Welcome! Herein is a random collection of our favorite photos from our honeymoon and on. Of course, pictures will be continually added as our life unfolds. The Lord has brought us so far, and we can't wait for each new adventure He brings our way! You can still see "My Pictures" by clicking this link. Thanks for stopping by!

A week before our wedding, having just frolicked in a nearby city fountain. What a memory!

Twilight. The day after our wedding in Newport, Rhode Island.

Enjoying an incredible breakfast on our first day in Kauai, Hawaii.

Mangos, baby!

My beautiful bride, surrounded by rich varieties of blue.

Putting on my shirt. I am such a beach bum.

Pa once commented that Melissa looks like his mother in this picture.

Jordanyo enjoys a plumeria.

Nothing quite like a Kauai kiss.

Mr. and Mrs. Steele back "home" in Kentucky on the grounds of the Creation Museum with the Thomas clan.

To Be Continued ...