Told you it was boring! Thanks for stopping by anyway!