You'll Be In My Heart


Philip Huntington Niednagel
March 25, 2011

Praise the Lord for the safe delivery of our precious little boy! Our next little man arrived this last Sunday at 12:37 in the afternoon after a beautiful labor. Well, as beautiful as a labor can be, you know? Melissa really did well, and we are so grateful to the Lord and for your prayers! Thank you!

Now, as I did with William, so I will now do with Philip by explaining a few things below.


Ok, so why Philip? As in William's case, Melissa and I would first like to clarify that we did not name him after the following notables ...

Dr. Phil
Punxsutawney Phil
Phil Collins
Doug Phillips
Phils BBQ Restaurant | Home of the Best BBQ and Catering in San Diego

Rather, the number one reason we named him Philip is because, duh, for those of you who don't know but should ... Philip is my middle name. It is also my dad's middle name, as well as Melissa's grandfather's middle name. So, it is pretty entrenched in the family.

Philip means "Lover of Horses." Of course, it is also quite English, like William, which leads us now to his middle name.

Anyone who even knows me remotely knows that I've loved the legend of Robin Hood ever since I was a boy. It's been my very identity. So, as with William Locksley, we wanted another name related to the English legendary hero. Robin Hood was known as Robin of Locksley, as well as Robin, the Earl of Huntington. The name Huntington is of old English origin and means "hunter's settlement." You may be thinking that there's not much meaning in that, and maybe there isn't, but it's our kid, so you can just be quiet.

Much more to write about, but I want to get these pictures up. Again, thank you all SO MUCH for your thoughts and prayers! So unbelievably amazing to have such wonderful friends as prayer warriors. Lord bless you all!

It is now the morning of the 20th of March and Melissa has been in labor for several hours. You're doing great, hon! Push! Breathe!

The support team.

Now in the final moments. This picture really captures the feel.

It's a boy! This was taken just seconds after little Philip came into the world. Unlike William, he hardly uttered a sound. Do we have a little introvert on our hands? :-)

Jordan Philip with Phlip Huntington.

I can't believe I have two boys!

Mary weighs the male child. 7 pounds, 4 ounces. EXACTLY the same as William! Holy crow!

Auntie Melanie.

Grandmother Barbara.

I call and brag to all my friends.

It was a GORGEOUS 75 degree day. Thank you, Lord!

Oh, there's Melanie again.

He really reminds us of William sometimes, and then at other times he'll look totally different.

William greets his little bro. So far he's done a fantastic job with him. Really loves kissing his forehead. :-)

We talk into the night with Jer and Danni and family. Magical.

A quirky family portrait.

You'll recall us putting William in this basket.

Recall? William, 2009.

Like William, he often has his hand up by his face.

Blissful sleep.

Philip's loving the hammock!

Hi Kalea.

Philip wanted to convey a sense of thought in this picture.

The ever-growing Niednagel family.

And that's it for now! Will have quite a number of pictures for the next blog with the Thomas family, as well as many more of Philip Huntington. Thank you so much for stopping by!